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Olivia looked at the water as it filled her bathtub. She let out a breath and turned the cold water off. As she watched the steam rising from the hot water running out of the faucet she let her mind drift back to a couple of nights before.

"Oh God Elliot." Elliots tounge traveled down Olivia's neck teasing her. Elliot was all over her within seconds. He was all around her. Holding her. Touching her. Kissing her. She couldn't take it anymore. "El please." He nodded slightly as his hand began the journey down to the button of her jeans.

Stop Olivia. She silently cursed herself. Olivia reached over and turned the water off. She stood up and tested the water. As if she knew it wasn't going to be hot. "Perfect." She muttered as she put one foot in and then the other finally sitting down. Goose bumps broke out all over her skin as she adjusted to the water. Both of her phones were off. Her door was bolted. No one could bother her. Not even the one man she cared for the most. Elliot.

Olivia picked up the soap and started scrubbing furiously as if the scolding water plus her assault on her skin could wash away Elliot. She scrubbed with no prevail. His scent was stuck on her skin. He was in her pores and she could never get away from it. She hated but loved it at the same time. The memory of the smell of him made her feel content. Safe.

She had came home that day and stripped her bed. Washed the sheets, confronter, and pillow cases five times. She could smell him on her mattress, on her couch, and all around her. She just wanted to get away from it.

Olivia climbed out of the bath looking down at her red skin. Oh well. Just as she was letting the water out of her bath she heard the familiar pounding on her door. Dammit. She knew that if she ignored it the pounding would only become more persistent and louder. She really didn't need Mr. Darvis from the apartment next door yelling at her anymore. The little prick did it enough.

Olivia retrieved her robe from the top of her now bare bed and went to the door. Reluctantly she unlocked the dead bolt and the door. As she opened it she looked at the man that can tear her world apart but at the same time be the only person who can hold it together. He looked horrible. His eyes we're blood shot and looked like he hadn't shaved in a while. He basically looked pitiful.

She exhaled loudly. "What do you want Elliot?" He walked past her without invitation and sat on the couch that they had made love on just a few days prior. Before everything went to hell in a handbag.

"I want to talk about what happened." Olivia closed the door and leaned up against it. He had his elbows resting on his knees and his head in his hands.

"Elliot it happened. I understand. Can we just not talk about it?" A few seconds passed but felt like hours. He finally raised his head to look at her. That damn intense gaze he always used on her.

"Olivia you know we can't just forget it. I care about you. I always have. Kathy has nothing to do with this..this..thing we did." Olivia felt her anger rising that was it. She pushed herself off the door.

"Thing. Thing Elliot. Did you tell her what we did? Did you? Did you tell her we fucked? Or what was I just a sympathy banging? Is that it? You just needed to what, work out some nervous energy?" She yelled. Fuck Mr.Darvis she didn't give a damn what he heard.

"Olivia please," Elliot rose from the couch. "You know you are so much more that that. I asked her to take me back because I thought it was best for the family."

"Elliot get out. I can't stand to even look at you right now." The tears we're threatening to spill over now. She wasn't going to let that happen but they came on there own. Elliot started walking towards her. "Elliot do not touch me." She watched his shoulders fall and she felt horrible. She knew this was for the best. She knew that if she let him embrace her she would fall apart and she didn't want that. Not right now.

"Please leave." Elliot nodded and walked out the door. Olivia fell back against the door and her body shook as she wondered when their relationship became so difficult. Sure they had there up's and downs and times when they would go weeks without being civil but now was different. She cried for what felt like forever when she got up and walked to her bed. She laid down on the mattress smelling Elliot. Maybe having him all around her wasn't such a bad thing right now. Things we're definitely different. Now there was no turning back.

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