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Chapter 15

A rather odd island, but a functional one nethertheless. The Flying Dutchman pulled into docks, the disheveled Black Pearl floating lopsidedly behind it.The two ships caught very much attention of the men and women who passed it.

Captain Sparrow couldn't help but give a small grin to the people, climbing over the side of the ship, beginning to untie the Pearl from the Dutchman. His men followed, taking the ropes and swinging them around a post.

"The rest of you go find a ship... repair-er... person." Jack said, the remainder of the crew doing as their Captain said.

"As fer you, Lizzie-love." Jack turned around to see the woman, whose arms were crossed over her now completely grown belly . "You and William may scuttle back on coarse now."

Elizabeth frowned. "One day on land, ten years in sea, Jack. Will and I will be siezing that chance right now."

He looked over at Turner, as the man swung down, feet meeting the ground. Jack noticed him sigh and hang onto the ship for a moment, as if catching his breath.

"Aye..." he said rather awkwardly, looking west at the sun setting. He sighed, before swaggering off. "Then be off wiv' yer eunuch."

Elizabeth smiled and rolled her eyes, turning back to Will. The man walked towards her, his arms snaking her waiste.

"Does it feel better, Captain Turner?" she grinned, hand coming to play at his cheek.

He smiled. "Feels wonderful." he said, voice barely above a whisper.

They stood there for a moment, smiling, before Elizabeth turned, hand gripping his, pulling him along the port. They walked for a while, glancing around a bit at the newfound island. She kept her hand tightly around his, though stayed a distance from him.

However, William didn't seem to want just her hand; his arm came to wrap around her waste, pulling her close to him gently, though enough to give her a bit of shock.

"Mmph!" she squealed in suprised, lips pressing together. She glanced at him, as Will just grinned at her innocently. "Where to first, my love?" he asked.

"I haven't been to visit any sort of land for a good period of time in over ten years, Will. I don't even know where to start." she told him, shaking her head.

Will shrugged. "We could start at a tavern, you must be hungry."

She nodded. "Not the most romantic thing in the world, but we have all day.".

"Then we go straight back to the Fountain." Will said quickly.

Elizabeth looked at him with a frown pulling across her features. She could tell he was ... nervous. With being here when time was so short on them. But, she said not a word. She was led into a tavern, not nigh as roudy as one you may find in Tortuga. In fact, it was rather quiet... almost like a private dinner with a man of high stature, only with individual tables and a less-than-flattering area. William was the gentleman, as he pulled a chair for his wife. She smiled at him, easing down into the chair. Instead of sitting across from her, Will sat beside, his hand coming to take the one that she put in her lap.

"And you'll be having rum then like everyone else...?" the barmaid looked at the two with a frown, glancing at Elizabeth, then at Will.

"No thank you. Water." Elizabeth simply answered.

Will nodded. "Make that two, please.".

She looked at them even more curiosly, before heading off.

"Hmm... women seem to have developed such an attitude these days.".

Elizabeth threw him a look.

"Mind you, of coarse, darling." he corrected.

She sighed. "It's not that..." she looked away.

Will frowned, looking around the tavern. There were several people... well, staring. A few whispered. Need he not know more, he knew exactly what she was thinking. Caring about what people thought about her had gradually grown into a habit for Elizabeth; truthfully it made her even more self-concious, because she knew why they were staring. They didn't really do it until she visited land when she was around her late thirties.

William leaned close to his wife, gesturing with his head. "Them?"

Elizabeth didn't answer, only look away, feeling his hand over hers.

"I don't care about them." Will told her honestly. "Let them stare. They're just jealous."

She began to get angry at how much he truly lied to her. "They're staring because they see a man who looks no older than twenty rubbing his hand against some ugly, old,-- astonishly pregnant-- hag's lap." she hissed at her husband.

He frowned, looking at the hurt look on her face. "Eliza--"

he was interrupted by the drinks being slammed down at their table. Will rolled his eyes, muttering a sarcastic thank you, before turning to his wife again. "Elizabeth.".

She ignored him, beginning to drink the water. "Will, I'll be fine. Just..." she shook her head.

Will shook his head. "Elizabeth... please don't do this. If you were going to do this then you should've told me that you wanted to wait for the Fountain to take my land trip.".

"I didn't want to wait though." she said, placing her head in her hand. "Just pay so we can leave to someplace a bit more private.".

Will flashed a zealous smile at his wife, having it gone unnoticed by Elizabeth as she stood, making a subitaneous exit, away from the rude stares and so forth the tavern, waiting for Will outside the door. He came shortly after, taking her hand and kissing the corner of her mouth. "Privacy it is." he smiled, before turning and leading her onwards.

