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Chapter Twenty-Eight: Red at Night

It was like her rights had been given back. She hadn't lost her first amendment or anything, just her right to go home, but now that was being given back. Mercy was going home, not to her parents' home, not to Brenna's parents' home, but to his home, to her new home. It was where she had wanted to go for so long now; she didn't have any second thoughts. She was ready to be taken away from Earth, from her problems, and she was willing for the new.

It was a revelation to wake up and still be healthy. Her fever was still gone, her sickness was still gone, and at ten o'clock she was being discharged from the hospital into Megatron's arms and world. Currently it was 9:30am and Mercy was in the hospital lobby signing some release forms while Megatron stood beside her, patiently waiting.

As patient as he was though, Megatron was eager, and Mercy knew it. She could tell by the way his fingers were stroking her back, she could tell by the way he leaned against her. He was ready to leave, he was itching to leave, and she knew he hated it here. She was grateful for the hospital's services—considering she hated the hospital in her hometown—and still wanted to give them the money, but she would rather make Megatron happy. She wasn't happy unless he was happy. Megatron didn't want her to give the money to the hospital, so she wouldn't. She wasn't giving her parents the money; never would they even see it. She wasn't going to give Brenna's parents the money; she knew they wouldn't accept it. She wasn't going to keep it because she didn't have any use for it, and she wasn't going to let the court take it back. No, she was going to take Megatron's original advice as what to do with the $75,000.

She was going to burn it.

Nobody deserved money, it only led to chaos, it only ended up in greedy hands, and it was never used for one sole purpose. She was going to destroy it and do mankind a favor.

At about quarter to ten, Mercy's parents walked into the hospital and she felt Megatron's growl vibrate in his chest. She glanced at them before turning away from the receptionist's desk and looking at them. They threw sloppy smiles on their face and her mother asked, "You ready to go dear?"

"How did you know I was leaving?" she asked them rather bitterly.

"The hospital notified us Mercy, we didn't know how else you would get home."

Mercy sighed heavily and was just about to say something when she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye and saw Brenna's parents walking into the hospital. She groaned softly and said just so Megatron could hear, "This is going to be hell."

She could see the anger in Megatron's pale blue eyes and she knew deep inside his heart was burning with loathing hatred for the situation they were currently in. His jaw was clenched and he had a hand clasped around Mercy's.

His plans were being foiled right before his eyes.

Brenna's parents walked into the hospital and warily glanced over at Mercy's biological parents. Mercy's eyes were filled with fire as she glared back at the receptionist, "Don't tell me you notified them too."

The receptionist didn't say anything. Mercy sighed and looked back to the four adults just as Mercy's father asked, "What you doing here?"

Peter replied, "We were going to give Mercy a ride home."

"You two aren't here parents," Mrs. LeCroix scoffed.

"We're more parent-like than you," Daphne retorted.

"Enough," Megatron spoke suddenly, "I'll drive her home, if any of you have a problem with that, you can ask Mercy who she would prefer to go with."

Mercy smiled as that settled everything. She watched as the two sets of parents glanced at each other before they walked out of the hospital and back to their respective cars. Both Megatron and Mercy watched as the paparazzi swarmed on them as they walked back out. Megatron sighed heavily as he glanced at the clock, "Come on, it's ten, let's get out of here."

The girl didn't even bother to glance back at the receptionist as the Decepticon leader wrapped an arm tightly around her and walked with her out of the hospital. Immediately the paparazzi was all over them. The reporters tried to shove their microphones down the Decepticon couple's throats, but Megatron was doing a good job at batting them away. Mercy kept her eyes on the ground and let the Decepticon leader guide her over to his vehicle form where the butterfly door opened and Mercy took a seat a seat in the back. Megatron got in the front and closed the butterfly door. He then made the movements so that it looked like he was turning the car on, but he could start the car without any key. He revved his engine loudly a couple times, startling the reporters that were hanging around the outside of the car. When they moved away, Megatron pulled forward and drove out of the parking lot onto the main road.

Suddenly Mercy felt the seat she was in shift and the next thing she knew was that she was sitting in the front beside Megatron's holoform. "Oh…" she remarked when her CPU grasped what had happened, "I didn't know you could do that."

He smirked, "You should know I'd do anything for you Mercy."

She leaned against him feeling so complete. He glanced down at her before asking softly, "Are you ready to go?"

"To Cybertron?"


Before Mercy could reply, a car suddenly passed beside them and pulled in front of them. Fire burned in Mercy's eyes once again when she recognized her parents inside the car. Megatron glared into the rear view mirror only to see that Brenna's parents were following directly behind them.

"Son of a glitch," Megatron murmured under his breath, "Mercy, would you be angry if we left right now, in front of them?"

She sighed heavily as she kept staring out the window, "Just…keep driving."

He did knowing that she was upset and probably trying to keep herself from self-combusting. He had never seen her self-combust, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to see her that angry or not. She wasn't leaning against him anymore; she had sat up when her parents pulled in front of them. He hid a smirk from her as he held onto the steering wheel to make it look like he was driving.

