What's love?

Summary: Hunny is confused for his feelings for Mori. It was the first time he felt this and he doesn't know what it is. He is very confused and he just needs to find out what this is! One-shot . MorixHunny

Pairing: MorixHunny

Genre: Romance/General


WARNING AND NOTES - PLEASE READ!!!: Mori may be OOC because he shows a little bit more emotions and talks more. And I added a lot of detail and un-needed deep stuff because I wanted it to fit the characters and make it seem like this is an episode, just in writing format and more explained. This warning and notes are for both chapters.

Title: What's love?

Chapter title: What's wrong with Hunny?

Everyone was worried – Especially Mori even though he's not showing it.

And the girls the boys hosted were confused.

Hunny was laying his head on the top part of the chair. His fork was poised in a way you would hold a pencil and only one piece of the cake was eaten. He was, unnaturally, quiet and had this daze in his eyes. His mouth was in a straight line and he was not angry, even though his bunny was lying on the floor next to the chair he was sitting in.

He seemed to have a blank expression but he was, actually, confused. This was happening every day for the last 2 weeks. He hasn't been eating much, lately, he was quiet, and he was spacing out a lot. The only way they would wake him was by shaking.

"Hani-sempai, are you okay?" Asked one of the girls, whose name was Reika. He didn't move an inch. Mori decided to do something more different then shaking him and walked over to Hunny and leaned over him and towards his ear.

The girls squealed at this simple movement.

"Mitsukuni." Mori whispered, softly, in Hunny's ear. Hunny's eyes widened and he jumped out from the side of the chair, somehow not hitting Mori's head in the process. He fell flat on his butt, panting. He was looking up at Mori with flushed cheeks. "Ta-Taka-chan!?" He stuttered out. Mori blinked, feeling bewildered, but showed it in a stoic way. He jumped over the chair and beside Hunny. "Mitsukuni, are you okay?" He asked, in his calm glory. He touched Hunny's cheek and moved it to look at his face.

Hunny could feel his heart beat faster and faster and could feel this fluttering butterfly-feeling in his stomach. His eyes looked at Mori's lips and he wanted to so kiss his lips. His heart started to beat like it was about to fall out of his chest and Hunny was sure everyone could hear it. Also, the butterflies in his stomach started to fly more frantically. His thoughts went to pictures of Mori and he in a very passionate kiss and he suppressed a groan of wanting that to happen. Hunny put his hand on Mori's shoulder and looked down. He bit his bottom lip and whimpered. 'What is this feeling!?' Hunny thought, desperately.

Every host club member was very worried and bewildered by Hunny's actions.

Mori let a little of his concern show through his eyes and he lifted up Hunny's head by putting his fingers under Hunny's chin and made him look at him. "Hunny…what's wrong?" Mori said, softly, that only Hunny could hear the concern.

'That concern and the private smile he would direct towards me as his eyes would soften was always reserved for me.' That moment, Hunny wished that he would be Mori's – No any other girl or boy, only him. He wished that Mori would be his. Hunny's eyes widened. 'What am I thinking!? Mitsukuni Haniozuka, stop thinking such selfish thoughts!'

"Hunny?" Hunny heard Haruhi say.

Hunny pushed Mori away and ran towards the door. "Gomen!" Hunny shouted as his confusion amplified. He ran through the doors.

'Why am I thinking such things like this? WHAT AM I FEELING!?'

-Instantaneously after Hunny left-

Mori was so shocked that his whole emotionless mask fell to concern, bewilderment, and shock, also sadness.

The girls were torn between squealing and being concerned.

The Host Club looked at Mori's shockingly non-emotionless face and went towards him.

"Uhm…Mori-senpai?" Haruhi said, questionably. "Eh-ehh, did something happen between you and Hunny that you don't even know?" Hikaru and Koaru asked. Haruhi looked at them with a look. "How can he know if he doesn't even know?" Haruhi asked, annoyed with them.

"We were just suggesting." Hikaru and Koaru said shrugging.

Mori lifted his leg up into a triangle and put his elbow ion his knees, his hand on his forehead. "What's wrong with him?" Mori mumbled with his stoic mask back on.

Though, when everyone didn't know what was wrong with Hunny, Kyouya knew. Kyouya sighed and re-adjusted his glasses. He'll let them figure out on their own.

