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I've had this idea for a long time now and finally decided to put it to paper. This story takes place after the Cybertron series. I don't think there's anything else I need to tell you so, enjoy!

Chapter One: Red in the Morning

It all started with a voice. A buzzing, whining murmur that tended to haunt Mercy. The voice plagued her at least once a day repeating only two words. Help me.

It wasn't a frantic cry; in fact, it was more casual and a tad demanding. The voice was masculine, deep, clear, and powerful. That's what let Mercy know the voice wasn't her own. She had never heard it before and didn't recognize it from anywhere at all.

The voice didn't worry Mercy that much though. Whenever it came, it passed just as quickly and suddenly. And she had grown accustomed to it; it didn't bother her whenever the voice sounded. It had been in her head for the past few weeks, and sure, she had been surprised when she first heard it, but not now.

But only recently the voice had started speaking to her more frequently; still the message was the same…help me. And her dreams were becoming more and more strange. The last few nights her imagination had led her deep into the depths of space. Once atop a distance moon she witnessed the fight between two giant metal beings, until one managed to kill the other with an impalement through the midsection. These dreams didn't worry Mercy much…although she would wake mourning the loss of that one alien robot. They were only dreams after all, and dreams never came true. At least that's what Mercy believed.

Mercy was sixteen and a junior in high school. She had long auburn hair and hazel eyes. Her height was 5' 9" and she had long legs. She was slim, with average feminine curves. Being shy, Mercy wasn't popular in her school. Often times she was subject to extreme ridicule and nasty rumors. People were sometimes jealous of her though since she had a very high intelligence.

For the most part though, Mercy was able to dodge the criticism by keeping her head low and just blending in. At home, things weren't much better. Her parents were traveling salesmen and were hardly ever home. They were never there for her when she wanted them to be. Mercy usually didn't mind, she was used to taking care of herself and she enjoyed the privacy. She didn't have any close neighbors, but school was within walking distance.

She lived in a small town in northern New York, and hour or so drive from Lake Ontario. Her family's house was small, but it didn't matter since Mercy was usually the only one home and she didn't have any siblings. However, she was severely lonely. The voice in her head was the only thing that dared talk to her.

"Help me."

Mercy was alone at home. It was a Saturday evening and she had nothing to do. She lay on her bed channel surfing on the TV when she heard the voice for what seemed like the millionth time that day. The girl had to admit now that the voice was starting to drive her insane.

"Help me."

She considered saying something back. She hadn't said anything in response before, but that's because she didn't know what to say. Now she was prepared with a full phrase. Mentally, she dared the voice to speak again. There was silence for quite a few minutes, and then it shattered.

"Help me."

"Will you shut up?" she asked mentally with every hint of anger in her telepathic voice. It didn't work though; the voice kept repeating its antagonizing familiar message. After it sounded again, Mercy decided to reason with it, it couldn't possibly hurt anything. Telepathically she tried to say to the voice, "Help you with what?"

"My resurrection, Mercy."

Mercy nearly jumped out of her skin. Just from those three words she had figured out two things: the owner of the voice was dead and wanted her help in his resurrection, and that this person knew her name. Startled by the response, Mercy didn't dare ask any more questions. And the voice was silent.

The girl turned off her TV and went to bed. There was a lot she needed to think about.

Mercy awoke the next morning with a strange ringing in her ears. She had had the same dream last night about the dueling robots. The girl sat up and massaged her temples eventually succeeding in getting the ringing out. She got out of the bed and went into her bathroom where she did her business, and then looked at herself in the mirror.

Her hair was a disaster in the making, her skin was its normal pale color, nothing looked out of the ordinary. She felt ugly, and she truly believed that she was. She didn't see any beauty in the face in the mirror that stared back at her.She didn't see what was so spectacular about her body either. The girl felt like a scrawny little nothing. That's what everyone at school called her.

Mercy picked up a brush and ran it through the tangles in her hair until it was smooth, straight, and decent looking. Once finished with her hair, she brushed her teeth. She had already dressed and once finished with her hygiene, she put her pajamas in the hamper. The girl then went out to the kitchen and realized that food was on a limited supply. Not that hungry, she decided to skip breakfast and went to the living room to watch TV.

Mercy sat on the couch with remote in hand and turned on the TV. Nothing interesting was on so she turned it to the Weather Channel and left the volume really low.

"Help me."

She had forgotten all about the voice, until now. After the "conversation" Mercy had with it last night she thought it would have at least said something else by now. "Who are you?" she asked in her head. Resting during the night seemed to have given her more courage.

"It's not important that you know who I am right now."

"So what is?"

"Your decision. You need to willingly agree to bring me back among the living."

"And if I don't?"

"I will remain where I am trapped in a void beyond time and space forever. You Mercy, are my only way out."

"And if I refuse?"

"I'll haunt you forever, and forever is a very long time. I am an evil spirit Mercy; it's best you agree."

An evil spirit, trapped in a void beyond time and space, wanted her help in coming back to the living. She, Mercy LeCroix, the punching bag of the school, the freak of nature, and monster to the world, was cursed with having to help an evil spirit or suffer the consequences.

All her life, Mercy had always paid for someone else's mistake along with her own. She was sick of being the victim, sick of being a thorn in everyone's side. Mercy hadn't done anything wrong, other than being born. So what if she helped this evil spirit? Could she finally get the recognition that she deserved?

Maybe by helping this evil, he would help her in return. Together they could hurt the ones that hurt them. Maybe by helping him, she would finally be able to make everyone eat their words that had offended her. Even though the voice was an evil spirit, maybe she would finally get a friend.

No matter what decision Mercy made though, she knew there would still be consequences. She knew that there was a high chance nothing would work out the way she had hoped. But life is full of risks; Mercy mad her choice, "I'll help you, just as long as you help me."

"Agreed. A wise decision on your behalf Mercy."

Mercy didn't say anything and went over to the window instead. The sun was just coming up as she glanced out over the waking world. There weren't any clouds this morning, everything was calm and serene.

The sky was bleeding red.

I'm sure you're all familiar with that "Red at night sailor's delight, red in the morning sailor's take warning" saying. I just thought it'd play quite an elemental role here. I don't know how far I'm going to go with this. We'll see, I got a lot of ideas for it right now. Please review!!