Chapter 1

She had agreed to be part of his crew, for the sake of her being with him just as his father had, and barely still did. She worked, despite her aging bones. Elizabeth Turner was fifty-two years old now, and it was beginning to show. She looked at herself in the mirror, tears streaking her bony cheeks. She looked down at her slightly wrinkled hands, a tear dropping on one of the blue veins that stuck out. Suddenly, two strong hands swept over hers. "Don't cry." she heard the sweet voice of the man she loved in her ear. Slowly she turned, looking at his still-young, handsome face. It only made her sobbing worse, and she pulled away from him. "No. No, Will.".

Will frowned, it breaking his heart to see her like this. "Elizabeth, tell me what's wrong?" he asked, though silently he knew.

"Are you blind, Will? Are you? I'm old. And you--you are forever--" she slammed herself down on the floor, crying harder into her hands, knowing she looked like a pathetic mess in front of him.

Will walked over and knelt beside her, wrapping her in a hug as tears glistened in his eyes as well. "I am forever young, yes. But you must never forget the fact that forever I shall love you." he told her, kissing her gently.

She shook as she pulled away from his lips, and hid her face. She could feel his fingers moving through her hair.

"Please." Will pleaded to her, as she turned back to look at him. He stroked her face, leaning his forehead against hers as he let her cry on him. "We may be married, Will... but I--" she stopped to gulp, her lip trembling as she stared into his eyes. "

Will finally let the tears fall from his eyes. "I could care less if you were a hundred.". He let his wet cheeks touch hers.

She couldn't help but smile through her sobs. She wrapped her arms around his neck, hearing him tell her he loved her for what must've been the eleventh time that day.

"I have to get back to the Dutchman's helm." he whispered.

Elizabeth nodded. "I'll wait for you.".

Will rose and brushed her hair back, bending down to kiss her forehead before turning and walking out.


Will smiled as he walked into his cabin later that night, placing his coat down as he crawled into the bed beside Elizabeth. She'd been crying again, he could tell by her wet face. He lifted his thumb to brush the tears away, skimming over the slight wrinkles. He didn't even notice Elizabeth's eyes flutter open as she stared at him. She ran her hand along his, her lip trembling.

"You don't have to've no reason to." Will said, knowing he'd have to go through this again later anyways.

Elizabeth hid her face in the pillow, crying. "I hate being old." she said.

Will stroked her back. "I hate being young.".

"You wouldn''t think that if you looked like me." she said sadly.

Will laughed. "Well, if I looked like you then I'd be very, very attracted to myself.".

Elizabeth sat up and hit him with the pillow with a suprising strength, and Will fell backwards, onto the floor. She only smirked and leaned over the bed, looking down at him.

"That's better." he said with a slight chuckle.

"Oh, so now you want me to hit you?" she asked.

"Anything that makes you feel better, my love." he told her, seeing her face soften in a sad-like way as he stood and crawled back in the bed with her.

"You're just awful." she said, burying her face in his chest. "Don't even know when to let a woman cry.".

Will grinned. "Not when that woman could be laughing.".

She let out a sound that was both a sob and a laugh, making her face look very odd. She looked up at him, as he smiled at her. "Well, laughing will only give me more wrinkles.".

Will kissed one of the wrinkles under her eye with a small chuckle. "So does crying, but so be it.".

Elizabeth rolled her eyes, before she kissed him. "Good night." she said, and then leaned into him with a sigh, feeling his arm wrap over her. "I love you." he told her, but she was all ready asleep. "Elizabeth Turner.".