Tamaki started to get dramatic. "Oh, no, this is bad! What is wrong with our dear bunny? My heart aches to see him in this way! We must help Hunny's confusing demeanor!" Tamaki said, putting his hand over his forehead. "We must help our companions in any way we can!"

At that, the girls squealed at the…"Beautiful love between men"…

My god, that's Pathetic…

-With Hunny-

Hunny ran all the way deep into the garden maze. He ran until his legs ached and his breath came in short gasps. He finally stopped in front of this gazebo, the one where Haruhi and Tamaki once sat on when they were playing the game while the newspaper club tried to get some news, mostly to make Tamaki look bad.

He collapsed on the benches and put his head in his arms, which were laid on the table. "What's with me?" Hunny mumbled. Hunny started to check off all the things that were wrong in his mind:

1: His heart started to beat faster every time he thought about, heard of, touched by, or see Mori.

2: He started to think…unusual thoughts that is mainly around Mori.

3: He started to get jealous every time someone even looks at Mori the non-type of friend way.

4: He started to have this fluttering feeling when he saw Mori or when Mori touched him.

5: He started to eat less sweets, pastries, and cakes.

6: He started to space out more.

7: He started to be more quiet then natural.

8: All he knew was it's because of Mori. It wasn't his fault; it was more like Hunny's fault.

Hunny started to think about how this all came to be.


Hunny whimpered as another lightning bolt thundered outside. That was his one of his phobias: Lightning storms. He wanted to go get his protector, Mori, but he was not about to go get him just because he was afraid. Besides, he usually comes to him.

"Mori…" Hunny murmured. "…Hurry up and come help me. Please."

At that moment, his blanket was removed from him and the lighting thundered outside, again. Hunny rolled up into a ball as he whispered, "Mori."

He felt himself be gathered into strong arms as the figure got into bed and pulled the blankets over them, well only up to his neck. Hunny looked up at the figure with tears at the corner of his eyes as blue met black. "Mori, I knew you would come." Hunny said, smiling and curled up against him.

Mori just stroked Hunny's hair. Hunny smiled.

"Mori…thank you." Hunny whispered and lied against Mori's chest. "For what?" He questioned. "For being there for me. For being my closest and best friend and not acting like a servant to me." Hunny said.

Mori lifted up Hunny's head. He was smiling at Hunny, and it was not one of those small ones. Hunny's heart skipped a beat at that smile. His smile made him more handsome.

"And thank you for being there for me and being my closest friend, too, Hunny." He said, speaking way more then natural. He kissed Hunny's forehead. At that forehead-kiss, it felt like the caterpillars in his stomach decided to come out from their cocoons and turn into fluttering and tingling butterflies.

Lightning thundered outside and he didn't even flinch. He knew he had nothing to worry about if Mori was there with him.

Hunny clutched Mori's hand and realized how much he needed Mori. He looked up at Mori, imploringly. "Mori, can you promise me something?" Hunny whispered. Mori seemed startled but he nodded. Hunny had a blush spread across his face and he looked down, only to have Mori make him face him, again. 'Just say it, Hunny' Mori eyes said. Hunny and Mori could always read each others eyes like they were communicating with words.

"Never leave me. Please, never leave me." Hunny whispered.

Mori started to smile, again and kissed his cheek this time. Instead of Hunny's heart skipping a beat, it started to beat faster. "I'll always keep this promise of never leaving you. As long as I live, I'll always be with you." He whispered back and again speaking way more then naturally. Hunny cuddled up more to him, smiling so elatedly that it would seem this would be the moment when he was mostly happy.

::End Flashback::

Hunny smiled at that memory.

Mori spoke much more then he would. And he said words that he always wanted to hear.

At that time, he was so happy. And…he felt one thing inside of him that time that he couldn't decipher. And it just started to grow more and more over the days.

That's where Hunny got confused.

He sighed and lifted up his head. "I should head back." Hunny said, absent-mindedly and started to walk back.

-Once he got there-

Hunny entered the 3rd music room, only to find that it was empty. "Oh, it seems like there not here, yet." Hunny murmured and went over to the radio. He turned it on and went to his favorite station, hoping the songs would get his jumbled thoughts of Mori forgotten and nullified for at least a little while. Only to find a song that made him more confused.

(Song is "Best friend" by Toy Box, disclaimer is at the top.)

"He's my best friend, best of all best friends

Do you have a best friend too?