Mercy was a little surprised when her seat started vibrating, she realized it was a massage mechanism that Megatron was employing and it felt good. She relaxed into it as the seatbelt tightened around her, almost simulating the Decepticon leader's arms. She stole a glance at him; he wasn't even looking at her. This time she hid a smirk from him as she began to lightly stroke some of the patterns on his leather seats.

She watched out of the corner of her eye as his holoform immediately stiffened and his engine suddenly made a purring sound. She traced the letter "I," followed by a heart and then the word "you."

His engine revved loudly causing the girl to laugh and Megatron to smile slightly. Mercy didn't laugh often; it was only the second time he had ever heard her laugh. It was music to his ears.

"Starscream to Megatron."

Megatron was a bit surprised when he heard his second in command's voice suddenly speak through his radio. He glanced over at Mercy who was looking at the radio as well, a surprised look on her face also.

"What is it Starscream?" Megatron replied. He really hoped Starscream had heard him so that he wouldn't have to find a place to hide and transform so he could talk.

"I've located Optimus and his men. He is returning with the Atlantis, Ogygia, Hyperborea, and the Lemuria Starships. They are about three days away."

"Alright, I'll be back sometime within the next twelve hours. What is the status of my men?"

"Restless sir and Thunderblast will be insulted to know you called her a man again."

Megatron chuckled, "She should know by now that I hate her."

There was silence for a moment before Starscream asked, "Did you find that girl sir?"

"I did," replied the Decepticon leader, "I'll see you on Cybertron, Starscream. Megatron out." And he ended the transmission.

Mercy glanced at him, "Who was that?"

"Starscream," Megatron answered, "He's my second in command. I left him in charge when I came back here to get you. He's a traitor, or he used to be, I can never tell with him. He's defied my command more than once, he's tried to kill me and he's betrayed me severely. And all he wants is my power."

"Why do you keep him around then?"

"Unfortunately, I need him. He's a valuable warrior who's skills I need right now, I think if I appease him enough he'll stay with me until I conquer Cybertron. He's been warned if he tries anything treacherous."

"Who's Thunderblast then?"

Megatron scowled, "An insult to the Decepticons. She's an ancient Decepticon, and she was imprisoned on Earth by Evac and Crosswise for a really long time before Starscream freed her and the rest of the ancient Decepticons. She's the definition of a whore. She's a decent warrior, but despicable."

"I take it she comes onto you a lot."

"All the time, she likes bad mechs with power, and I just so happen to be her definition of that."

Mercy growled, "I'll kill her."

"Or she'll kill you. She's going to hate you Mercy, so I want you to stay away from her. If she ever comes near you, I'll let her have it."

Mercy sighed heavily, "It'd be nice if I were a transformer, I could show her whose boss."

"You're not going to be a transformer."

"Why not?"

"My men like femmes; I'm not going to risk any potential harm that they may bring you. At least when you're in this form I can generally keep you with me at all times and I can hide you easier."

"Aren't they going to look down at you for falling in love with a former human?"

"They will but I can care less. You're irreplaceable to me, something that all of my warriors are not and never will be."

Mercy smiled when she heard that and she leaned against him again. Megatron let a satisfied sigh pass his lips as he followed the LeCroix's back to their household. When they got back to the town, Brenna's parents went back to their home and didn't follow Mercy or her parents to their house.

Megatron parked in the driveway behind Mercy's parents' vehicle. He glanced at her before asking, "Now what?"

She swallowed, "I guess we should go in."

"Why? Can't we just leave?"

"I don't want them to get the money Megatron, the court has probably mailed it to my by now."

Megatron sighed heavily, "Alright, I'll go with you."

He opened his door and the two of them got out. Mercy took his hand and went over to the mailbox and opened it only to find it empty. She guessed her parents had already been back to the house in her absence and so she went with Megatron into the house. Once inside, her parents practically shoved an envelope in her face.

"Open it," her father said eagerly before Mercy even got the chance to read who it was from.

Mercy took the envelope and looked at the return address, it was from the court, and she automatically knew what it was. Glancing up she said, "I'll open it in my room."

Megatron started to follow her when he caught an icy glare from Mercy's father. The father then asked in a threatening tone, "Just where do you think you're going?"

Mercy shot the glare back, "Thor is coming with me."

"This is our house Mercy, we make the rules," spoke her mother.

"You haven't been here for two years to reinforce any rules," she snapped back, "Why should I listen now?"

Her parents didn't say anything and Mercy continued to her room with Megatron. Once inside, Megatron shut the door and locked it. He then looked to Mercy and said, "Be careful what you say, they're probably listening through the door."

Mercy nodded and sat down on the small sofa she had in her room. Megatron sat down beside her and wrapped an arm around her as she opened up the envelope and took out a check for $75,000. She sighed and lit it on fire without any hesitation. All that was left were ashes in her hand.

