Rockets screamed through the air from both sides of the Field of Battle, screaming toward their furry targets, and sending clouds of dust into the air upon impact. The sound and sight of the massive explosions brought the audience to their feet, cheering loudly as the dust settled. Slowly, two dazed yet remarkably still alive squirrels were revealed lying on their backs. Their legs and tails twitched as the last embers from the explosion fizzed out and the last wisps of smoke cleared.

Both squirrels quickly righted themselves, chattering away angrily as if trading squirrely insults, and then raced at each other with their small claws and teeth bared, reflecting the bright white stadium lights. For several moments, the two scratched each other, bit each other, and bashed each other and often as possible with the rocket launchers attached to their backs.

Finally, one squirrel leapt back from the fray, an ear half missing and bloody gashes all over its face. It pulled the rocket launcher off its back and took aim at its opponent as it landed on a small rock. The other squirrel tried to pull its own rocket launcher into position but it was too slow. The first squirrel pulled the trigger and the missile left the launch tube like greased lightning. The projectile traveled the distance between the two feuding animals in less than two point five seconds, exploding in the other animal's face. The impact alone sent the animal flying. The infernous ball of fire launched the poor creature even farther. The tree rat slammed into the ground on the other side of the Field of Battle, fur singed off completely, but amazingly still alive.

With a small cough of smoke, the defeated squirrel raised a small white flag and waved it weakly. The victorious squirrel chattered happily as it danced bizarrely around in a circle. When an acorn twice as large as the victorious squirrel dropped down onto the ground in front of it, the animal stopped dancing to stare wide-eyed and slack-jawed at the enormous prize. The joyful rodent disappeared with its prize clutched happily between its paws.

"Well...that was interesting..." Fishie commented, blinking in surprise at the outcome of the small fight between the two firearm carrying rodents. "It would've been better if they were armadillos."

Valian turned and gave the girl a strange look. Shrugging, he turned back forward and snapped his fingers, clearing the Field of Battle. Then, while leaning back casually into his chair, he asked, "You finally have the next battle ready, right? I don't know if anymore of these rodent fights are going to satisfy these people for much longer."

"Yeah, finally!" Fishie said, laughing nervously while glancing at the multitudes gathered. She stood up to address the noisy audience. "Our next official Battle Theater fight is about to begin. Please find your seats."

The audience moved in waves as if it were a living organism. Millions of people were standing up and throwing their arms into the air, sometimes even another person, and cheering so loudly that the two Judges had to raise a sound barrier around the Judge box. The audience members who were closest to the Judge's box began pounding mercilessly on the new barrier, chanting, "Fight now! Fight now!"

"Boy, they don't seem excited about this at all," Valian commented wryly.

"Nope," agreed Fishie, "it has been several months since the last one, so you can't really blame them." Valian nodded in agreement. Fishie waited for the chanting to stop, and when it didn't threw her hands into the air and summoned lightning out of the sky. Every person in the stands quickly quieted, warily watching the Judge with her hands raised up.

"Now," she said, "for the combatants. In this corner…" Fishie pointed to one side of the Field of Battle. "Irvine Kinneas!"

A young man wearing a tan trench coat and a cowboy hat appeared on the field, a double barrel shotgun cocked over his shoulder. He tilted his hat up a little as he glanced around at his surroundings.

"And in this corner..." Fishie pointed to the opposite side of the field. "Sheena Fujibayashi!"

The purple clad kunoichi appeared in her customary puff of smoke and immediately drew a guardian card upon hearing the roar of the crowds. "Where am I? What is this place?"

Fishie looked confused as she turned to Valian. "I thought you said you would brainwash the combatants so we wouldn't have to keep going through this?"

"You pulled them to the field before I got a chance too." Valian defended, waving a hand towards the field of battle where Irvine and Sheena merely looked up at the judges, confused on what was going on. Sighing, Valian looked at the two combatants. "You two have been brought to Battle Theater to fight each other. You will be permitted to leave till one of you has defeated the other."

Irvine sighed but nodded, removing his gun from his shoulder and digging two pieces of ammunition from his trench coat pocket. "Guess we have no choice." He cracked open the shotgun and loaded the shots. "Sorry about this miss."

Sheena looked at the sharpshooter in astonishment, a card still held between her fingers. "You're really going to fight me?"

Irvine nodded, returning his weapon to his shoulder. "Yep. I've got somewhere else I need to be."

Sheena frowned slightly but nodded in resignation before facing the judges again. "Fine, we'll fight but you better take us home afterwards!"

"Of course." Fishie said, as if any other option had never crossed her mind. "But before you two go at it, we need a third judge. Hmmm... How about..."

"Lloyd Irving!" Valian shouted, cutting his partner off.

