A/N: Blame for this completely falls on a picture of can-caning Jacks over at DeviantArt. And it wouldn't leave me alone.

Adopt a Jack Sparrow - Omake

"All right mates, gather 'round," Jack told his clones. "This is our chance to finally hit it big. You lot ready?" Nods all around. "Let's go!"

Jack and his hallucinations lined up. They were this party's entertainment.

"Conga line!" Jack shouted. All the illusions grabbed each other's shoulders and began to conga. The party-goers joined in. Who doesn't love congaing?

"Can-Can!" he shouted next. Everyone clumped together and started doing a drunk can-can. Then The Rockettes appeared and showed everybody how it was really done.

"Disco!" was the next shout. Everyone started to get a bit groovy while listening to the classic 70's music.

Most of the Jacks had snuck out by this time. Tango music came on and only one Jack was left, the Jones' crew one was tangoing with a grandmother. They all snickered and laughed at him until they realized he was actually a pretty good dancer. Then they were sad 'cause, you know, he doesn't have a brain. And they did.

"Well, this ain't no fun anymore…" a Mini-Jack said. "Who's up for a round of rum?" A chorus of "aye", and they headed to the nearest pub. Jones' Crew-Jack continued to tango, salsa, and ballroom dance with the old grandmother.

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