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One year later...

Sadie's POV


I smiled at Jesse who held up his chubby arms and I picked him up and walked into the living room to see Jan seated on the couch watching the football game and I sighed as he looked up at me and said," Hey little guy."

"What? I don't get a hello."

He chuckled. "Hey beautiful."

Jesse hugged me as I smiled and kissed his head and he held out his arms to Jan who smiled and picked him up and the two began watching the game, well Jan was explaining what was going on because I'm sure Jesse didn't understand it. It had been one year since I gave birth to Jesse and we were still doing well, our wedding date was set to June 23 and that was very soon, in a week no less.

Suddenly, I felt someone tug my pant leg and I looked to see jesse standing there and he said," Football."

"You want me to come watch?"

He nodded and I picked him up and walked over to the couch and pulled Jesse in my lap as he hugged me and I laid my head on Jan's shoulder, he kissed my forehead and said," I was wondering where the little tyke went."

I smiled. "He came to find me Jan."

Jan chuckled. "He wanted to see you."

I ruffled Jesse's hair as he sat in my lap and I held him close as Jan watched the game, things for us were going extremely well. I had returned to school as well as working and taking care of the little one, it was tough but I did my best. Jan worked and we spent as much time as we could with Jesse. He was my little angel.

"You tired buddie?"

Jesse nodded as Jan picked him up and kissed his head and said," You ready to go night night?"

Jesse nodded as he rubbed his eyes and said," I'm tired daddy."

Jan smiled and I turned off the tv and walked with Jan to put Jesse to bed and I hugged him as he smiled at me and said," Mama."

Jan set him on his bed as I got out his pajamas and he smiled at me and I responded," You look tired little guy. You and daddy were busy today."

Jesse nodded as Jan kissed his head and helped him get his jammies on as I smiled, he looked so much like Jan. He had jan's eyes and hair but my smile, he was our little baby boy.

"Goodnight buddie."

I kissed his head as Jan turned on the nightlight and smiled at Jesse who in turned fell fast asleep as I closed the door a little and walked down the hall to our room and smiled as Jan stripped off his t-shirt revealing his muscular chisled chest as I bit my lip, I hadn't been with him in awhile, we've been so busy and I missed it.

He sat down on the bed and sighed and responded," I have a day off tomorrow, don't you?"

I nodded. "I do."

His shoulders heaved as I walked over and stood in front of him and he looked up at him as he whispered," I miss you."

He moved his finges to my pants and unzipped them as I sighed and climbed on top of him as he chuckled and held me tighter and I whispered," It's been too long Jan."

He smiled. "I know, I've been so busy with work."

I nodded knowing that was true, the two of us worked day in and day out. I was taking two classes at USC but they were in the morning and then I came home and changed for work and worked until seven and then came home around the same time Jan did, we had a friend of ours who baby sat Jesse until we came home but we didn't go out that much, we stayed home with Jesse and we loved doing that.

"Just think Jan, we'll be married in less than two weeks."

"I can't wait for that but for now, I got something that I know we will both like."

Jan's POV


I leaned up as she sat on me and I unbuttoned her shirt and threw it to the ground, she smiled at me as I felt her hands travel to my pants and unzip them and I groaned and leaned back on the bed as she pulled them off along with her pants and threw them on the floor. As if that wasn't enough to turn me on, she pulled my boxers off and she sat on me as I groaned and she giggled and responded," I love you."

"I love you too Sadie."

I sat up and held her close as she wrapped her arms around my neck as I unsnapped her bra and threw it to the floor as she slid down on me and I groaned knowing where this was going, a few months ago this had happened and it was incredible.


I rubbed her back with one hand while placing my other hand on her side as she moved on me, I bit my lip as she whimpered with pleasure. I knew she was getting close so I leaned up and helped her and kissed her chin as she wrapped her arms around me and whimpered in pleasure as I pulled out of her and she hugged me, in turn I laid her on the bed as she smiled at me as I kissed her chest as she ruffled my hair and whispered," i've missed this."

I missed it too and I didn't plan on stopping now, I ran my hand down her side and to her inner thigh and rubbed it as she smiled and whispered," Jaaaan."

I kissed her chest running my fingers over her nipples and she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me as I continued and she whimpered and responded," Jaaaaaan, you are incredible."

I smiled and kissed her nose and she giggled and said," I am so excited for our future, it is going to be exciting."

I nodded knowing that it would be, I was going to get married in two weeks and I was anticpating wonderful things for our future.

Two weeks later...

"I, Sadie Alexandria Gillam take, thee Jan Michael Robertson."

I smiled and responded," I, Jan Michael Robertson take thee Sadie Alexandria Gilliam."

"This ring is a token of my undenying, everlasting, undeniable love, devotion, and fidelity for the rest of my life."

After repeating the vow, I looked into the pillar to see my mother holding Jesse in her lap and my family smiling at me. It was finally our wedding day, Sadie looked beautiful in her wedding dress like I knew she would be. It was perfect, Les was my best man and Missy was Sadie's maid of honor. Charlie and Carmen were the flowergirl and ringbearer, I had been waiting for this day for a year and finally it was.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife."

He turned to me and replied," You may kiss the bride."

The entire room erupted with cheers as I smiled and kissed Sadie who threw her arms around me, finally she was mine for good. I loved Sadie, it was hard to imagine with everything that we had been through from elementry school to now but it was meant to happen, I was meant for Sadie just like she was meant for me. I had learned a lot from Sadie, more than I ever thought was possible but I became a better person and I grew from that and now I was happier than ever. Life was beyond perfect and nothing could get better than this.

You and me

Always be

You and me

Always between the lines