Fishie's eyes widened in shock as the expected seventeen year old Lloyd Irving did not appear, but instead, an older Lloyd in his early thirties. The girl turned to Valian in shock. "You brought Lloyd from IO2?!" Valian merely shrugged as Lloyd scratched his head and turned to face both judges.

"So… Is this that Battle Theater place?" Lloyd asked. "The one that Dad and Tia went to find Eria and Terri?" Lloyd scrutinized Fishie for a few seconds before his face lit up in recognition. "I know you! Madison, right?"

The girl nodded exasperatedly. "Yes, Lloyd, except that I go by Fishie here. But that's not important. You were brought here to be the third judge for this fight."

"Alright," Lloyd agreed, nodding enthusiastically, "I can do that." He moved to the third Judge seat and took his place. "It's kinda weird how much you look like Tia," the Eternal Swordsman muttered. Fishie didn't answer and instead sat down in her own seat.

"Now that we have the third judge, let the fight begin!" Valian announced to the stands, the audience shouting their approval with waves of rancorous applause.

On the Field of Battle, Irvine once more removed his shotgun from his shoulder and aimed it at Sheena. Sheena pulled out several more cards before sprinting forward at the sharpshooter. Irvine pulled the trigger and a shot rang out, but the bullet was left to bury itself in the soil as Sheena dodged it and flung a razor edged card in retaliation.

Taking aim once more, Irvine fired again. "Flare shot!" Instead of the normal metal shot, a fireball exploded from the barrel of the firearm, meeting Sheena's card mid air, burning it to ashes. He reached back into his coat to reload his gun. Before he could grasp any more ammo, Sheena appeared already on the attack.

"Pyre seal!" Several cards flew from Sheena's hands and began to circle Irvine who was trapped in the middle before the cards exploded and sent the gunman into the barrier. His shotgun clattered to the ground a few feet away from his slumped form.

Quickly standing back up, Irvine immediately dodged another attack from Sheena who was slashing at him with her cards. Mid-leap, Irvine reached for his gun, snatched it off the ground while upside-down in the air, and finished reloading it just as he landed in a crouch. Irvine then raised the barrel of the shotgun and fired. The kunoichi easily dodged both shots and leapt back a little from her enemy as he quickly put new ammo in.

"Scatter Shot!" As soon as the bullet left the gun, it shattered, sending many smaller bullets flying towards Sheena who tried to dodge them all but failed as one hit her leg and another glanced off her arm.

"Damn it, I need to be more careful." Sheena muttered leaping further away and beginning to charge Mana. "I call upon the Hammer of Godly Thunder. I summon thee, come, Volt!"

The purple mass of living lightning appeared above Irvine and instantly released several hundred bolts of high voltage electricity upon the sharpshooter. Irvine, though, didn't even flinch. Instead it seemed as if his body was using the electricity to heal itself.

"Nice try but I have Thundaga junctioned. You can't hurt me with lightening based attacks." Irvine smirked, reloading his firearm as Sheena got over the shock of the failed attack. "Never expected you could summon though."

"Hmph, you shouldn't underestimate me!" Sheena shot back, charging Mana once more. "I summon the envoy of the dark abyss! I summon thee, come, Shadow!"

A dark circle appeared beneath Irvine as Shadow appeared, raising an arm and sending dark spikes of energy crashing through Irvine. "...crumble..." rasped the dark envoy.

Irvine gasped in pain as he fell to the ground and Shadow faded away. Sheena took the opportunity to attack again with Pyre Seal, sending the sharpshooter flying once more.

"Had enough?" Sheena asked, holding a card at the ready as Irvine slowly got back to his feet, his shotgun hanging loosely at his side and his eyes closed.

"Not a chance." Irvine shouted back, opening his eyes as several golden orbs surrounded him and shut skyward. "Tornado Zone!"

The air in the Field of Battle suddenly began to rotate as a vortex dropped from the sky, threatening to pull Sheena into it. A strange blue and purple two legged creature dropped from it, its three yellow eyes staring at Sheena for only as second before it began to suck air into the giant bag it carried on its back. Sheena could only scream as it pulled her in before it spat her back out in a twister that started horizontal before racing skyward and slamming Sheena into the ground.

"Damn it..." Sheena muttered, out of breath and worn out. "What the hell was that thing?"

Irvine smirked and cocked his shotgun back over his shoulder. "That 'thing' was Pandemona. A wind based Guardian Force. Course he comes with a price. I'm loosing my oldest memories in exchange for his power. The longer I have him, the more I forget."

Sheena nodded and looked at her opponent, noticing that he looked as worn out as she felt. "Guess we're pretty evenly matched."

"Yeah, I guess." Irvine shrugged, raising his free hand, palm out towards Sheena. "Scan!" A computer readout seemed to appear in front of Irvine as the spell activated, scanning Sheena to check her strength, weakness, level, and remaining health. "Wanna finish this?" the gunman asked, dismissing his spell with a wave of his arm.

