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In a dark cave whose whereabouts are unknown, 2 dangerous S-rank Missing-nins are in a meeting, the leader is just a hologram projection looking like a shadow.

"Are you sure??" the leader asked calmly.

"Hai, she lives with another shinobi and it seems she is a mother." the other nin said calmly.

"Very well, thank you for the information, you did a good job." the leader said.

"It was a pleasure Leader." the nin said.

"You may go now, your partner is waiting for you." the nin nodded and got out of the cave.

"It seems I will be travelling to that village for you blossom." the leader said darkly and the hologram disappeared.

Chapter 1

In the busy streets of Konoha the former apprentice of the Godaime Hokage is walking home, many people greet her and she responds with a wave and a smile.

Her house is situated in the former Uchiha district, Konoha was needing more place for people to live, so… the Uchiha district was cleaned and some people are allowed to live there, only people the Hokage trusts thought. The houses are the same, the Uchiha symbol is still everywhere, but the people living there are different.

She entered her house happily.

"Tadaima." she said happily, the entrance showed a doorway leading to all the rooms in the floor, the bedrooms upstairs.

"Dinner will be up soon." a man said from the kitchen.

"Uhmm… it smells good, whatcha doing??" she asked entering the kitchen.

"Katsudon, Tempura and Gyoza." the raven haired man said taking the bowls of Katsudon and putting them on the table next to the other food.

"EH?? my favourite!!" she exclaimed happily jumping up and down and clapping her hands, the man rolled his eyes.

"Pull yourself together Gaki." he said in a mocking tone, she pouted.

"How are Ryuuki-kun and Kyuuki-chan??" she asked looking around.

"Sleeping upstairs." the man said "Now take a seat Saku-chan." he said with a smile and sat down on the table, she nodded and sat down in front of him.

"Itadakimasu." they both said and started eating.

"…" the man raised a brow at her, she was reluctant about saying something.

"Just say what's in your mind." he said calmly taking a bit of tempura to his mouth.

"Etou… it's that… your cooking's really good… and mine's… etou…" she whispered. He smiled warmly at her.

"Glad to know that." he whispered back. "If you want I can give you a few tips."she looked at him and smiled.


"It's nothing." he said and smiled again.

"You should smile like that more often Sai-kun." he smirked.

"Make me smile more then." silence fell for a second and then they burst out laughing.

After dinner Sakura went upstairs while Sai stayed in the kitchen cleaning up, one of the rules of the house, whoever cooks cleans up. Once upstairs she entered a room, she smiled seeing 2 beds with children sleeping peacefully, she walked to one of the beds and gave a kiss to the child, she did the same to the other one, as she left the room she closed the door whispering.

"Oyasumi my precious tenshi." she walked down the hallway and entered her bedroom.

"Aaahhhhh… I'm glad I have a day off tomorrow."

Outside the house in the shadows is standing a man with a dark aura.

"Time as passed Blossom." the man said to himself darkly. "It seems I need to pay you a visit. I'll just have to wait for you to be alone." he laughed darkly. "You just wait Blossom, you just wait." with that he vanished in the darkness of the forest, his mind working on a plan to catch her with her guard down.

"I'm gonna make your life a living hell Blossom." he thought with an evil smirk plastered in his face.

"You just wait."

23 years old Haruno Sakura woke up yawning, she looked out of the window.

"Rain… again." she muttered getting up. she proceeded to the bathroom in her pyjamas that consisted in a pair of dark green short shorts and a matching spaghetti strap top, she brushed her teeth and combed her hair and then walked down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

While preparing the day's first meal she smiled and hummed some random song happily.

She couldn't say she was the happiest person in the world, but she was happy.

When the wall clock hit 7:40 she was done and Sai walked in the kitchen only in a pair of faded black jeans.

"Morning Ugly." he said sitting on the table, she turned to him with a playful glare and put her hands on her hips.

"Morning paint freak." she said in a joking tone, they both chuckled.

"What's for breakfast Saku-chan??" he asked stiffening a yawn.

"Pancakes and milkshakes." she said happily and put 4 dishes with pancakes and chocolate sauce and 4 tall glasses with strawberry milkshake on the table.

