Hi. This is AU and i don't own harry potter.

It was a grey day, clouds promising a wet afternoon. Yet, the slaves market was packed with wizards who came to see the last shipment of slaves imported from Wales. It was a known fact that the best slaves were from there. The muggles there supposedly were healthier and less prone to have sexual diseases.

So it was not strange that the market was packed with people today. The majority of them were from high classes. The best mudbloods for the best wizards, and for Lucius Malfoy it should be the best of the best. The Malfoys were of the oldest and richest wizardry families. They were descendent of Salazar Slytherin ,one of the four founders of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.

He was tall with board shoulders, and with his shock of silver hair and eerie, pale grey eyes, he certainly could turn heads. He was like a bronzed god ,with a cold calculating look in his eyes.

People watched him as he was walked very confidently, with an arrogant smirk in his face, and why wouldn't he? He was rich, handsome, married to the most beautiful witch in Brittan, have a cute 2 years old son who will become his heir after a long long life and to top all that, he was the right hand of the dark lord and a member of his inner circle.

His life was perfect. But who would think that this day will bring him grief, and ultimately a joy that he couldn't imagine.

Lucius was browsing the slaves. Rows and rows of large cages occupied the street ,filled with the merchandises to be displayed . Women were separated from men. They were divided into groups. Some were beautiful ,typically used for pleasure. Some were ugly but strong and those were used for labor.

He owned plenty of slaves; and they lived for the sole purpose of serving him. That is house elves for you. But there was no harm in looking for a good bargain.

She took his breath away when he first laid eyes on her. Even for a muggle she was exquisite. Not a traditional beauty, for she had ordinary colors. Long brown curly hair which was in disarray, with a brown cinnamon eyes. But her features were delicate, a small nose, the softest red lips and a Skin like marble with red apples high on her cheeks.

Her body was covered with a brown sack that barley did its job. Soft creamy shoulders visible were the fabric dropped off.

He was happy to see that she has small, but high and firm breasts, Perfect for the size of his palms.

He put his wand under her chin lifting her face up. She was dirty with smidges and signs of tears and grim. In spite of this, there was defiance in her eyes. She wasn't broken yet. And that was perfect for him. He loved his toys unbroken. They were more entertaining like that.

"How can I help you, lord Malfoy ", a sleazy voice asked him. It was an ugly old man with a sneaky look in his eyes. Lucius eyed him with disgust. "How much do you want for this slave?"He pointed his wand at the brown beauty beneath him.

The old man looked in bewilderment at first but retained his smile quickly. "This woman is not good for you my lord, let me show you my best merchandises, only the best for lord Malfoy."

Lucius face turned into steel cold ,his voice loaded with hidden anger, "Don't presume to know what is the best for me, you lowly scum. Now tell me how much do you want for her or I will hex you".

The man frightened, rushed to apologize in a pleading voice, "Forgive me my lord, I didn't mean to offend you, but this woman has a child."

He pointed to a small bundle in the woman's arms that Lucius hadn't notice before.

"She was pregnant when we took her but she didn't show and when I finally noticed, it became too late to miscarry her because it would endangered her life and would have cost me a lot."

Lucius looked down at the woman that was holding her child as if someone would take him away from her. "So that's why no one bought her yet?" He asked the man.

"Yes, I tried taking the child from her, to sell her separately. But she began screaming like a banshee and no amount of beating would shut her up. So I gave her back the child, but no one wants a slave with a child and that's why I suggested showing you another slave".

The woman was looking at Lucius scarily. Her eyes begging him not to separate her from her baby. Lucius was not a generous man, nor was he kind. But something in her pleading eyes affected him.

"I will take her and her child" Lucius spoke to the slave trader with a strong cold voice.

If Lucius knew how this decision will affect him and his family ,maybe he would have thought more before buying the mudblood. But for the first time in his life, Lucius malfoy wasn't thinking with his head. His desires were leading him that day. And the most thing that he desired at that moment was having this woman - mudblood no less- within his arms, come what may.