Now and Then

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Chapter 8

Raimundo was the first to dismount, scowling, but Omi hopped over him and landed in a threatening pose.

"Chase Young! Why are you here, desecrating our most sacred temple? Have you come to steal our Shen Gong Wu? To try once more to turn me to the Heylin Side? If so, you will be most disappointed!"

The dragon lord smirked, looking down his nose at the monks. "Not today, little one. I'm merely making sure that everything is going well." He glanced up as Dashi, Jack, and Hannibal touched down. "You seem to have things in hand here as usual, Dashi."

Dashi gave an answering smirk and a short nod. Master Fung's eyes widened at the name. The spirit floated over to him.

"Fung, right? I've heard good things from Dojo about you." The now-tiny dragon wriggled over to hug the old monk's ankle and smile up at his ghostly friend. "Mind if we borrow the Yin or Yang Yo-Yo? We've got some garbage to get rid of." Hannibal Bean tried to lunge at Jack Spicer, but Dashi set him to spin in place. Jack screamed anyway, and leapt to latch onto the nearest person, which happened to be Chase Young. The older man gritted his teeth until Jack laughed nervously and quickly stepped away.

"Of-of course," said Master Fung, clearly rather shaken. He disappeared into the vault. The other old monks praying there stuck their heads out slowly to get a glimpse of their temple's founder. The Grand Master just smiled and gave them a little wave.

The Xiaolin dragons were just as eager.

"Grand Master Dashi! How'd you make all the Shen Gong Wu?"

"Master Dashi, what do you think of the temple?"

"Do you think you could show us some of your great moves?"

"It is such an honor to have you here!"

"Yes Dashi, please do tell us your whole life story," Hannibal Bean called derisively, crossing his tentacles in frustration as he continued to spin. Chase Young rolled his eyes at them all.

"Sure, it's great to meet you all, I'll tell you whatever you want in a minute here." Dashi looked up as Master Fung reappeared with the Yin Yo-Yo. "Ah, perfect timing! Who wants to do the honors?"

A fight instantly broke out.

"I'm the leader!"

"Nobody cares, Rai! Let me do it!"

"I wanna nab the varmint!"

"You are all mistaken! It should be me, because I have seniority over each one of you!"

"If you can all stop squabbling," a crisp voice broke through the yells. "I will do it." Chase Young stepped over to Master Fung and plucked the Yin Yo-Yo from his hand.


"Chase Young!"

"You can't!"

"Yin Yo-Yo!" Chase called, flinging it out and opening a spiraling portal in front of them. "Dashi. If you would?"

"Glad to," replied the spirit. A strong wind sent Hannibal hurtling at the vortex.

"You haven't seen the last of Hannibal Roy Beeeeaaaannn!" screamed the beast as the rift closed behind him. Before the monks could say another word, the ancient warrior dropped the Yo-Yo back into Master Fung's startled hands.

"My business here is done." He turned to leave, giving Dashi one last nod before jumping up to the top of the temple wall and then making a super-human leap out of sight.

"As long as I live, I don't think I'll ever understand that fella," Clay mused, watching the horizon where Chase had disappeared. "He's more confusin' than a calf with two heads."

"Master Dashi! Will you please share with us your great wisdom now?" Omi asked eagerly.

"Sure kid, if you want. You'd better gather up all your monks, because I don't make repeat performances."

As the young dragons ran off to round up the temple's monks, Dashi turned to Jack.

"So I guess that's it, huh?" The evil genius was trying to manage a cheerful grin. "You gonna be hanging out here for a while?"

"For a while," Dashi agreed. "But I'm sure I'll see you again soon. Unless you want to stay for a while too? I'm sure I could talk them into letting you."

"Nah, I've probably heard it all before." The redhead started up his helipack.

"Probably," Dashi agreed, sending a warm gust of wind to whirl around Jack. "See you later then, kid."

"Yeah, see ya!" Jack lifted off and quickly picked up speed, the wind racing through his hair. Dashi smiled and went off to follow the monks.

Er, okay! See you later, Chase!" Jack Spicer, Evil Boy Genius, got up and brushed himself off, wincing as he looked down at the ruined helicopter blade hanging down by his arm. It had gotten smashed in Chase's door.