"I'm gonna call Ryuuki-kun and Kyuuki-chan." she walked to him and leaned her face so it was really close to his. "Do not eat while everybody isn't here." she said in a warning tone.

"Hai hai." he said leaning back on his chair and closing his eyes.

"Good!" she said and walked upstairs.

Once upstairs she opened the door of the children's room to see a little boy and a little girl jumping up and down happily on their designed beds and giggling, she smiled.

"What have I told you?? The bed is not for jumping." she said in an amused warning tone, the children stopped and looked at her with innocent eyes.

"Kaa-chan!!" they exclaimed happily and ran to her, she bent down and hugged them with a content smile.

She took their hands and they walked to the kitchen, she helped them sit in their high chairs and put their breakfast in front of them, she looked over at Sai's plate and smiled.

"He actually waited." her inner self chuckled, he usually ignored what she told him.

She sat down and looked at Sai, he rolled his eyes and sat properly on his chair, she looked at the children and frowned, they were about to put some pancake in their mouths, she cleared her throat.

"What have I thought you??" she said in a scolding tone, they put the food down and joined their palms.

"Itadakimasu!!" they exclaimed happily and started eating, Sakura had a content smile on her lips.

"I'm proud!" her inner self commented, her smile turned into a frown when she looked at Sai.

"Ahem, it applies for you too." she said in a warning tone, he looked at her and sighed.

"Annoying." he muttered. "Itadakimasu!" he said calmly and dug in his food.

"I love her breakfast!!" he thought as he happily ate what she had prepared "Thought I'd never tell her that."

She thanked for her meal and ate contently, a smile gracing her features as she ate and looked at everyone at the table eating.

Kyuuki-chan and Ryuuki-kun were eating contently and their faces were full of chocolate sauce and bits of pancake followed by milkshake moustaches.

Sai had a genuine and content rare smile gracing his handsome features.

She glanced at him looking at his eyes.

"His eyes actually show emotion and life these days!!" she thought happily, she was proud of him being able to show emotions and feel, she had put a lot of work for him to do so, when everyone else just didn't cared about him.

Although he acted almost the same way around everyone as before, he wasn't so tactless and wasn't cold anymore, except with Naruto, who he still called dickless, that made her giggle quietly as she remembered something.


Everyone had gathered for an important event in Konoha, Naruto was currently chatting with a group of respected ninjas about the success of the missions of the month. Sakura walked with Sai near the group and she greeted everyone politely, on the other hand.

"Hey Dobe, blabbering again." Sai said casually, everyone looked at him Naruto pointed an accusatory finger at him.

"Shut up Teme." he yelled, everyone looked at them, Sakura just shook her head with an amused smiled.

"Guys… these two never change!" she thought.

"Who?? Me?? I thought the Teme was the other guy, what was his name…" Sai made an innocent face "oh yeah, Uchiha right??" he said and looked at Naruto with a victorious smirk and innocent eyes.

"TEME." Naruto yelled and launched at Sai planning to hit him, but Sai just moved and dodged his attack effortlessly.

"What now Dickless Wonder?? Are you gonna tell us your true identity??" he said, Naruto looked at him fuming and red from anger and embarrassment.

"What. Do. You. Mean. By. That??" Naruto hissed angrily, a tint of red in his eyes, Sai's smirk only widened as he walked to Sakura turning his back to Naruto and giving one final remark.

"You can't possibly be a man Dickless!" he said in a mocking tone, Naruto was exploding and 8 ninjas were needed to hold him back from attacking Sai, while the last was looking at the scene chuckling, and his pink haired companion was holding her laugher in.

End of Flashback

Everyone finished their meals and she started to do the dishes humming happily, Sai cleaned the table, and the kids.

Kyuuki-chan and Ryuuki-kun were sitting on normal chairs dangling their legs happily, Sai knelt down next to them and looked at them chuckling, the 2 children giggled.

"Let's clean those ugly faces of yours." they pouted when he said 'ugly'.

"Ok, ok, you're not that ugly, not like your ugly kaa-chan in the least." Sakura glared playfully at him over her shoulder, he ignored and looked at the 2 gaki in from of him, he smirked and grabbed the 2 children, putting them one over each of his shoulders.