Throughout the touring of the streets, she permitted him to hold her hand. If dearest William vied for anything other than that, she would simply step away. He didn't all too particularly enjoy her discomfort with other people. She used to love going out in the streets with him, dragging him along, swinging and dancing like a giddy fool.

If it didn't make her so self-concious, and her life wasn't at stake, then he could care less about the Fountain.

He could always bind her to the Dutchman for eternity, but for precautions he didn't. Not to mention it was Elizabeth's on preference.

Besides, even at that, there was still her attitude towards the way she looked as compared to her husband. He loved her with all of his still-beating heart, but Will hated how she judged herself. To be honest, he still thought she was beautiful. She refused to believe him, but he did. He couldn't bring himself to looking twice at any other woman besides the woman he now studied, her face firm and straight ahead, acting as if he wasn't even there.

"You're going to run into something if you keep your eyes directed on me." Elizabeth warned him, her voice soft and unexpressionless.

"I apologize, m'lady. Sometimes I simply lose myself for a while when I'm looking at you.".

She couldn't help but smile, though it was barely a facial movement, she smiled. "How many of those corny lines have you left, Mr. Turner?".

Will smiled back, weaving his way around the towns people. "As many as it takes to see you smile, Mrs. Turner."

Elizabeth blushed, her eyes darting to the ground. Will simply watched her for a moment, before looking ahead.



"I love you." Elizabeth's face was completely directed at him. She had stopped walking, and she was looking at him rather seriously. Will studied her for a fleeting moment, before smiling. His body faced hers, his other hand siezing the one he hadn't gotten to hold whilst walking, so that he held both her hands up. "I love you too, Elizabeth.".

The two stared in each others eyes, just staring, oblivious to the town around them now. Elizabeth soon stepped foward, her hands sliding up his neck. Their lips met, Will being quite thankful for the released tension.

Minutes passed, and Will eventually remembered to breathe.

He looked at her, she was smiling, looking much happier now that they were alone. It was amazing, the change in her mood. Quite strange, but Will was nethertheless relieved.

"Now would be a good time for one of those games we used to play as children." Will suggested, nudging into her nose.

"Well, considering we have the oppurtunity to play pirates everday, I say we go exploring.". Elizabeth remarked.

Will glanced around, seeing a wooded area around a mountain ridge. "We'd best get started, then.".

Elizabeth had forgotten that she wasn't exactly in best health for this. She struggled up the hills, through the thick brush and trees, holding onto Will for dear life. Her breath was labored, and Will constantly checked on her. "Are you all right?" he would ask occasionally. Elizabeth would nod, trudging through the rest.

"Besides... " she smiled, her eyes lightening up. "It's worth it." she pointed, over to a clearing. There was a waterfall, as well as a spring, with tall grass surrounding. Flowers decorated the area, also filling the air with a sweet aroma. Elizabeth smiled. "It's beautiful..." she turned back to Will, who looked around, before looking back at her. "Definately worth the climbing." he looked down; her gown was torn, up to her knees, but she shrugged, walking along, leaning onto Will. He set her down in a patch of soft grass, laying down beside her and placing his elbow on the ground, his cheek in his hand.

Elizabeth looked down, grinning. "You know you're supposed to be at my level, not down there."

"Says who?" Will teased.

"Your wife!" she crossed her arms, unable to hide her smirk.


"William Turner!" she smacked him across the shoulder, turning herself around and crossing her arms. "I came all the way up here, tore my dress, got bitten by Lord knows what and you're going to lay there? Hmph.".

Will pouted, raising up, sliding behind her and wrapping his arms around her tiny frame, lightly as if not wanting to break her.

"I'm only kidding, Elizabeth." he nuzzled into her shoulder and neck, smiling.

"Nope. Don't even try that with me." she stook her nose up in the air, smiling all the while.

Will's brows furrowed as he continued to pout. His hands rubbed up her arms, his cheek resting against her shoulder. "I still love you.".

She looked over at him, kissing him again, before looking around. "This is quite nice, isn't it?".

Will looked around as well. "Very much so. It's been teen years since I've seen anything like this. Wonderful day, too.". he smiled. "Especially with you...".

Elizabeth sighed, situating herself so that she leaned against him, her hand taking his. "That's good. I just want you to enjoy this day.".

"Well, I have eternity, I suppose."

Elizabeth nodded. "Still, days like these you should take advantage of."

Will smiled over at her. "You always did, whenever you could get out of the house back when you were the governor's daughter. Used to drag me along with you, too.".

"Well I apologize for making you my companion, then."

Will laughed, shaking his head. "To be quite honest, I was grateful. I knew I was lucky, getting to be with you so much. Even if you did get me into trouble.".

