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"Greetings all ye curious readers. Welcome to the Battle Theater. I am I.K.A. Valian, and this lovely author next to me is Jenova Remnant a.k.a. Fishie."

A girl who looks surprisingly like Tiamatt from Jenova Remnant's stories waves at the large crowd and quietly says "Hello," into the microphone.

"Me and Fishie here will be your hosts and will also be your judges, unless we delegate our position to any character we want." The girl next to Valian shivered and then shook her head. After a looking around, a smiled appeared on her face.

She ripped the microphone from Valian's hands and shouted "I don't know why the hell Fishie's being so damn quiet. My other side is too introverted around large crowds of people." Valian stared wide eyed at the change in the previously quite and still girl. "My name is Tiamatt." Understanding filled Valian's face as he shook his head knowingly.

"Do you want to tell them the rules now or later?" he asked of his companion.

Tiamatt tilted her head in thought before she said, "Let's tell 'em later. I want me some battle!"

Tiamatt handed the microphone back to Valian and sat down in her Judges Chair. Valian gestured around the huge structure that looked like the Roman Coliseum on steroids. Its grand marble arches and flying buttresses towered over the 500 square yard Field of Battle like a skyscraper. "In this coliseum two combatants will fight to the death, or if they won't kill their opponent, until the judges decide who wins for them."

"Our first combatant is none other than the War God, Kratos Aurion!" The crowds filling the enormous stands erupted in deafening cheers and applause as Kratos appeared on one side of the Field of Battle dressed in his standard mercenary purple. One section of the stands, composed entirely of girls, squealed and fainted on the spot. Kratos was completely flustered. He quickly took in his surroundings before he crossed his arms and 'hmphed'.

"And the second combatant is Cloud Strife, the Planetary Savior!" Once again, the stands erupted in deafening applause and cheering. Cloud, dressed in his black get up with his First Tsurugi strapped to his back, immediately drew said sword from its sheath. Holding the sword in front of him, he looked all around himself for a possible enemy, but only found adoring fans and cheering crowds. He raised an eye brow curiously when he laid eyes on Kratos standing a few yards away from him.

Suddenly the crowds started singing. At first none of it was legible, but then it became clear that they were all singing the Cloud song. "My name is Cloud. I have a sword. I fight Cactuars because I'm bored. I like to ride on chocobos, it better than having afros. And when I go into an inn, 15 seconds it's day again. And I will use a phoenix down, so when I die, I will not frown. Because I am Cloud, my hair defies all gravity. And I can't have too many potions or I might get cavities. If I can't slice you, then that's okay, I'll use my magic anyway. And I will defeat that Sephiroth because he's not David Lee Roth." After that the crowds started screaming loudly. Kratos looked from the crowds to Cloud and then back again. Cloud had his face I his hands and was shaking his head back and forth, mumbling something unintelligible.

"And finally, the third judge for this match is none other than the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda!" Zelda appeared next to Valian. After looking around confused and then having the situation explained to her by Tiamatt, Zelda bowed to the cheering audience and sat in her Judge seat. "Okay then. Let the first battle in Battle Theater history begin!"

Down on the field, Kratos looked at Cloud. Cloud looked at Kratos. This went on amid the cheering audience for a while. Finally Kratos sighed.

"I'm not going to fight you. I don't even know why I'm here or how I arrived at such a place."

"I agree." Having said that, Cloud returned his sword to the oversized weapon's custom made holster on his back with a flamboyant twist. Kratos eyed the move before turning to the Judges.

"Contrary to what you just announced to all of these people, we are not going to fight each other," Kratos shouted up to the three judges.

"I don't fight people without a good reason," Cloud added. Though the shouts were addressed to the judges, the crowds of people were clearly able to hear the entire exchange. After ten minutes of trying to dampen the angry crowds, Valian addressed the two combatants.

"Alright! If you two won't fight without reason, then I suppose I'll give you one. Kratos, your reason is to stay alive. Cloud, if you defeat Kratos over there, I'll have you warped directly to where Sephiroth is. Deal?"

Kratos was about to scoff at the remark when he cought the look on Cloud's face. He was actually considering it. Valian gave a thumbs up and a cheesy, lopsided grin. Clouds uncertain response along side Kratos incredulous one caused Tiamatt to chuckle.