"Let's take the ugliness out of you two!" he said casually and walked out of the kitchen.

"You're mean." the children whined pouting.

Sakura chuckled, he was always like that but she knew he was really affectionate with her kids.

"Be sure to get them clean clothes." she said loudly, she knew he was going to give them a bath.

"I'm not an idiot like the dead last." he remarked and she only sighed.

"He has to have the last word." she muttered cleaning her hands and walking to the bathroom, the scene was hilarious, but she contained her laugher.

The bathtub was full of warm water with lots of bubbles, the children were inside the water laughing while splashing Sai, who was knelling down next to the tub and splashing them back with a genuine happy face.

"Ok… who are you and what did you do to Sai??" she asked in amusement from the doorway, Sai looked at her over his shoulder and grinned.

"Oh no…" too late, he splashed her wetting her pyjama, making it kind of see through.

Outside the house in the shadows Unknwn person's POV

I just arrived to Konoha this morning after a week, stuff to do, people to order around, last week I saw her, kids and she's living with that… project of a shinobi. Tsk… how could she…

It's around 7 a.m.

I hide myself, obviously hiding my chakra, in the shadows, the day is dark with the sun hiding by clouds.

She's waking up in her room, she gets up and goes to the bathroom, she's wearing a pair of green short shorts and a matching spaghetti strap top. I have to admit, only to myself obviously no one else has anything to do with what I think or don't think, anyway… as I way saying, I have to admit, she looks… beautiful.

I follow her from outside, now she's in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

Some minutes later the 'project of a shinobi' enters the kitchen in only a pair of jeans, seriously, not only his ninja gear is, anyway, as he doesn't fully dresses himself?? Please… yes, I know, I'm very critical, not my fault I'm kinda surrounded by diots and have to constantly be 'scolding' them to do their jobs right, anyway, deal with it.

She sets the plates with food and drinks in the table and goes upstairs, I just stay there, that idiot known as Sai is leaning against his chair, his eyes closed, not anymore, let me rephrase it, half lidded eyes. Damn, I can't see where he's looking and he's smirking. I really don't like him.

Doesn't matters, the mater of my attention returned to the kitchen with 2 gaki, I'd say around 3 or 4 years old.

She's smiling happily.

The gaki… a boy and a girl.

The boy, he has spiky raven hair (A/N: spiky like when Gaara was chibi but not the same colour) and dark emerald green eyes with some tints of onyx eyes, full of life.

The girl, she has long silky raven coloured hair with some dark pink, almost red, highlights, and onyx eyes with a tint of dark emerald green in it, again, eyes full of life.

They ate their breakfast silently, I know all my lackeys cough slaves cough say I'm an 'emo-freak' as they proudly call me, but I also have a sense of humour, why am I saying this?? 'cause the 2 gaki's faces are hilarious, chocolate sauce everywhere in their faces, followed by bits of pancake and milk or whatever drink they had, moustaches, really, it's funny, inside I chuckled, can't afford to be discovered by chuckling aloud now can I?? remark I am being sarcastic here.

Sai grabbed the gaki and they walked to the bathroom, Sakura followed soon after, and once there she joined an already going on splashing fight, the gaki were in the bathtub, splashing and giggling, Sai was kneeling next to it splashing around and chuckling and Sakura was next to them splashing them and laughing…

Cough cough… her clothes are see through now that she's soaked, cough. I'm not a hentai, damn hormones.

Focussing I remember why I came here in the first place, a smirk places itself in my lips, the reason I came here was o give a little gift to her, and I still intend to, and now that they're busy I can put the first stage of my plan in practice… my smirk only widened as I moved to give an anonymous gift to her, it would be no fun if she knew it was from me now would it, and yes, I am kind of sadistic.

Now… on with my plan.

Normal POV

The dark cloaked figure moved silently and unnoticed by anyone to the pink haired girls room, leaving a 'gift' behind.

He smirked evilly as he left the house and started to run through the forest.

"I would stay and watch you a little longer blossom, but I have some orders to give around… and a person to visit." he muttered darkly and he ran in direction to an unknown place.

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