Megatron smirked, "That takes care of that. Shall we go now?"

Mercy looked to him, "Yes, my business here on Earth is done now."

He grinned. The wait was over, he could finally take her home, he could show her his world, everything that he knew. He could take over Cybertron with her and forever would they rule it. If anyone tried to harm her though, he would rip them to pieces. She was his and forever would she be his.

The Decepticon leader followed her out of the room and back down the hallway. Her parents were sitting in the living room and her mother looked up to Mercy as she and Megatron headed for the door. "Where are you two going?" she asked, "And what was in the envelope?"

Mercy looked to her mother, "Thor and I are leaving, and a check for $75,000 was in the envelope."

"Well hand it here," said her father, "Your mother and I will take it to the bank and cash it for you."

"It doesn't take two people to cash a check," Mercy replied sourly, "I figured you were back because you just wanted the money the court gave me. You're not going to have it; you're not even going to see it."

Her mother seemed to disregard what Mercy had just said as she questioned, "Mercy, where's the money?"

She scowled and threw the ashes she still had in her hand at her mother. "There it is mom," she exclaimed hurt. Mercy knew for sure now that her parents cared about money, not her. She had no value to them, "You stupid jerk."

Her mother stared at the ashes for a moment before she rose to her feet and shouted, "Mercy, go to your room and don't you dare come down here until I say so. Thor, you get out of my house and don't you ever come back." She shoved Megatron away from Mercy and grabbed the girl by the arm forcefully. Mercy's father stood slowly.

"You stupid girl," her mother breathed, a tear in her voice, "Why'd you dye your hair such a hideous color? Why didn't you get out of the house instead and get some sun, your skin is so white. And what the hell did you do to your eyes?" She yanked Mercy's hair suddenly causing the girl to yelp, "You stupid girl."

"Megatron," Mercy whimpered causing her mother to get a confused expression on her face.

"That's it!" Megatron shouted suddenly, startling Mercy's mother. He went to Mercy and took her back from her mother, "I'm taking her now and we're leaving and we're not coming back ever again."

"We'll call the police," her father threatened.

"I don't care, you can call who you want, you're never going to find us."

"Who's Megatron?" Mrs. LeCroix questioned quietly.

"I'm Megatron," replied the Decepticon leader as he deactivated his holoform and his true form took its place.

Both of her parents took startled steps back. Megatron chuckled at their reactions and Mercy's father was able to usher the words, "What are you?"

"If you were really worth my time, I might tell you, but you're not. Just know that your daughter is safe now, if you really care. You're never going to see her again." Megatron then opened a dimension gate and Mercy, without even glancing behind her, stepped through the gate followed by Megatron.

They ended up in a grassy field somewhere that Mercy didn't recognize. Wherever they were, the sun was setting over the horizon, the stars were just beginning to come out, and Megatron was holding her tightly in his arms. "This isn't Cybertron," she breathed as she gazed up into his optics, the twinkling stars were reflected in them.

"I know its not, I have to do one last thing first, before we go," he explained.

"What's that?" she asked.

Megatron sighed heavily. Love had become his madness. He couldn't get rid of it now, even if he tried, but he didn't have the will to try. It had taken him a while, but he accepted the fact that he was in love, that he would always be in love with Mercy, and that she was his. She would be his madness, his obsession, his one and only.

"Mercy," he asked, the words heavy on his tongue, "Will you be my spark mate?"

"Spark mate?"

"It's equivalent to being my wife," he said.

Her eyes widened a bit before her expression relaxed and she smiled, "Yes, I will be your spark mate."

"Then are you so willing," Megatron pressed as he stared off into the galaxy of stars in Mercy's eyes, "To forget your world and the life you once knew and come away with me, to start a new life? To forget and leave behind all those terrible and wonderful memories, those people who have both helped and hurt you, to pursue a life of catastrophic evil with goals of universal domination, for me? Are you, Mercy, willing to be mine and be one with me forever, no matter what fate has in store for us?"

"I am."

He produced the bracelets from his subspace pocket. "I know in the human custom of marriage you exchange rings. Cybertronians, however, exchange these bracelets. Once you put them on, they never come off unless your mate takes it off, you lose it in battle, or you lose your arm. Do you accept this bracelet Mercy?"

"I do."

He took her left hand and fastened the bracelet securely around her wrist. The amethyst and black diamonds sparkled radiantly in the setting sun. Mercy then repeated the process and fastened the platinum bracelet around Megatron's left wrist.

"I love you," she breathed, a joyous smile on her face.

"I love you too Mercy," he replied as he captured her lips with his.

When their passionate moment was through, Megatron then took her hand and opened a dimension gate. "Are you ready to go?" he asked.

"I've been ready," she answered confidently.

"Let's make this universe ours," he said as he stepped through the dimension gate with her.

The sun was almost completely set once the dimension gate closed. The sky was filling with stars now as night began to take over the Earth. It was quiet and peaceful.

The sky was bleeding red.

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