This is the last chapter of Hello Again. I'm so sorry that this is so short. Maybe one day I'll make it longer. I dunno. Not now. Today, I give you…

The Epilogue

Boo hoo, cry cry, sniff sniff, now lets get on with our lives and the story, shall we? Not to mock your pain or anything…

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Katey remained in Havana until the end of the summer, when she went to college. Javier came with her, and for a few months, stayed in America. He finally returned home, and he and Katey stayed in touch. Every summer Katey would go back and they would spend their time like nothing had intervened.

Eventually they stopped dating and just stayed friends. Sometimes love is not strong enough when stretched over long distances, Javier's mother told him.

Neither were too torn up over the breakup, and eventually moved on, both marrying and having children, frequently making visits to the other's country in effort to stay friends. They did stay friends. To quote Ella Enchanted, 'Marriage is supposed to be forever, but friendship can be forever, too.'

And that it was.


I'm sorry if you all wanted them to get married, but I never really saw them getting married. I feel like in the movie it's just a great liking mixed with infatuation. Once the passion goes away, you're left with just being friends. So I hope you're not too disappointed with me. Review.