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Daxter is blaming Jak, so Ashelin sends him on a special mission, with Torn. They're to look for survivors in a far off town. Meanwhile Jak is fighting off Metal Heads in his frustration. Torn and Daxter are at each other's throats because of Dax's bad mood. But what will happen when Daxter sees something that reminds him of the good old days? How will it change him? And how will he and the other's cope?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A tall red haired woman was standing with her hands firmly on her hips, glaring down the taller brunette. He knew he'd lost. "Fine Ashelin, but you had better be right." She opened her mouth to say she was, but was interrupted as the sound of fighting reached their ears. Both of their eyes widened as they recognized the growing voices. Torn took off in the direction of the argument, followed closely be Ashelin.

They rounded a corner in the hallway at the same time, spotting the cause of the commotion instantly. "Back off you bastard." A tall green haired boy clenched and unclenched his fists. "Your a traitor! I hope a Metal Head eats you!" The small orange ottsel stared in shock at the boy who had obviously lost his temper. Tears filled the small creatures eyes as he turned away.

The two who had just started watching looked at each other. Jak realized what he said and reached out for his friend. "Dax...I didn't mean that!" Daxter turned farther from him, wrapping his arms around his chest, suddenly feeling cold. Torn raised a hand to his mouth, coughing lightly. When they looked at him, the both caught glimpses of an apologetic look, which was quickly hidden behind his cold eyes. "I have a mission for you" ,Ashelin took a diplomatic angle for this. "I don't think now is the time."

Ashelin shook her head. "Not both of you. Just Daxter." The two stared openly at her. "I'll be escorting you this time" ,Torn found himself wondering just how much better he and the ottsel would get along. The shock hit Jak far worse than anything else had ever done before. So this is it. They were separating. After everything, they were slowly going their separate ways. Nothing was going to be the same. "What will be my assignment?" The relief in Jak's voice was almost tangible, though only he knew it was fake. The redhead held in a groan as Daxter defiantly hopped on Torn's shoulder. "I'll brief you in a bit. Torn, You will tell Daxter the mission on the way, you are to leave immediately." The older man nodded, walking off with no regards to the creature on his shoulder.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

"Hey, slow down! You haven't even told me what we are doing!" A sick looking ottsel was clinging to the shoulder of the captain of the guard. The man stopped abruptly, almost knocking Dax off of his shoulder. After making sure they were sufficiently out of the city limits, he set the boy down on the ground, sitting next to him. "Vin thinks he found another city, we're checking it out." The ottsel frowned, that made no sense. "Then why have me go?" Torn's eye twitched before he started to answer. "I might need your help, and Jak is needed there to defend the city from Metal Heads." The ottsel glared at the man. "I hope he dies."

The man grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and forced him to look him in the eyes. "I know your upset about Tess, we all are, but stop taking it out on him. He tried his best. You don't know the whole story. He-" "I don't care!" Daxter interrupted him before he could explain. "You'll want to know. You will." Dax shook his head, and Torn knew not to push it at that current moment.

With a sigh the young boy turned to Torn, "So, tattoos, how far away is it?" The man sneered at the little ottsel. "About a week if we take a Desert Screamer from Sig." Daxter's mouth dropped. The Desert Screamer was the fastest car in Spargus, and it would take them a week with it. Torn started to walk off, heading into the desert to go to Spargus city. Daxter quickly ran after him, jumping up on the man's shoulder. "You're taller than I thought." Torn's only response was a quiet grunt.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Jack stood in the middle of the room, watching Ashelin pace. She was about to have him assist Vin in finding out more about the city, when there was a report of an attack. Quickly she stopped, turning to him. "You'll have to go. There is no other way. I had hoped my men could handle this on their own, but as long as Torn is gone, I'm putting you in charge of the Freedom League." Jak nodded. "I'll take the zoomer out back." With that he went running out side to aid the men in the fight. Ashelin watched him go, wondering just how much this thing with Daxter was affecting him.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Sig smiled down at Torn and Dax, keeping to himself all the questions about where Jak was. "Sure you can have it, if you can drive that is." Torn snorted, heading, with a wave, for the garage where he would be getting the car. Sig shook his head, turning to the hidden monk. "Somethings going on. Send one of your monks to Haven City." The quiet figure started to leave. "Oh, and Seem? Make sure they only speak to Ashelin." She nodded and left to give the mission to one under her command. The man looked out his window, watching a figure with an ottsel on his shoulder heading out of the city.

"I thought you said you could drive!" Torn peeled the fuzzy creature from the side of his face, his mouth set in a grimace as the car swerved back and fort, narrowly missing the rocks. "Maybe if you'd stop backseat driving..." The ottsel clung desperately to the older man's arm, his eyes like saucers. "I'd rather take my chances with the Metal Heads!" "Keep your pants on girl" ,Torn growled at Daxter. "Why I otta-Eeeek!" The car sharply spun as the tires hit hard dirt, officially leaving the desert. Torn forcefully hit the breaks, stopping the car. The brunette looked at the boy with a small smirk. "Girl" ,was all he needed to say before Dax flung himself at the man.

The man pushed him off gently almost proud that he could get under his skin with one word. His smug look caused Daxter to stop quickly. "Well, I'll go easy on you for now. Just so long as you be more careful in driving." Torn nodded and sat back up, driving slower, but still quick enough to get then where they needed to be. He wasn't deceived by the smile on Dax's face or the random comments about hot women, but he listened to the ottsel in silence.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jak surveyed the damage in the lower part of the city. He had arrived in time to keep the losses at a minimum. The city however, was badly destroyed again. It was also only a matter of time before the next attack. That's why they needed to know more about the city. "It's all clear here. I'm heading down to talk to Onin about this." Ashelin nodded as she heard this. "You do that, I'll send more guards down there and put some people on repairing it. Don't forget to stop by and talk to Vin." Jak climbed on his zoomer, speeding away towards the bazaar and Onin.

Ashelin turned around swiftly, her gun drawn. Slowly she lowered her weapon as a painted man stepped out of the shadows. "What do you want?" The monk frowned for a moment, checking they were alone in the room, then looked directly at her. "You're warriors are divided." She raised a cautious eyebrow before nodding. "Sig has questions about this no doubt. I already have a letter prepared for him. Rest for a moment, then deliver this to him." She handed the sealed envelope to the monk and dismissed him, wondering how things were going with those two.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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