Elizabeth chuckled. "Not really. No one ever punished you. Besides, you always were such a good little boy, doing the right thing. Not the pirate I had expected out of you, really.".

Will frowned. "That's why you took me places, isn't it? The medallion you found on my neck?"

She was apalled as he said this. "What? No! Of coarse not, Will.". Elizabeth assured him, even though, part of it was probably true. She wanted to bring the pirate out of him on most of their days together, hence trying to get him into certain situations.

"Well, you would want to do something completely insane, and I'd say no, or I'd ruin your plans-- like paying for those chocolate coins you tried to steal for instance-- and you'd get angry with me. As if you wanted more of a scalywag as a friend." he looked at her questionably, knowing he was right.

"Will, it was a long time ago. And besides... you were my friend. You saw me for who I was without complaints as to society... and I liked that about you. You were just a bit cautious, I'll admit." Elizabeth shrugged, smiling. "Besides, you were quite the handsome one. Always have been, always will be.".

Will coughed. "Yes, let's not talk about that, shall we?".

"Why not?" Elizabeth asked. "You constantly shower me with your own compliments. Who's to say I don't have some of my own?"

Will rolled his eyes, bringing her chin to his face as he kissed her lips.

Elizabeth simply pulled away, smiling. "Just because you're adorable Will doesn't mean I'm going to fall for that.".

Will frowned. "What's wrong with wanting to kiss you?" he asked, stroking her cheek.

She eyed him suspiciously. There wasn't a following compliment, and she figured where he was going with this. But, she simply shut her mouth, leaning back in to let him continue his distraction.

For the remainder of the day they were either engaged in conversation, cuddling, or kissing. At some points during conversation, they would have some sort of uncomfortable arguement, before they would go right back to flirting. All the same, it was quite a wonderful day, and the sun was far into the west now.

Elizabeth sighed. "We have to go soon." she mumbled, half-asleep, her head in Will's lap as he played with her hair. Will looked at the large body of light through squinted eyes, before looking back at her. She looked sad, broken, with tear-canvased eyes in which stared straight ahead.

He frowned, nodding. "I'll carry you back, if you wish.".

She smiled slightly, shaking her head. "I'm all right." she sat up, then stood, Will doing the same. The woman clutched her belly, looking down for a moment.

Will frowned, his eyes wide. "You're not...?!".

Elizabeth shook her head. "No, Will. Not yet." she looked up, a small smile on her face as she placed a hand on his cheek. "Soon, though." she pecked his lips, before turning around and heading back from where they came.

When they arrived at the Dutchman, Elizabeth paused. "You go, sun's almost gone away. I have to do one last thing before we go back to the Fountain, okay?".

Will nodded. "All right... don't be too long."

She nodded, before turning around and heading for a tavern.

She searched two, before happening upon the person she was looking for.

"Jack?" she called, seeing the man look up.

He grinned. "Oi, Lizzie luv', wha' brings ye 'ere?" he asked.

She smiled. "I came to say goodbye.".

Jack stood, sauntering over to her.

"Oh, luv, now I feel special. Ain' like the Pearl isn' goin' te catch up in a few weeks anyways, aye?".

"No, Jack." Elizabeth looked at him seriously. "I meant I'm saying goodbye."

"I 'eard ye, love, I'm not tha' drunk." he looked at her rather funny.


She shook her head, reaching in for a hug from the man, holding onto him for a moment. He felt rather uncomfortable, silly. He patted her back awkwardly. She was acting rather strange tonight. "Um... love...".

And then, his eyes widened in disbelief at what she whispered in his ear.

His eyes still were wide after they conversed about the matter, and after she had left.


Elizabeth stepped onto the Dutchman later, watching Will at the helm. She smiled at him as he looked at her, in that loving way, the gentle nature. She made her way below decks, feeling the ship leave port. She didn't make a note to crawl into the bed, she only stood, in front of the mirror, waiting.

Will came in minutes later, smiling and coming up behind her. His arms draped around her, his lips meeting her neck. "I had a wonderful time today, m'love.".

Elizabeth smiled. "So did I." she turned, looking up into his eyes. "I think we did the day Justice.".

Then, there they were again, staring at each other with smiles, the smiles broken with kisses in which they began to carry out through the night, embracing and nuzzling, with soft whispers and gentle touches, until Elizabeth gave him a final peck, looking up and smiling. She led him into bed, the both of them curling up into each others arms. Elizabeth whispered her I love you first, Will following her with equal passion in his voice. And long after he had gone to sleep, Elizabeth spent the remainder of the night in tears, clutching onto her husband.

And meanwhile, Jack was still in the tavern, staring blankly at the walls, Elizabeth's words echoing through his mind...

I'm going to die tomorrow, Jack.