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"That's a lot to take in." Jak stretched out on a couch next to Samos and Ashelin.

He had just returned from the power plant where Vin had given old green stuff copies of what needed translated. He stared at the seal she was still holding.

"If I'm right, Jak, this city was also created by you. When is the question, and why?"

"We may have a few clues when Torn and Daxter return." Ashelin passed the seal to him.

The crystals glowed lightly, but did little else. Smirking, Jak tucked it into his pocket. He stood to go and, with a pause, told her to let him know when they were back.

"You'll probably know before me."


Dax was uneasy as they entered Spargus city. Gruff fighters eyed him and Torn as they walked to the palace. Inside, they were slowly escorted to the throne room. Sig looked up from his paperwork with immense surprise. The muse jumped from Torn's shoulder onto his desk.

"Like the new look Cherry. Green suits you." He stared at the muse with a wide grin.


Sig looked up to see an indignant teen standing behind Torn. His hand flew to his gun, but he quickly released it, trying to relax. There was no way that was who he thought it was.

"Who the hell are you?"

Was he someone from the city Torn was visiting?

"I feel insulted considering you just mistook that," he pointed to the muse, "for me."

It took a few second before Sig realized he knew the voice.


"The one and only."

"How…? Why…?" He paused, looking at Torn who simply shrugged. Hadn't Jak mentioned something about him being human at one time?

Coughing lightly, he composed himself. "Well then Cherry, what are you all doing back in Spargus?"

"Returning the screamer," Torn answered, "We were stopped thanks to the rat."

The muse diverted their attention, rubbing itself against Sig's hand as it mussed his papers. He looked down at it curiously, scratching behind its ears. He didn't, however, miss the glare Dax was giving it.

"What is this chilly pepper?"

"A muse. I guess they just don't like me." Dax folded his arms across his chest, sticking his tongue out at it.

"A muse? Haven't heard that term in a long time."

"We should be going. Ashelin wants us back as soon as possible."

"Alright Torn. Don't be a stranger. Daxter. I expect an explanation from you some other time."

"Yeah yeah tough guy." Dax waved as he left.

Tuning to go, Torn suppressed a growl as the muse leapt for his shoulder. How did Jak stand carting around an annoying creature on his shoulder all the time? The muscle was starting to knot from the constant kneading and walking of his furry companion.

Walking back towards the transport that would take them to Haven City, Torn watched the hyper teen as he ranted about something. Sig's reaction interested the brown haired guardsman. What was it about the orange haired boy that brought him to his firearm even with Torn there? Sure, no one expected to see the former ottsel as a human, but that was no reason for weapons.

"Right?" Torn was mildly surprised to find Dax had asked his opinion on something.

"I wonder how many more people are going to point guns at you." Torn dodged answering with his jeering remark.

"Hopefully none. Answer the question."

"I've been waiting to do that for a while. Shame I've only done it once."

"Hey! Tattoos! Do you or don't you think everyone will be surprised to see me?"

So that was the question. "What did I just say?"



As they arrived at the transport, Dax turned to glare at him. He resisted the immediate urge to grab his gun, though he couldn't define what had brought that on. As the sat in the transport, Dax fidgeted, much to his gruff companion's annoyance.


Jak growled in frustration, staring at the strange seal. Try as he may, he couldn't get it to work again. It had been an accident that it went off, and he couldn't remember what he had done.

Oh, sure, he remembered that he had changed because of the dark eco and was attacking the metalheads. He even remembered when he changed because of the light eco. What he couldn't remember was what he had done right before the seal burst to life with beautiful color. Or why it formed the smallest bit of white eco.

More so, he wasn't sure what he did when he touched it that caused it to wash over him like it had the first time. He certainly couldn't explain what happened when he sent blasts of it off at the invading metalheads. If that was the case, then he definitely couldn't answer why it wasn't working again. He'd tried everything he could think of, but it did nothing.

Disgruntled, he figured he would have to cave-in and ask Samos for help. All he needed was another lecture. Besides, they'd take it away to study and who knows when he'd get it back.

The green haired hero was snapped from his mental tirade as he heard the approaching transport. He grinned as he recognized it as the one from Spargus. Maybe Dax would be able to figure it out. A pain settled in his chest a moment as he wondered if his fiery friend would even talk to him. Too late for that, the transport landed and the doors opened.

Torn stepped out frowning with a creature that was definitely not an ottsel on his shoulder. Beside him, a fiery haired man stood tight lipped. Jak didn't hesitate to bring his gun up, eyes darkening dramatically. Torn put his arm in front of the boy in concern. Others might ask first. But Jak seemed the kind to fire when he aimed at something.

"Gees, has Haven hospitality already been engrained in you buddy?"

Jak's eyes widened as he looked the boy over completely. He lowered his weapon slowly, confused by what he saw.


"Forgotten my voice already?"

"Dax!" The gun was holstered in a second. "You're…!"

"Sexy? Awesome? Tall?"

"Back!" Jak pulled him into a tight hug grinning like a mad man. "How?"

"Turns out getting blown up by white eco does wonders for your skin. You're killing me here Jak."

He released him with a small smile. Torn found himself smirking. All prior arguments were forgotten in the face of this shock. Silently, Jak handed the seal to Dax.

"So it only worked once, hu? And you've been trying to get it to work."

Torn started to the palace and they trailed along behind him. It confused him that Daxter seemed to be carrying on a conversation with Jak, asking questions and seeking explanations while the other didn't answer a single thing.

"White eco? Seriously? Maybe it holds a charge. Yeah I think so too. It could need a bit of the other ecos in order to activate it…My thinking exactly."

Torn turned in confusion to see Jak break open a blaster bullet and pour the eco onto the device. It readily absorbed it. They repeated the process with the two other ecos and grinned. They only thing missing was green eco. A high five and a victory dance not suited to Dax's appearance later and they continued on their way.

"You're unusually quiet." Torn glanced over at the shorted, green haired teen.

"Habit I guess. Why do you have a muse on your shoulder? I thought those were extinct."

"We found it in the city Jak." Dax leaned on his friend.

"Speaking of the city…"

"You'll hear it when we tell Ashelin." Torn eyed them as they entered the palace.

Exchanging a knowing glance, they continued to the elevator. Silence washed over them the rest of the way to the meeting room. Inside, Ashelin could be heard speaking with someone. A loud and obnoxious squawk told them Pecker was present. Dax grinned, ready for his audience.


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