"Sure, why not?" Sheena smirked, raising yet another magic infused card in preparation to attack.

Both combatant's attacked at the same time, Irvine releasing a round of bullets as Sheena raced forward, dodging the shots and finding her attack blocked by Irvine's gun. They both smirked as they leapt and prepared for another attack until a strange energy filled the air.

Four swords dropped down from the sky, the blades burying themselves in the ground, each different. In the middle of the swords, a red swirling mass appeared before it revealed itself to be a red caped man who reached for a red bladed sword and swung at Sheena who blocked easily with her arms before the man suddenly disappeared along with the swords.

"What was that?" Sheena asked, looking confused by the extremely weak attack.

Irvine, on the other hand, looked disappointed. "Gilgamesh finally shows up and all he does is Excalipoor? Some help he was..." Irvine suddenly fell backwards as Sheena slammed into him and sent him to the ground.

"Pay attention to the battle!" the kunoichi shouted, throwing more cards at him. "Pyre seal!"

Irvine flew back again from the blast and struggled back to his feet, using to weapon to lean on. "Heh, Triple!" His body glowed blue for a second before he raised an arm again, palm facing outwards. "Thundaga!"

Sheena's eyes widened as she narrowly escaped the powerful lightning spell but what she didn't expect was a second one striking her as she dodged the first, sending her to the ground as the third and final Thundaga came down on the ninja.

Sighing in relief at the sight of the unconscious Sheena, Irvine got fully back to his feet and looked at the judges. "It was close, but I win."

Lloyd looked on in shock as he looked down at the Field of Battle where Sheena lay unconscious and defeated. The crowds were deafening in their applause and cheering. "Wow, I didn't think she would lose..." he said breathlessly.

Fishie shrugged as she stood back up and looked at Irvine. "It happens. To be honest, I'm a little surprised too."

Valian nodded in agreement before looking at the stand. "Irvine Kinneas is the winner!" Irvine, still down in the Field of Battle, merely smirked, shotgun back on his shoulder, as he tipped his hat down a little before disappearing from the field along with Sheena.

"I'm glad that fights done now." Fishie sighed, turning back towards Lloyd. "Thanks for being the third judge, Lloyd. Tell Tia and others hi for us, k?"

"I will. Thanks for letting me be a judge!" Lloyd answered before Valian snapped his fingers, sending the adult Lloyd back to the universe he came from.

"Okay," Valian shouted to the crowds, "it is now time for announcements! As usual, we invite our readers to submit characters they would like to see fight. Please, only one entry per review. That said, me and Fishie have come to the conclusion that we are far too busy to pat attention to Battle Theater as much as it deserves. Therefore, we are both willing to let guest authors, that is, anyone who wants to write a fight, to do so. We will be posting all guest chapters as well as revising and editing them for continuity, but other than that, it's all you. See below for more information." Valian turned to Fishie and asked, "Is that alright with you?"

"Sure," the girl said with a smile, "it definitely makes our job easier."

"Alrighty then," said Valian, "that ends this fight of Battle Theater! Thanks for coming."

How to guest author a fight:

1) Choose a match-up from the Fight List.

2) Send a PM to Battle Theater with the fight you would like to write

3) If you get a PM back giving you the go ahead, write the fight and E-mail it to "battle 'underscore' theater 'at' yahoo 'dot' com". The email address is listed on the profile page of Battle Theater.

4) Look forward to your fight showing up soon. It must be revised and formatted first, which won't take too long. The Guest Author will be credited with writing the fight.

Thanks for your interest in writing for this series.

Okay, same as last time, here is how you can enter your own choices for future matches. Me and Fishie would like that all suggestions for fight are made in reviews. But we must ask that you only request one combatant and you list these things along with your entry:

Name of Character (Any character from any story, game, movie, etc.)

Weapon (Only One)

Short and Brief Background Info

Abilities (Magic and/or Skills)

And remember, ONLY ONE ENTRY PER REVIEW! If more than one is submitted then only the first on the list will be taken as the submission.

And here is the Fight List

NEXT FIGHT: Hikaru/Misaki VS Luke Skywalker


1) Vexen VSRaven Kanzaki

2) Benawi VSKakashi

3) Sonic The Hedgehog VS Darth Maul

4) Nightfire WilexVS Yuki Nagato

5) Ichigo KurosakiVS Lloyd Irving (This'll be a fun one…)

6) Beast Boy VSShadow the Hedgehog

7) Eria AurionVS Selean Anna Aurion

8) Presea CombatirVS Collette Brunell

9) Hiro AoyamaVS Mithos Yggdrasill

10) Black Doom VSSamus Aran

Please, if you like these, read our other stories. You can find them in our profiles, of course, but to make it easy, I.K.A. Valian's and Jenova Remnant AKA Fishie's profiles are linked to Battle Theater's profile. So check out our other stories. Thanks for reading!