Hey guys. It's been a couple years now, and I'm just going to cut to the chase and tell what is being done. What I need to announce is that I won't be continuing this story as it is. I look back on this now, and I realize how awfully written it was. So, because it's been a few years, I'm going to test my skill and attempt to completely revamp this.

If you want further detail:

First off, this is written like an instruction manual. I basically just listed the details without going into them in a proper way.

Second, I literally had no idea where this story was going. I still don't. But honestly, in this version, I feel that the story kind of spelled out its own ending. It won't be like that in the next. I will formulate better plot lines, subtexts, and all that jazz.

This really doesn't apply, but to be clear; I don't really like yuri, but at the time I thought this was a cute couple. I will still do my best of course.

I mean, this was the first fanfiction I ever wrote, so I'm not entirely displeased with myself, only because I was very young, and it could have been much worse.

I have a question for you all though: should I overwrite this version? Or should I make two separate stories?

To be clear, none of my other stories on my account demonstrate my writing ability as of late. Please don't judge me based on those, for I have plans for deleting them.

Right after I post this as the latest chapter on Unrequited Love, I am going to begin the revamped first chapter.

...Of course, I am not under the impression that anyone will be greatly disturbed by this news. This wasn't some fantastic story after all. I don't think this story was anything great, I assure you.

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Really, the only reason I decided to come back and fix this was because I saw your reviews, and I felt like some people cared. But it's okay if you've given up on this, I know I would.