"I'll even have you fully healed so that you're in top form for the fight. All you have to do is defeat or kill Kratos." Angry shouts arose from the crowd behind Valian. He turned around and shouted, "Hey, he doesn't have to kill him, but that's up to him." That seemed to calm the crowds down a little bit.

"Perhaps I would be able to understand this situation better and assist you if I knew the rules of engagement," said Zelda. Valian smacked himself in the head. He pulled out a sheet of parchment from his trench coat pocket and handed it to the Hylian Princess with a murmured apology, who graciously accepted it. She began to study the parchment with fevered concentration.

"Deal." Valian gave another pair of thumbs up to Cloud and sat back down.

"What!" Kratos shouted, spinning on his heel to face a deadly serious Cloud. "I can't believe this!"

"I'm sorry." Kratos shook his head and sighed.

"I'm not going to be defeated easily." Cloud once again leveled his First Tsurugi at Kratos and smirked.

"In that case, try to make this interesting." Kratos smirked back at Cloud, grabbed the hilt of his sword at his waist, and withdrew it. The blade that leaped from Kratos' sheath was like a living flame. After swiping the red blade in front of him a few times, he gave Cloud a steely glare, waiting for the other swordsman to make the first move.

"That's an interesting sword you've got there," Cloud said, eyes never leaving Kratos. "What's it called?"

"Flamberge," Kratos said, unblinkingly staring at Cloud. "Yours?"

"I don't know. I never named it."

The entire stadium held its collective breath. Kratos suddenly leaped into the air and dove toward Cloud. He tucked the Flamberge along his side as he flew toward Cloud with increasing speed.

"Rising Falcon!" Kratos shouted as he passed Cloud, slashing at the blonde's midsection. Cloud had stabbed his sword into the ground between him and his falling opponent, yet nonetheless, Kratos strike had pierced through his defense and left a gash in his side.

Kratos hopped upon landing, spinning mid air to block a strike from Cloud's First Tsurugi with the Flamberge. Within the span of one and a half seconds, Cloud traded about five blows with Kratos, each coming closer to Kratos' head than the last, each pushing the mercenary back a few feet.

Finally, the two locked blades. It looked odd, seeing Kratos holding off Cloud's much larger blade. Especially ironic was the fact that Kratos was only using one hand to hold back the First Tsurugi while Cloud was putting his whole body and using both his hands to push the blade down on other man.

The amount of force the two men were putting into their blades began to warp the air around them and finally caused an explosion. The combatants were blown back. Kratos skidded to a halt still standing, while Cloud had to crouch down and grab onto the dirt while holding the First Tsurugi above him. Both of the fighters left a cloud of dust in their wakes.

"Interesting move," Cloud called over, grabbing his side.

"I learned that technique from my son," Kratos replied, swiping the Flamberge in front of him. "Feel fortunate, I was aiming for your spine."

"Heh." Cloud closed his eyes and concentrated. A small green gem on his belt glowed brightly, covering his entire body with its off white glow. "Cure," Cloud said with a smirk. The wound on his side stopped bleeding and closed up neatly.

"I see, so you can use magic." Kratos shifted his stance, holding his sword at his side and seemingly leaving himself wide open. "I hadn't expected that."

"Whatever, old man." Kratos raised an eye brow at the comment, but remained unfazed. Cloud scanned the field quickly and then set his vision back onto Kratos. He concentrated again and this time another green gem on his belt glowed bright. A hazy brown aura filled the air around Cloud's body.

Kratos eyed Cloud warily. Without taking his eyes of his opponent, Kratos used his peripheral vision to look at as much of Clouds surrounding environment as possible. His enhanced senses were tingling and yet nothing was visibly happening. Kratos was about to make a move when the ground suddenly started shaking.

Cloud opened his eyes and above the roar that had grown to accompany the shaking ground, he shouted, "Quake!" The dust on the ground migrated to the sides of the Field of Battle as it shook violently. A sudden ripping sound accompanied the large crevice streaking across the ground like a crack blossoming on a pane of glass, directly toward Kratos.

Kratos only had the time to look down as the crack blew past him straight between his legs. A fraction of a second later, the crack split wide open, casting Kratos deep into the bowels of the Earth below. The crowds watching saw this and erupted in applause.

