Desperate times called for desperate measures. After the death of Dumbledore, chaos ensued. The Order of the Phoenix was stable enough without its leader, but was haunted by the shadow of grief following his death. They turned to the outspoken Professor McGonagall to be their leader, and she wanted to do everything possible to follow the ideals of her deceased friend. Harry Potter faithfully endured two weeks at his Aunt Petunia's house, but then he split in the middle of the night, taking his best friend, Ron, with him. On the other side, Voldemort was suffering the humiliation of his most prized family's failures. The Malfoy men were both in trouble: Draco's name was slandered publicly for killing Dumbledore, although it was known to a select few on both sides of the war that it was Professor Snape who actually killed the Headmaster, and Lucius was rotting away in Azkaban while the contract between the dementors and Voldemort was in negotiation.

The wizarding world did not need another physical war. Sadly, the death toll kept increasing, and both sides' hate grew for each other with the amount of battles each passing day. Minerva knew that this war would only continue past the fall of Voldemort as long as there is animosity between the wizarding groups. She saw that it was no longer just a distinction of purebloods and muggleborns, but this war was quickly turning into a desperate grab for power. She needed to erase this hate, and it started with the young witches and wizards at her school. They were the future.

She looked at the people returning to Hogwarts this year. There weren't many. The most people that remained were seventh years; most were old enough to make their own decisions, and they decided to stay and protect their own school. Granted, some may have stayed on to possibly get secrets for the Death Eaters, but at least they would still be inside Hogwarts' halls learning, not fighting. There were only ten first years attending Hogwarts next year, and they all had older siblings to protect them. She glanced over the returning seventh years. It seemed pointless to appoint a head boy and girl, since there were so few students. Instead, she decided that she would give patrol duties to all seventh years to split up the work so they could all have more time for studying. She also decided to close down half of the school and house the Huffelpuffs with the Gryffindors and the Ravenclaws with the Slytherins, figuring that Slytherins only had trouble with the Gryffindors, not any other house, least of all the clever Ravenclaws.

The new Headmaster needed something else to bond the students together. It would have to be a bold move, and possibly cruel, but it needed to be done. She would need to bond the Gryffindor and Slytherin houses, and to do that she would need to bond them together with love. But she did not know of anybody willing to accept such an arrangement, let alone love a Slytherin.

She was deep in thought at her desk, that she didn't hear anyone enter her office. It wasn't until she felt a tug at her brain did she realize that someone was there.

He spoke first. "You need a Gryffindor to get engaged to a Slytherin."

Minerva turned her head to find the former Professor Snape on the other side of her desk. It still hurt to see him, knowing that he killed Dumbledore. She looked at a spot on the wall where Dumbeldore's portrait hung. It would still be two more weeks until the grieving process was complete, and Dumbeldore's portrait would be a capable means of communicating with him. Right now, the face in the portrait just peered deep into Minerva's eyes.

She broke contact with the portrait and turned her attention to Snape. "Yes, I need to bond the two houses together. What solution do you have to offer me?"

Snape too looked at all the past Headmasters on the walls of the office, his eyes skipping over Dumbledore's. "Voldemort also has a problem. He needs to gain credibility to the Malfoy name to save the image of his most trusted family. An engagement would settle both problems."

"Explain, Severus."

"It's simple. If Draco were engaged to be married to a Gryffindor, Voldemort could say that it was just a trick for another spy to get into the Order. All it would take is some easy information for Draco to report once a month and his family would gain more respect among the Death Eaters."

"And how does this help the Order?"

"House unity, of course. Also, you would be able to get secrets from the Death Eaters as well."

Minerva grew furious. "I will not feed a girl to the dogs like that!"

Snape smiled his little half-smile and winked. "Then you will need a girl that can handle the dogs."

With that he left the grounds of the school and apparated to his master. He was in a dark room with a dark red throne along the far wall. A skinny, sickly but regal-looking ruler was sitting upon this throne, expecting Severus' return.

Severus quickly bowed. "My lord, my plan is working. I have gotten the new Headmaster to agree with it."

"And who's the girl?" Voldemort's voice was so shrill that it was almost painful to hear him speak.

"Hermione Granger, my lord."

Voldemort paused, remembering Potter's memories of a bushy-haired girl named Hermione. "Are you certain that this is who Minerva will choose?"

"Yes, my lord, it's the only one she can choose."

Minerva sat in the silence for a long while. She knew that she had to go through with the plan, she just wasn't mentally ready to assign a girl to Draco Malfoy. She had to choose, and there was only one girl to choose. She grabbed some floo powder and transported herself to Hermione's safe-house. When she arrived, covered in soot, in Hermione's fire place, she couldn't help feeling a huge amount of guilt flooding her thoughts. She took a deep breath and faced the girl.

I'm so sorry, Hermione.

So I thought that I would try my hand at a Dramione relationship, since I love to read them. Please, tell me what you think. I probably will continue this and make it about five chapters long. I hope that this is not cliché enough to pass up, but I do need feedback. It will not have much smut, just plot.

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