Chapter 4 Don't you hate that?

"Who are you talking to Kakashi-sensi?" Sakura says walking up the hall towards Kakashi.

Kakashi looks at her then back into the room. Amaya was gone.

"Oh, nobody ,Sakura." He replies.

Sakura continues, "I brought these for you." Sakura holds up a bandanna filled with sweets. "I made some for Naruto, too, but he wasn't home."

Sakura helps Kakashi pick up his groceries and sets the sweets on his counter, then says "I better get going. I have morning training with Tsunade." She waves goodby and leaves.

Amaya sits at the top of the roof on the right hand side, close to the other building, with her knees up, and her arms resting on them. She wonders who the pink haired girl was. She watches her walk away from the apartment and go home.

Kakashi steps out on the balcony and rests his hands on the rail and says, "I use to wonder if you were still alive."

Kakashi turns around and looks up at the spot where Amaya had been sitting, she was gone.

He goes inside, takes a shower, reads his Icha Icha Paradise book for a while, then goes to bed.

That night he dreams about the time he saved her life.


They had just completed a assassination mission together, by this time Kakashi had gotten use to working with Amaya and knew her tactical habits.

They were on their way back to Konoha when they were ambushed by a group of rock shinobi. Amaya and Kakashi fought them but it was useless.

She didn't want to loose another comrade, she knew what the group wanted. Things seemed out of place from the moment they arrived in Earth Country.

It would be easier to be captured and escape than it would to fight them off. There were too many of them.

Amaya screams, "Kakashi get out of here!"

Kakashi yells back, "There are to many of them for you!"

Amaya looks at him with her sharingan activated and says, "Get out of here or I will kill you myself."

He knew she meant business. Amaya throws a smoke bomb at Kakashi's feet to let him escape.

More men arrive; Amaya is over come by them and knocked out. They tie her up and take her to the nearby village.

Kakashi watches from the cliffs, he follows the men to a building and watches them take Amaya inside.

He waits until nightfall to sneak in, he then finds the room they are holding her. Kakashi knocks a rock village ANBU out, takes his mask and robe concealing his face, and the rest of his body.

Two rock shinobi walk by Kakashi, one carrying Amaya draped over his shoulder. They enter a large room where a man is sitting at the head of the room.

Kakashi follows them into the room and then stands over by the wall close to the door.

The man carrying Amaya drops her on to the floor in front of the man at the head of the room. She's been badly beaten; her hands and feet, still bound.

They had used a serrated wire to tie her hands and feet. If she moves it cuts deeper into her flesh.

The man at the head of the room speaks. "So this is a Dairyuu. How many men did it take to capture her?"

The squad leader replies, "We lost 30 of some of our best men, and 40 more to capture her."

Kakashi recognized the symbol on the hat the man at the head of the room was wearing. Kakashi's eyes widen and he thinks to himself, "The Tsuchikage!"

The Tsuchikage speaks, again. "As expected of the legendary Dairyuu clan. I had heard rumors that one of Konoha's most talented was a Dairyuu.

I didn't expect a woman this young to be so great. Send word to the Cloud village, tell them we will be paying them double what they paid Konoha for this mission. It was well worth it to get our hands on this specimen."

"It was a trap!" Kakashi thinks to himself. "They did all of this just to capture her. She must have figured it out, and wanted me out of there. She was protecting me."

The Kage speaks again. "String her up until morning. We'll start "persuading" her to join us, then. If she refuses, let her die a slow death from her wounds. I have assigned this ANBU to watch over her for the night." He was talking about Kakashi. "That must have been why the ANBU was there." Kakashi thought.

Kakashi follows the men, they take Amaya to a room with a hook dangling from the ceiling. One man lowers the hook while the other holds Amaya up and hangs her by the wire on her wrists. They adjust it to where her feet can touch just enough to keep her from slicing her hands off.

The men then leave the room, leaving Kakashi to watch over Amaya.

Blood runs down Amaya's arms and from her mouth. She is barley conscious enough to recognize Kakashi's voice. He cuts her down, then takes the wire off of her wrists. The lacerations are deep, with blood still running out of them.

He then cuts the wire off of her ankles. The lacerations are bad but not as bad as the ones on her wrists.

Kakashi asks Amaya, "Can you hold on to me if I put you on my back?"

Amaya opens her eyes and nods. He puts her on his back and leaves.

He races away from the Earth country. Upon reaching the Fire country he stops shortly to rest and get something to eat.

He knows Amaya needs medical attention and quick. She can no longer hold onto him and has lost consciousness. Kakashi is forced to carry her the rest of the way to Konoha. He reaches Konoha's hospital, and takes her to the Intensive Care Unit.

Amaya drifts in and out of consciousness for the next few days. Tsunade had heard the news of her daughter and returned to the village as quickly as she could.

A nurse shows her where Amaya's room is. Tsunade looks into Amaya's room to find Kakashi sitting next to her holding her hand and wearing surgical scrubs.

The nurse says to Tsunade, "He hasn't left her side for more than a few moments at a time, since he brought her in."

"I see." Tsunade replies. She walks into the room then puts her hand on Kakashi's shoulder.

He says to her, "She's saved me so many times before. She told me to leave or she'd kill me. But, I couldn't. I had to be the one to save her, this time."

"Kakashi," Tsunade says. "Go home and get some rest. She's in good hands, now."

Kakashi nods, he then gets up, collects his clothes, and goes home to catch up on some much needed rest.

He takes a shower, his body aches and his muscles are stiff from carrying her such a long way. He had taken a shower at the hospital but he didn't stay in there long enough to enjoy the hot water. He was to worried about her.

The hot water relaxes him and his muscles loosen up. After he gets out of the shower he puts on some clothes and tries to relax in his chair. But, he still can't seem to let himself rest until he knows she's okay.

