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Chapter 1 Cherry Blossoms

In the near by forest of Konoha, Kakashi and Yamato help Naruto create his own jutsu. Using the waterfall in the clearing they train Naruto to cut the falls in half. Naruto creates enough shadow clones to fill the bridge that runs the length of the the falls. Standing there, all with their shirts off, they force the wind chakra out of their hands to cut the falls in half.

After hours of being wet and cold, Naruto finally accomplishes this feat. The falls are split in half horizontally. The shadow clones start to disappear and Naruto falls onto the bridge in exhaustion.

Kakashi notices a faint, sweet smell of cherry blossoms, but then dismisses it, remembering there is a nearby orchard full of fruit that would produce this aroma.

Meanwhile in the forest, a woman wearing a black kimono, sits in the tree's watching the three of them. She looks down at a picture in her left hand. It appears to be of Kakashi and a woman! The woman in the picture appears to be the same woman in the tree but the face in the picture is hidden by her thumb. She says "Kakashi, you haven't changed at all."

She stands up and puts the picture into her left pant pocket. As she turns around, a twig snags the picture and pulls it out as she leaps off of the tree. The wind catches the picture and blows it toward the waterfall.

After about a hour Naruto wakes up. As he starts to sit up, a piece of paper catches his eye. He picks the picture up and looks at it.

A moment later, he yells, "Kakashi-sensi, you've been holding out on me!"

Kakashi looks at him puzzled. He then walks over to Naruto and looks at the picture. Naruto hands the picture to him and says, "Who is she?"

Kakashi lifts his forehead protector to make sure his eyes aren't fooling him. "Cherry blossoms?" he says to himself.

Kakashi asks Yamato, "Can you watch over Naruto until he is able to recover fully?" Yamato nods.

Kakashi then takes off into the forest in the direction of the cherry blossom sent. Kakashi jumps from tree limb to tree limb with a million thoughts racing through his mind. With one question standing out above the rest. "Is she alive?"

Back at the waterfall Naruto asks, "Who was that girl in the picture?"

Yamato had only caught a glimpse of the picture but knew who it was. He replies, "Her name was Amaya."

Naruto asks "So was she like his girlfriend or something?"

Yamato nods. "He was in love with her."

Naruto is stunned by this, he had never seen Kakashi-sensi look at womanthat way before.

Naruto asks, "So what happened? He obviously ardors her."

Yamato replies, "She was rumored to have killed herself."

Naruto's eyes widen as he hears this.

Naruto then asks, "What kind of woman could have this effect on Kakashi-sensi?"

Yamato replies, "She was of the Dairyuu (Great Dragon) clan .

Naruto butts in and says, "Wait, The Dairyuu clan? Kakashi-sensi talked about them one time explaining different kekkai genkai abilities like the Uchiha's and Hyuuga's. He mentioned that the Dairyuu clan is said to share a common ancestor with the Uchiha's. Only they posses more than just a kekkai genkai.

They fuse souls of dragons to babies moments after they are born. If the baby survived then they were strong enough to become a Dairyuu. But they were only rumored to exist, they were more of a legend than anything. How did she come to this village?"

Yamato replies, "Tsunade rescued her from a burning village when she was two years old. She found her chasing after a dragon, shouting it's name, and crying. Tsunade knew of only one clan that would know a dragons name, the Dairyuu.

Oroachimaru was furious he hadn't found her. He was always trying to get close to her. Something didn't set quite right with Tsunade when Oroachimaru offered to take care of her for long periods of time. Oroachimaru just didn't seem to be the kid type. Though she did let Amaya train with him when she got older.

She instead left Amaya with Jiraiya, he knew Amaya better than anyone. She was even close to the 4th Hokage. Jiraiya often had him watch over her when he was unable to (before he became the 4th Hokage, that is).

Being raised around some of the greatest shinobi in the village, she too, became talented. Tsunade taught her the trade of being a medical ninja. Amaya surpassed even her. With Amaya's monstrous strength and medical skills she was a valued shinobi. But that was only the beginning of her talent.

Oroachimaru tried kidnapping her after he left the village. He underestimated her greatly and was nearly killed."

Naruto asks, "Why would such a great shinobi kill them self?"

Yamato shakes his head and says, "No one knows to this day. Kakashi was to train with her one morning. She never showed, but her scent was all around as if she had been there.

Pakun tracked her sent to the cliff not far away. Half way down the cliff was a small pool of blood on a ledge dripping down the side. Kakashi found a torn, bloody for head protector at the bottom. "

Naruto says, "Poor Kakashi-sensi, first his dad then the woman he loved. No wonder he never lets anyone in his life."

Yamato says to Naruto, "He wasn't the only person that had fallen for her."

Naruto looks at Yamato, with a puzzled look on his face and says, "Huh?"

Yamato says, "Uchiha Itachi was a former lover of hers as well."

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