Why am I here?

This feels wrong, so wrong. The sun's light is terrible. It sears the wounds left by cruel rocks and burning sand. There is only heat and dryness and torture here.

The ocean is roaring right next to me; why can't I reach it? The gulls are crowing… their screams hurt. Everything hurts. One of them has landed on me; please, make it go away! Its friends are joining in… endless flapping, cawing, screaming, pain. Please, stop! My body won't obey. Why?

Have you forgotten me? How can you, when we have done so much together? We've fought endless battles… we've shared so much pain… Have I not done everything you've expected of me? The screams of terror from drowning sailors were hideous, but I would do anything for you! Anything! Please, please, take me back to the sea!

My vision… it's growing dark. I'm frightened. Land is a terrible place. The sun blazes across every inch of my skin, and still I cannot chase off those infernal gulls. Everything hurts.

I don't want to die. I want to live. Why is death so fearsome? I hear voices, but they are not yours. Why must I die on such a desolate, terrible beach, all alone?

Master, why have you abandoned me?