Tsunade looks Amaya over, she finds the lacerations on her wrists and ankles, as well as more on her back. She then discovers a gash beneath her ribs, a cut on her cheek, broken ribs, leg, and hand.

Tsunade heals all of Amaya's wounds and lets her rest. Around a hour later, Amaya opens her eyes and sees Tsunade.

"Mom," She says, "Did you heal me?" Amaya tries to sit up to get a better look at Tsunade, but gets dizzy and falls back.

Kakashi comes back to the hospital to see how Amaya is doing. He watches her try to sit up and then fall back. Tsunade was still with her telling her to get some rest. Kakashi decides to leave and come back the next day. Knowing she'll be fine.

Tsunade replies to Amaya, "Who else? Now get some rest."

Amaya smiles and lies back in the bed. Sleep comes soon after.

The next morning, Amaya wakes. Her head pounding, every inch of her body was sore. The day nurse comes in and finds Amaya awake. She then goes and gets Amaya some breakfast and returns.

While Amaya eats, the nurse says, "Where is your, should I call him your, boyfriend?"

Amaya looks at her with a puzzled look on her face and says, "Hm?" Food still in her mouth.

The nurse replies, "The young man wearing a mask that brought you in. He stayed by your side for three days. We begged him to get some rest but he refused to leave your side.

He slept in that chair beside you, continuing to hold onto your hand. We finally got him to get out of those bloody clothes of his and take a shower, if someone watched over you while he was gone. We gave him some surgical scrubs to wear, so he didn't have to change back into the clothes, he came in with."

Amaya sat there in shock not being able to believe this.

"Tsunade-sama finally convinced him to go home and get some rest." The nurse continued. "Well, I better get back to work, let me know if you need anything else."

The nurse leaves and Amaya continues to eat. She hadn't eaten in four days, she was famished. Tsunade comes in after she is done eating. She finishes up cleaning the blood off Amaya's face and brushes her hair for her.

The nurse comes back into the room and takes her tray and checks on her.

Tsunade says to Amaya, "I have a few errands I need to get done. I'll be back to check on you later. Get some rest. Don't be trying to push yourself, I know how you are." Tsunade leaves to go and run her errands.

Amaya sits up and moves her legs over to the side of the bed then puts her feet on the floor. She manages to barley stand up. Amaya starts to fall but catches herself using the wall.

Walking was painful and difficult, but she manges to walk to the bathroom on the other end of the room using the wall to lean on.

On the way back to her bed the pain becomes to great and her legs are too weak to sustain her any longer. She becomes light headed and her legs give way as she starts to fall.

Kakashi walks into the room and catches her before she hits the floor. The last thing she see's before going unconscious is Kakashi's face.

He puts Amaya's left arm around his shoulders and puts his left arm under her knee's while holding on to her waist with his right arm under her back. Kakashi then lifts her up and carries her back to her bed.

"Hmm, still pretty weak. She'll need a lot of rest to regain her strength back." He says to himself, as he lies her down in her bed.

A week later Amaya had fully recovered and was back to full health. Her next mission wasn't for a few more days.

She sat in a magnificent Japanese garden near a pond watching the koi fish swim. She wore her blueish green kimono.

The garden and the mansion were gifts from the Dairyuu clan. Whom, of which, she had never met. They had also left her a fortune, when she was old enough, she inherited it. At that time she was also informed of how she really came to Konoha.

Tsunade was a newly renowned sannin, the Dairyuu had heard of this and made a deal with the third Hokage. Amaya was born with a power, said to be bestowed upon, by the God's themselves. Her father wanted to protect her and sent her to be raised by Tsunade and live in Konoha.

With her fortune she would never have to live as a shinobi, this was her father's wishes but being a shinobi was in her blood she could not escape her destiny. Tsunade saw her talent at a early age and trained her, teaching her everything she knew. Amaya proved to be one of the greatest Konoha shinobi alive.

Amaya loved her garden. She spent every second she could there, if she wasn't on a mission or training. She was free to leave and rejoin her clan but Konoha was her home, and she vowed to protect it.

One of her father's wishes was that she was to be raised formally. The Dairyuu being a noble clan, he wanted to preserve that part of her heritage if she ever decided to rejoin her clan. She always wore a kimono when she wasn't in her training clothes or ANBU attire.

Amaya sat there thinking of Kakashi. The wind blew through her hair, combing it gently.

Kakashi stands in the distance with his hands in his pockets watching her. He was wearing a black sleeveless shirt, the pants he normally wore for missions, his mask, and forehead protector covering his sharingan, as always.

She looked so beautiful sitting there. It was almost as if he was looking at a completely different person now. He walks up closer to her and stands behind her.

Amaya continues to look down at the water then softly says, "Kakashi..."

She then stands up, turns around to look at him, and gasps. He had removed his mask and for head protector. This was the first time she had ever seen his face.

Amaya had once told Kakashi when they met she could not fully trust someone that was constantly hiding something from others. The scar on his face stoped right below his cheek and his sharingan red as blood.

"Can you trust me now?" He says to her.

"I-I've always trusted you." Amaya replies, as she looks down at the ground.

She looks up and Kakashi kisses her lips softly.

It starts to rain and soon forms into a thunderstorm. Kakashi takes Amaya's hand and leads her to the mansion to get out of the rain.

Once they get inside Kakashi begins to kiss Amaya. This time much more passionately. He reaches around Amaya and unties the knot that binds the kimono keeping it closed.

The sash falls to the ground and the kimono falls open reviling her stomach and the midsection in between her breasts, reveling them slightly.


A flock of birds pass by Kakashi's window waking him up, he gets up and gets ready for the next phase of Naruto's training for the day.