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If you have not seen At World's End yet, please note that this story contains some spoilers for the movie :)

If you have seen AWE already, please note that I'm going to disregard the little scene after the credits ;)

Summary: Post AWE. Elizabeth is determined to be loyal & wait for Will but she loses her memory in an accident. Luckily, a certain pirate captain comes to the rescue, but will he tell her the truth about the past or rather attempt to win her heart as a stranger? Jack/Elizabeth

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Have We Met Before?

Chapter 1

She could not see him, and it was real.

It was more real than he, because she felt it all the time. She could not feel him, but she could feel his absence. As if the absence could be felt. But she felt that he was not with her, and it hurt, and the pain was real; more real than he.

Everything was more real than he.

Except her. She felt even less real than he, even though she was with herself all the time. But she was nonetheless alone, and she felt even more alone, when she was thinking about him.

His not-being was everywhere. Every day lacked him. Every place lacked him. He was constantly, irretrievably missing.

He was gone for the next ten years. Nine years, six months, and twenty eight days, to be precise. It was important to be precise right now. It was all that was left – the countdown. She had wrtten down all the remaining days, and each day she would have crossed one day out, feeling closer - feeling closer to him with each day that would have gone away.

Soon, it stopped making her feel better. She stopped counting. It was of no use. It was tiring. It was pointless, and it did not change anything.

She could not see him, and it was all that mattered, and it was all that was real.

Elizabeth had settled down in a small village near Port Royal. She could not have afforded keeping her father's house. In fact, there was little she could afford. She needed to work, not really knowing what she could or wanted to do. She did not plan on staying in the village forever, but she wanted some time to calm down, to organize her thoughts, to think about the future.

Somehow she felt that at sea she would feel the absence of both her father and Will even more, and that was why she had given up all thoughts about the sea.

She did not regret her decision.

It was the sea that had taken it all. The sea had taken everything that had ever mattered to her. It had taken her parents, it had taken Will, it had claimed James Norrington, and... Yes, it had taken even Jack, in a way. It had carried him away, away from her, which was probably good, considering the role she had played in his life.

It occurred to her that they had never really spoken about what had happened back then on the Black Pearl. She had never had a chance to tell him that she was sorry. She had never apologized to him, even though he had not been expecting it, probably. Pirate. Pirates do not apologize, do they?

She walked around the little house that she had bought. It consisted of three small rooms, and a kitchen. The house had small windows, and it was almost always dark inside. Late at night, she would lay in bed and think about her life which was passing by noiselessly. Sometimes she had the impression that she did not have a life at all, that she was just merely being, but the word was empty, and it lost its meaning before it had even ever managed to acquire it. Not long time ago she had been a little girl, who had known nothing about the world, and now, she felt old, and worn out, and she had seen many things that she would rather not have seen.

She felt as if a part of her life was missing. But she did not know which part it was. What it was supposed to look like, and how could she get it back? If getting it back was even possible.

Jack was sitting by the table in one of the crowded taverns on Tortuga, shaking his compass and muttering some unintelligible words under his breath. It had been five months since Barbossa had sailed away with the Black Pearl. The fact itself was annoying, even without mentioning that this unfortunate accident had happened for the third time.

Jack looked up when Gibbs approached the table, carrying the rum. At least the rum was not gone this time.

"Do we finally have a heading, Jack?" Gibbs asked, glancing hopefully at the compass.

Jack shot him a grim look. "Answer me one question, mate," he began irritably. "How probable is it, that if I had a heading to find me ship, I'd be sitting here waiting for the rum to be brought by somebody whose regrettable negligence contributed to me losing said ship in the first place?"

"I take it as a no," Gibbs said cautiously after a moment of hesitation.