-1"I don't mean to be funny, but that is just not nice. Spanking our leader, wait until Marion hears about this. You will get it then." Said Allan as he hit Much in the head with his hand. Big Moma looked up at Allan.

"Your leader? The scrawny thing? Why one of my legs is bigger than him."

Will tried to sneak up behind the woman, as Allan moved closer but staying out of her reach. "Let him go."

"You want some of this? I got time to spank you too."

Will yelled as he felt teeth dig into his butt. "OW!!!" He reached behind him and pulled the brat off, and shook him. "Muffin, I'm going to pull your teeth, and make you eat them." Muffin, yelled for his moma.

Big Moma turned her head at the sounds of her son's voice. Allan took that moment to jump her, and pulled Robin away as Much grabbed at Robin. "I'm going to kill you, beanpole!" She yelled at Will. She rushed him, and pulled Muffin out of his hands and grabbed him by the shirt. She looked down at his now pale face. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size little boy."

"Why don't you, or is it you can't find anyone your own size?" Yelled Will as he squirmed. Allan picked up John's staff and broke it over her head. She turned and swatted him like a annoying fly, sending Allan flying into Robin. John got to his feet, and rushed her roaring like a wounded bear.

She lifted Will, and twisted his ear. "Now apologise to Muffin, and then you can go home to your moma." She twisted it again and he yelled.

"Why should I? He bit me!"

"I don't care! Now or I am going to make you sorry."

"I already am sorry I met you!" Yelled Will, as John grabbed her from behind. Allan pulled Will away, and then pulled his dagger.

From the clearing they heard a horse coming, and looking up Will saw Marion riding up. She stopped and jumped down, wondering what was going on. "What is going on?"

Allan stabbed at Big Moma, and it hit her wide belt, and she grabbed his hand. "Little boys shouldn't play with knives." She hit John, and then grabbed Allan.

Marion glanced over at Robin and saw him rubbing his bottom, and winching. She had never seen any woman as large as this one. Apparently she was one tough fighter. Marion saw John fall, and she rushed the woman with her sword. Big Moma dropped Allan and Will helped him up.

Big Moma saw Marion, and smiled. "Ah, a pretty. Whose sweet are you? The tall beenpole, the skinny leader, or the bear lying there?" She asked, as she avoided the swing of Marion's sword.

Marion, flipped over her head, as Allan and Will rushed her from the sides. John kicked her feet out from under her. Then all three men jumped on top of her, trying to hold her down. She threw them off, as she took to using her fist, as Robin pulled Marion back. Muffin came up to Marion, and gave her a pleading look. "Can I go home with you?"

Marion looked down at the tiny midget, who was holding his arms up to her. "You are pretty, lady. I like you." She smiled down at him, as Robin's eyes grew wide.

"Stay away from him, he bites."

Muffin looked at Robin then back at Marion. "I would never bit you. He's just jealous."

"Lady Marion, Master's right, he bites."

Big Moma stood up, and frowned at her son. "You would desert me! After all I have done for you? For this piece of danty thing?"

"She's pretty." Muffin smiled at his mother. She screamed at him and then rushed Marion.

The sounds of a horse rushing towards them, and looking in that direction saw Gisborne. He saw the woman reaching for Marion and he yelled and drew his sword. "You will not hurt the lady." He jumped from his horse and rushed the woman, as he gently pushed Marion out of the way.

Big Moma smiled. "Ah a man in black, you're handsome. I'll take you home with me."

"Never!" He struck out at her, as Robin smirked. The others laugh as she took his sword and threw it away, as she grabbed him, throwing him over her shoulder and ran into the forest. Gisborne's yells for help could be heard as she disappeared. Robin's men began to laugh as they relaxed and decided to disappear.

Robin was still rubbing his bottom and Marion raised an eyebrow at him. "What happened to you?"

"I fell. Can you fix it?"

Allan laughed as he moved up. "I'm not being funny, Marion. But She spanked our mighty leader, hard."

Marion laughed as she watched Robin's face turn red. "I wish I could have seen that."

"I could tell you all about it, if you got some food. I am hungry." Replied Much.

"Shut up, Much. She doesn't need to hear it. Forget it!"

They walked into the forest, chuckling, and hoping they never met Big Moma again.

The End…………..or is it?