The soft melodic voice reached him, bringing him from the waves of misery he was sinking in.

Immediately he straightened his back and left his head proudly. It won't do to let anyone see the great Draco Malfoy hunched in defeat, especially her.

"What do you want" He asked her, his tone hard and assertive.

She touched his back so lightly that he thought he imagined the contact.

Slowly, the small hands moved from his shoulders and lowered to his waist, where they hugged him tightly to her owner petit physic.

Draco flinched, not that the move was strange or new. He just didn't feel he was up to some sympathy talk from her.

Removing the hands that held him, he turned around facing her.

Hermione drew back at seeing the look at his face. Draco was pissed off that for sure.

"I said what do you want?"

"I….I came to check on you" She stuttered.

His lips began to lift up slowly.

The smirk didn't reach his eyes and his smile wasn't friendly at all. He was getting ready to hurt her. That was apparent to Hermione.

"Oh, how touching. You thought I was hurting and you came to comfort me"

Suddenly he reached forward, grabbing her arm forcefully.

"I don't need your sympathy mudblood. Go to your idiot friends and celebrate your victory"

She didn't replay. Slowly as to not ire him she lowered her head on his chest, listing to his angry beating heart.

His breathe sped considerably. He was laminating his options.

He can remove her of his person, order her the hell out of here and remain alone to agonize over his loss.

Or he could just hold her, surrender his pride and let her comfort him.

He took the selfish road. What the hell, if someone could let him forget it would be her.

He surrendered.

No body understood her. For everyone in her school, she was an enigma, an aberration..

A mudblood who entered Hogwarts!

How could that ever happen in this era.

At this time.

How is it possible that a muggleborn could have this much intelligence, this much raw power.

Any wizard who is worth his magic could feel the magic floating around her, from within her.

Severus was sure of one thing about Hermione Granger. She was to become a big problem, a problem that was bound to hurt a lot of people around her, starting of with that idiot godson of his.

The boy was evidently obsessed with the little shit.

He wasn't nice to her. Severus could give him that.

Draco treated her like she was his house elf. Minus the physical abuse that for sure. He never laid a hand on her, not in a harmful way anyhow.

The hands were what worried Severus the most. If the boy couldn't control his obvious jealousy of any boy who got close to her while she still this young, then how will he behave when Miss Granger gets older, develops breasts and some hips to her skinny bonny ass.

Severus would bet that Draco will not be able to keep his hands of her long enough to pump the face of any bastard who dares to come closer than one mile from Miss Granger.

But who was he to judge him.

He was guilty of the same sin.

He loved a mudblood.

Hell he was obsessed with her.

And she was married on top of that.

For her he could have fought the world. But she didn't want him too.

She had chosen someone else.

That bloody Potter.

And their son was a pain in his ass, that for sure.

Apparently, Draco felt the same way.

He was giving Potter a gaze that could kill if a gaze could have the power to do that.

Severus was sure he was including the youngest male Weasley in his murderous stares.

All of this because of a little shrimp of a girl who was seated between them.

He seriously has to give the boy a talk about subtlety.


"Hermione pov"

This day was turning into a disaster. First I forgot my fifth year potion book, Ron was angry with me and now this.

The look in professor Snape eyes was murderous.

For the love of god, what was his problem? I answered his question, so what?

Wasn't that the purpose of being here in HOGWART? To learn and be taught.

And what if I haven't waited for his permission. No body would have known the answer beside me, that's for sure.

So in my book he was just behaving unreasonably.

I knew from the start that I will have a hard time at HOGWART. Students, teachers, even the janitor had it for me. That was a thing I was prepared to face. But against my better judgment I still hoped that they eventfully will come to see me for my qualities and not for my parentage.

And that was the bottom line for all what had happened to me since I came here.

My parentage.

My blood.

My muddy blood.

Severus Snape was still staring at me. Everyone was staring at me, some with mockery some with hatred and some with boredom.

"Miss Granger, I will appreciate it next time if you don't speak before I give you permission, or is it that your little Griffindor mind can't fathom this"

I tried to breath normally. I really tried but he had the ability to scare me out of my wit.

"Sorry professor"

Apparently, that wasn't enough for him because he turned his back and threw me out of the room.


Just like that.

How could I stop my tears when something so horrible had happened to me?


So what did I do? I start crying my eyes out in the hall.

And that is exactly how they found me.

Who did find me you ask? Who else but the Bain of my existence? Pansy and her whores of friends of course.

Pansy stood in her "I'm a bitch so you better not miss with me" way and barked at me.

"What do we have here? The mudblood is crying. Oh poor little thing. Did the dog bite you?"

She and her gang started laughing. I wanted to ask her what was so funny.

She really dazzled me with her intelligence!

"Not now Pansy. I'm not in the mood"

That angered her for a reason and she started poking me.

Now anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate being poked.

I grabbed her finger and snapped it.

I heard a Crunch.

Or something that sounded like that.

After that I couldn't hear a thing. Obviously Pansy was screaming like a banshee.

Hey that rhymed!

To cut the story short, her gang advanced on me, not holding any pleasant thoughts I assure you.

I was going to get it.

A lot of hair pulling occurred. They pulled a lot and my hair is thick, so you can see the picture.

That and the name calling of course. Lots of mudblood "Original!", bitch, whore ect.

They were like a bunch of hyenas. Each one of them wanted a peace of me and there wasn't enough for every body.

I was thinking that this was it. That I will die like this under the feet of some ditzy brainless girls. It really wasn't a dignified end.