Some of the crowds were weeping while others were laughing their heads off. Of course, the section of people who just liked the action was cheering for whoever won. Cloud sheathed his First Tsurugi with a flourish and turned around, turning his back on the large crevice as it began to close, like two pieces of flesh being pushed back together. He took two steps before the stadium erupted in loud cheers and applause.

"I told you I wasn't going to be defeated easily." Cloud spun around, drawing the First Tsurugi once more. He saw Kratos land on the ground just as it closed back up. Nary a scar nor speck of evidence remained of the yawning chasm. The blue and purple transparent wings fluttered behind Kratos as he flapped them a few times before they faded from existence. "Now, prepare for one of my own spells."

Kratos held the Flamberge in front of him with one hand, blade pointed down, and placed his other hand on the base of the hilt. That done, he closed his eyes and started mumbling to himself. A soft glow emanated from below Kratos as brown mana formed a visible rune circle rotating around his feet.

Cloud grunted and charged toward Kratos. Holding the First Tsurugi high above his head as he ran, Cloud screamed his rage flung his sword forward. The sword split into six different swords which, glowing yellowish orange, floated into an array around Kratos. Kratos remained the way he was, chanting with his eyes closed.

Cloud leaped at the first sword hanging in the air, shouting "Omnisla-"

"Ready?" Kratos shouted. He opened his eyes and pointed at Cloud with the Flamberge just as he grabbed onto the first sword to begin his Limit Break. Kratos then simultaneously shouted, "Grave!" as the brown mana surrounding his feet shot to hover below Cloud.

In less than a fraction of a second, several granite spires shot out of the Earth, smashing Cloud in between them. The swords that were floating around Kratos lost their glow and fell to the ground, sticking out of the ground with their hilts pointed in varying degrees toward the sky.

Kratos looked over his handy work warily. Some of the rocks that were now piled on top of Cloud's body were moving still, which meant that he was somehow still alive underneath the tons of rock.

"Haste!" Then just as suddenly as they smashed him, the rocks exploded away, revealing Cloud in the middle of casting another spell. His sword was still stood jutting from the ground next to him, smoking from the amount of heat generated from slashing madly through tons of granite.

Kratos held his hand in front of his face to protect his eyes from the shrapnel that opened a few cuts along his forehead and side. When he pulled his arm down and examined it, several shards of stone were jutting out. Kratos grimaced as he started pulling the shards of stone from his bloodied arm.

"Fire! Level Three!" Kratos looked up just in time to see the Materia on Clouds belt go dull as the spell was cast. That's when Kratos suddenly felt the temperature around him increase rapidly. Kratos' eyes went wide when he looked behind him and saw a huge vortex of fire that reached miles up into the sky bearing down on him.

Kratos immediately jumped into the air and, utilizing his wings once more, flew as fast as he could away from the swirling vortex of fire. He didn't get far before the beastly thing over took him with a light 'ploop' sound.

For several seconds the audience sat in awe of the massive wall of fire before them. Many were biting their nails, worrying over the fate of the wayward mercenary. Suddenly, Kratos shot out of the other side of the flaming funnel and landed on the ground, completely unsinged.

Flamberge on the other hand was glowing much brighter than it usually was. It had several flames rotating around it and gave off massive waves of heat that warped the air all around it. Kratos looked relieved up at the vortex as it dissipated.

"Omnislash!" Kratos went wide eyed as Cloud stabbing him through with his first sword. Cloud let go of the hilt of that first sword, disappeared, then reappeared in front of Kratos with another of the swords from his First Tsurugi. Cloud repeated his disappearing act four more times. Each time he reappeared with another blade that he drove into the battered body of Kratos. Each blade eliciting a hiss of pain from the mercenary as well as a fountain of blood.

After the final blade was driven into Kratos' now dead corpse, Cloud stood over his defeated opponent, breathing heavily. He was being cheered and boo'd loudly, deafeningly by the audience in the stands, but he didn't care.

Cloud removed all six swords from Kratos dead body and reassembled the First Tsurugi. That done, he sheathed the blade with his characteristic flourish and turned to face the judges.

"I won."

"I wouldn't be so quick to assume victory." Cheers erupted from the stands as Cloud whirled around, once more wielding the First Tsurugi.

"How?" Kratos held up his hand and Cloud watched as a ring on his middle finger crumbled into dust and blew away on the ring.

"Revive Ring. Now, let's end this." Kratos leaped forward and began trading blows with Cloud once again. In what amounted to 15 seconds the two fighters had exchanged 143 blows and landed approximately 14 strikes on their opponent.

