It started with a rose. It only makes sense that it should end with one.

Draco stood there next to the big glass tomb of Dumbledore, but it wasn't the old headmaster that he was looking at. His eyes gazed at the headstone that lay on Dumbledore's right side. His right hand woman. The one who gave her life to save us all.

Sure, Potter did valiantly conquer the Dark Lord, but he still got to live, love, have a family. Granger will never get that. Instead, she will just get a routine visitor of her would-be fiancé to plant a fresh rose on her grave.

These two graves, this small patch of land, will be all that is saved from the old Hogwarts. The beloved school lay in ruins on the ground. There has been talk of rebuilding, and there will be. Draco was sure that the new Hogwarts would be even better than the last. He would know – him, Potter, as well as a few others were selected to rebuild it.

Draco kneeled down next to her headstone and ran his hand over the inscription:

Hermione Jane Granger

She tore down everything she loved

Sacrificed everything she knew

And her love and caring saved us all

Did he love her? Draco couldn't tell. Could he spend the rest of his life with her? Researching through countless books, exploring and unlocking ancient charms, teaching classes side by side in the one place they could both call home. Sure, he imagined a life with her, his sworn enemy, friend, girlfriend. None of that really mattered. She was gone now. It didn't matter if he loved her or how much he loved her – they would never have a life together.

He leaned over and kissed the cold, hard stone. That was so unlike her: cold and hard. He remembered that night in the astronomy tower. He remembered everything.

Hindsight is always 20/20.