"Um… You wouldn't consider giving me a ride home, would you?" It would be a long walk, even if he called his Jackbots to pick him up halfway.

"Sure, hop on," a voice said in his ear. Jack screamed, leaping up onto a low tree branch for protection. Dashi was floating next to where he had been, grinning.

"You! What're you doing here? Didn't you go off to live with the Xiaolin losers?"

"Live with them!? No, no, I just went to talk with them! And man, can they talk up a storm! Raimundo finally fell asleep, and I told them I'd be back another time."

"Oh… Oh!" Jack smiled hugely. "So you're coming back with me again?"

"Yep! I might end up going back and forth between you, them, and here, but I'll always be as close as the next breeze if you need me. Besides, we make a good team, you and me."

"Darn right!" Jack shivered happily, then flashed the ghost an appealing smile. "So… you gonna give me a lift?"

"Of course! Let's go." The wind whipped up around Jack and shot him high into the air. The boy genius screamed and flailed.

"Relax, I won't drop you." Dashi laughed, leaning over towards him. "You'll be fine, trust me. The rest'll be smoother than that."

After some cringing and whimpering, Jack managed to get more comfortable in the open air, with nothing tangible holding him up. "Okay," he said cautiously.

Dashi grinned, and the wind carried them both at a steadily increasing speed. Jack's cries soon turned to whoops and laughter. They looped, spiraled, and zigzagged through the air until Jack was laughing so hard that he was having trouble breathing. They evened out for a leisurely float the rest of the way home.

"So what'd you talk about with the monks?" Jack asked, unable to stop grinning.

"Oh, lots of things. Omi was pretty disappointed to find out that my element's wind. They were all pretty shocked to hear that Wuya was the first dragon of earth, and evil to boot, but I didn't go into that in as much detail. I think all the older monks nearly had a heart attack and died happy."

"Do you still not like fans?" Jack teased.

"Nope, still don't," Dashi said. "But I can take it for a little while. It's good for them to get to bask in my presence now and then."

"Heh, did you mention who else has been basking in your presence?"

"Yeah, they didn't think much of that." Dashi shrugged. "But I put in a good word for you, and coming from me, that counts for a lot. If could probably ask to have you join them, and they'd give you more of a chance than before. If you want."

Jack watched as his house appeared on the horizon. "I don't know. Probably not, though. I mean, we make pretty good enemies, ya know? We don't actually try to kill each other, and having rivals keeps us all on our toes."

Dashi burst out laughing. "What?" Jack demanded.

"Just you! You're so funny sometimes! But I agree completely, you've got a decent relationship, for enemies. You can still help each other out now and then without really betraying your standards."

"Oh Jack, you're so neutral," the redhead mocked in a high voice, rolling his eyes and moving his hand as if he had a puppet on it.

"I know, you're sick of it." Dashi laughed slightly. "But it's a good way to be. I was tied to Good all my life, and I'd never join the Heylin side, but it's nice to finally be able to do things with either side without having to worry that I'll have to fight them the next day."

"Does that mean you're friends with Chase and Wuya again?"

"Oh, not quite. But we're not bitter enemies, that's what counts. So the future has potential."

"It figures you'd want to double-dip to get everything."

"…You're a weird one, Jack Spicer."

"What d'you mean by that? Anyway, look who's talking!"

"I'm not the one who wants to rule the whole world. What's wrong with just Iceland, or Fiji?"

"Hey, at least I know what I want!"

"So do I."

"Heh, yeah, you wanna have the good side and the top evil villains. You know it's all about Chase and Wuya! HA HA! GRAND MASTER DASHI LIKES CHASE YOUNG AND WUYA!!"

"Yeesss… We've been over this before."

"Well Chase already goes for monks, but you'll have to work at it to seduce Wuya…"

"I'm so glad you're helping me with my love life now, Jack. Tell me, how's yours going?"

"You- Wha!?"

"Oh don't worry, I've seen your devotion to Chase. I wouldn't think of stealing him from you. We should go visit him again tomorrow, I'm sure he'd love-"

"Shut up, shut up!"

"Hey, your face can match your hair! I was wondering about that!"

"If you don't-"

"Jack, sweetie! Are you in your room? Dinner's ready!"

"Don't worry, Jack-sweetie. Your mommy loves you!"

"…Just shut up, okay?"

"Of course."