Separating from Cloud, Kratos leaped into the air and sprouted his wings. He flew up high into the air and began casting a spell. Cloud crouched down and leaped into the air at Kratos, his First Tsurugi cocked over his shoulder to slay the angel upon reaching him.

Kratos notice the blond swordsman ascending rapidly and without even batting an eye or breaking his concentration for the spell he was conjuring, he looped around Cloud as he came near him. Cloud sailed way out of range of Kratos as he finished his spell.

White angel feathers started floating in the air around Kratos, their evanescent glow brightening the Field of Battle as the sky filled with dark and foreboding clouds. Cloud landed on the ground and prepared to jump again when Kratos pointed the Flamberge at Cloud and shouted, ""Sacred Powers, cast your purifying light upon this corrupt soul. Rest in Peace, Sinner! Judgment!"

Cloud scanned the sky as the dark and foreboding clouds above let loose many peals of thunder and lightning. Then, without warning, the clouds ripped violently open, revealing a surreal white glow behind them, too white to be the sun or the sky. Then, quick as a flash, the light fell, like rain in the form of rays of light that promised nothing but instant death.

Cloud tried to evade the beams of light, but just as he jumped to the side to allow one beam of light to pass, he flew head first into another. His scream was smothered under the power of the angelic spell flowing down over him.

Kratos landed lightly, Flamberge already sheathed, next the severely burned body of Cloud. Kratos sighed and began concentrating. Greenish white mana flowed from Kratos to Cloud, surrounding and penetrating the wounds all over the near dead swordsman's body.

"Healing Stream." Kratos said. After several minutes of a protracted Healing Stream, Cloud looked more or less the same as he had before he was burned and mangled beyond recognition. His healing done, he stepped back, turned around, and walked toward the judges.

Cloud slowly sat up and looked around. Then he looked down and clenched his fist and after a few seconds, slammed it down onto the ground. Without a word, he stood up, retrieved the First Tsurugi which had lodged itself into the ground a few feet away.

Kratos came to a stop in front of the Judge block and looked up. The crowds of people were cheering loudly, though some remained booing. "I've won this little contest of yours, Judge. Now would you please tell me what is going on here? How did I end up here, and wha-"

"Sorry Kratos, but I can't tell you that. However, since you won, you get to live. And since I'm a good sport, Cloud, I'll let you fight Sephiroth, however, since you didn't win, you'll have to wait until he and you are registered opponents here in Battle Theater." At this bit of news, the crowds went wild. Kratos crossed his arms and 'hmphed', and then he disappeared in a flash of light. Cloud nodded and faded from the Field of Battle in a swirl of color. "Okay folks, that's all there is for the first Incredible Match of Battle Theater. I hoped you enjoyed your time here and the most spectacular battle here today."

Valian turned to Zelda, who stood up and bowed. "I would like to thank you for allowing me to judge this match, it was an honor." Valian shook the Princess' hand and then waved good bye as she faded from existence, gone back to Hyrule.

Valian: "Okay, now wasn't that an exciting first match. And now for the exciting part. We are inviting all readers to suggest characters for battles. Tiamatt will explain the rules.

Jenova Remnant: "Actually, Tiamatt left, said something in the coliseum was making her sick."

Valian: Shrugs "Okay, then I suppose I'll do it if you don't want to Fishie."

Jenova Remnant: "I don't mind."

Okay, here is how you can enter your own choices for future matches. Me and Fishie would like that all suggestions for fight are made in reviews. But we must ask that you only request one combatant and you list these things along with your entry:

Name of Character (Any character from any story, game, movie, etc.)

Weapon (Only One)

Short and Brief Background Info

Abilities (Magic and/or Skills)

And remember, ONLY ONE ENTRY PER REVIEW! If more than one is submitted then only the first on the list will be taken as the submission.

That's it! If you provide that, we should be able to set up your character in a fight here in the Battle Theater.

And here is the Fight List

NEXT FIGHT: Raine Sage VS Aeris Gainsborough


1) Sephiroth VS Fox McLeod

2) Irvine Kinneas VSSheena Fujibayashi

3) TiamattVSJedi Master Yoda

Okay, that's all the matches that we have lined up so far. After each match we well be posting a list of all upcoming matches, so hopefully, this list will grow greatly.