A/N: I thought it would be cool to do this. I'm an avid blogger myself and I figured since Mohinder's a scientist and probably has a lot to say, he'd keep a blog. This blogging takes place after the season finale of Heroes.

Disclaimer: Credit goes to NBC and Tim K. for coming up with the characters but this came to me in a dream. So I guess my subconscious is to blame for all of this.

First Entry

It's been almost two weeks since the incident and everything seems to have calmed down. I'm living with Molly now because I decided to stay in the States rather than return home.

I started a blog because it seems to be the new trend that everyone here is getting into. So I figured I'd give it a try.

I realized something the other day when I was walking Molly to the bus stop. I kept sensing that someone or something was following me, but every time I turned around there was nothing.

I probably looked like a crack whore being followed by a cop car. Once I got home the feeling went away and I fell asleep.

Today, though, I KNOW there was someone following me. I heard the footsteps. When I spun around there was an old woman walking her beagle and two poodles.

I felt very stupid.

The police still haven't found Sylar's body. This means it's quite possible that he's still alive somewhere. While he doesn't have the power to heal himself, Hiro says he has the intelligence to figure out some way to live. He knows because the girl who's power that was had been killed by Sylar months before.

Though the thought of Sylar still being alive terrifies me, it also makes me feel like there's a small chance Zane might be living inside him. It's stupid to think something like that, but with the things I've seen recently, I don't know what is believable and what isn't.

I called my mother yesterday as well. She's still the same. Says she misses me, but respects the fact that I am a man now and entitled to live on my own. She says to make sure to change my underwear regularly. I hung up on her. She called back to apologize and we laughed.

Molly can't locate Sylar. She says he's probably dead, and that I shouldn't worry about it. Is it bad that I have dreams about the first time we met? The look of his face when he found out we were staying in separate rooms? The look of perplexity on his face when I actually pulled the trigger. I didn't need to read minds to know his heart broke the moment my finger pulled the trigger. I don't like to think about all of this, but if I don't get my thoughts down all of this will consume me.

Putting my personal life aside for a moment, I've rewritten the list, and I'm about half way done with writing out the names of the individuals outside of the United States. Molly says she can help me find them, and we can visit them together. But. That sort of thing reminds me too much of Zane. Which is incredibly stupid and foolish on my part…but I suppose it's not something that can be helped.

When I'm finished with all of this, I plan to just wash my hands of the list. I will not devote my life to something that killed my father. That is a promise.