A voice! No. An angle's voice uttered some Latin words and suddenly I was able to breathe.

The bitches were scattered everywhere.

He was standing there like the angel of vengeance. He looked furious.

The hyenas girls noticed too because they had this frightened look on their faces.

My angel advanced slowly, eyeing each one of them coldly.

His voice was smooth when he finally said. "Did I interrupt anything ladies?"

Pansy stared talking, or blabbing. No one could understand anything from her rushed screaming.

The angel raised a finger, effectively hushing her.

"I don't care for your explanations or excuses Pansy. The fact is that you were trying to kill what is mine and you know how possessive I am of my things"

"But Draco she broke my…."

His finger hushed her again.

He closed on her, his face near her face and whispered some words I couldn't hear.

It must have been harsh, because she bolted away crying hysterically.

Another look from him and the remaining girls were on their way after their leader.

I was starting to hibernate by now. I guess what happened was starting to down on me.

In addition, I was afraid from what the angel will say to me.

"Hermione look at me"

I tried to take a deep breathe. Here it comes.

His eyes were cold, angry.

"What were you thinking?" He hissed from his teeth.

I was trying to collect my Griffindor courage to answer.

His hand shot out and for a second I was sure he was going to slap me.

He touched my cheek. So softly, I almost couldn't feel it.

His gaze was intense, hypnotizing.

"What were you thinking?"

He whispered while still inspecting the damage. His words may seemed harsh but his eyes, his hands were so tender I found my self closing my eyes and losing myself to this.

I am not sure what this was.

Draco confused me.

Since we were children he did this swapping thing between nice and harsh.

Friend and enemy.

Lover and hater?

I couldn't keep up.

But this alternating thing was accelerating way too fast these days.

And I have an idea why.

But back to the moment.

Draco performed a healing spell. He touched the residues of the tears.

"Why were you crying? I know that something silly like those bitches can't have this effect on you."

He knew me too well. I replayed shaking a little. "Snape kicked me out"

"Trust you to cry for something like this" His eyes were dancing with humor.

Suddenly they become full with anger.

"You almost killed your self for this lame reason" Draco was holding my shoulders tightly, so tight that small moan escaped my lips.

But that didn't deter him one bit.

God! He was really pissed off. Nothing I say would placate him now. I decided I should receive his anger like a man and wait until his anger ebbed a little.

He was hissing at me, Draco never screamed when he was furious. "What were you thinking? Were you thinking at all? You know who you are. You know who they are, don't you? When will you understand this and learn your boundaries. You are a mudblood, a slave, you shouldn't even be here and yet you are. When will you realize what an unbelievable thing this is? When will you realize what a privilege you have here"

His words were cutting me in places I didn't know exist. I knew they were true. All of it.

Yet this didn't stop it from hurting me.

A small tear fell. He stopped when he saw it.

Then he crushed me in his arms, harshly. And just like that I found my self crying, angry hurt broken tears covering my face and his shoulder.

He didn't say anything for a while, letting me cry out all my frustration and hurt, until I was reduced to a pathetic sniffling.

Finally he spoke, his voice soothing and his hands caressing my hair.

"What should I do with you Hermione? You know I say those things for your own good. If you don't curb this pride of yours, you are going to be harmed. And that I could not stand for. So by proxy I will be harmed too"

He hauled me away from him and stared in my eyes.

"Do you want to damage me? Do you? Because if you keep doing these silly actions I will be the one who have to answer for them. Pureblood will not stand for a mudblood who doesn't know her place. The Dark lord won't stand for it. I and my family already are sacrificing a lot for the opportunity for you to be here. And anything bad you do will affect us all. Do you understand this?"

His gaze was willing me to understand. And I did. It just was difficult for me to resign to the ugly truth.

I was a mudblood. I have no rights. My life was not mine. I was owned by the Malfoys and being here at HOGWARTS was a fluke.

I looked at him. He could see the surrender in my eyes and that calmed him a bit.

Lifting my bag up from where it has fallen before, he steered me in the direction of the Griffindors tower, and like the obedient slave I was, I went with him.

The common room was full. It was the end of the day and everyone was hanging around, waiting for supper time.

Harry and Ron took notice of me immediately and hurried toward me.

Apparently I looked like hell and that scared them.

Ron held my hand tenderly like I was a frightened bird. I looked at his face and there was no evidence of the anger he held against me this morning.

I felt awful. Even after I behaved like a bitch toward him. And what was that for?

Because he called Draco a death eater.

Harry on the other hand stood still, his eyes comforting me without words.

How lucky I was to have these two as my friend.

Ron spoke to me urgently. "What's wrong Hermione? Tell me"

I didn't know what to say.

Should I tell him that I was crushed by the cruelty of life?

Should I tell them that what ever they do I will never be on equal standards with them?

I will always be a mudboood.


No way. This couldn't be real.

Could fate be this cruel to her?

Kathrin stood up from the sink, her chest heaving at the awful feeling.

That was the fourth time this week. The forth time she puked her gut out.

She wiped he face with water and began to count days. When was the last time she got her period?

Her eyes widened at the realization. It has been absent for two months. And she never noticed!

How could she be this stupid? She wasn't a young virgin.

She had a fifteen years old daughter for heaven sake!

But ha said that this was impossible. That he was barn and there was no reason to worry.

Apparently he was wrong.

Hysterical laughter began to escape her mouth.

What should she do? And how will this affect her? How will this affect Hermione?

Oh God.

She touched her belly and the horrible thoughts clouded her mind.

What will happen to her baby!


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