He tickles in my tummy,

He's so yummy, yummy"

Hunny's eyes widened as he compared the song to what he was feeling with Mori. 'He's my best friend and best of all best friends. I have a best friend. He makes my stomach tickle and he seems so yummy to me.' Hunny blushed at that last thought.

Hey, you should get a best friend, too!

My best friend!

Hoo, ha! Hoo, ha!

Hunny's left eye started to twitch in amplified annoyance, but this thoughts kept on going. 'Maybe there ARE pretty girls in his world!!' Hunny started to well up with jealously at that thought. 'Yeah, I can be YOUR boy, Mori!' Hunny started to bang his forehead at the wall.

Then at the "Na, na" part, he grabbed a chair and smashed it against the radio, totally destroying it. He kept on hitting the radio with the chair until the radio was in pieces and the chair's legs broke off.

He threw the chair to the ground, panting.

"NOOOO, MY RADIO!!" Someone yelled behind him. Startled, Hunny spun to face the door – It seems like they were back. He looked at the distraught-expression on Tamaki's face and at the broken pieces that were once Tamaki's radio. Hunny winced. He forgot that it was Tamaki's. "Oops?" Hunny said, hesitantly, laughing nervously at their direction with the innocent 'I'm-so-sorry-I-did-that' eyes.

"Eh? You act weird this morning and now take it out on a poor innocent radio and chair?" Koaru and Hikaru asked. "It was a mistake!" Hunny cried out.

"Hunny-sempai, what's wrong with you? Is everything alright?" Haruhi asked, finally showing past the door, ignoring the crying Tamaki kneeling down beside his broken radio gathering up the pieces while saying, "No, no…why my baby? Why the baby that made beautiful music out of the speakers?"

Suddenly, Hunny looked at Haruhi with fierce determination. He ran towards Haruhi and took her hands in his hands. "Haruhi! I need to ask you something very important!" Hunny said.

"Uhm…sure, what is it?" Haruhi asked while Tamaki, Koaru, and Hikaru shouted out, "EH!?" Kyouya suppressed the urge to roll his eyes and Mori tried to hide the dread growing inside of him and only a little of the dread showed through his eyes.

Tamaki pulled Hunny away from Haruhi and made him face him. "YOU ARE NOT GOING OUT WITH MY DAUGHTER!! NO! I REFUSE!!" Tamaki shouted.

Hunny growled and grabbed Tamaki's arms, pinning him against the ground, pretty hard but not enough to give too much damage to Tamaki.

"I AM NOT ASKING OUT YOUR FUTURE GIRLFRIEND!!" Hunny yelled out towards Tamaki. Tamaki looked relieved, but then he flushed. Koaru and Hikaru laughed. Haruhi looked incredulous and Kyouya thought all made sense, again while Mori let the dread turn to relief.

(Me: BTW, If you think this is OOC for Hunny, it's not really. Remember the episode where Hunny gets a cavity.)

"I'M GOING TO ASK HER A PERSONAL QUESTION, GOT THAT PRINCE!?" Hunny screamed. Tamaki paled and stuttered out, "Y-Ye-Ye-Yes!"

Hunny calmed. "Now, If you eavesdropped on my and Haruhi's conversation, I'll make sure you will never be able to make any babies with Haruhi, okay?" Hunny said, sweetly. Tamaki paled more, if that was possible, and sputtered. Haruhi didn't hear the comment, though.

Hunny got off Tamaki and looked at the twins who were trying to look innocent. "Oh, and if you two eavesdrop, I shall' use the kick that I use to cut a refrigerator in half." Hunny said to the two. The twins paled, knowing he could actually do that.

Hunny turned to Kyouya. "No matter how manipulative you are, I know you won't eavesdrop on us." Hunny said. Kyouya nodded and went back to his lab top. Hunny turned to Mori and he smiled. "I trust you the most! So, keep an eye on those three, okay, Mori-chan!?" Hunny said, happily. Mori suppressed a chuckle but let the corners of his mouth turn up into a very small smile. Mori nodded.

"Well, alright then!" Hunny said and turned back to Haruhi. "Haruhi, let's go."

Haruhi nodded, slowly, looking warily at the others and followed Hunny out.

Koaru turned to Hikaru and they both looked at the sulking Tamaki. "How much time do you think will our dear prince try to escape and eavesdrop?" Koaru asked Hikaru and Kyouya. "I know it will be three!" Hikaru said. "It will be 5." Kyouya said, simply. "Well, 50 bucks to the winner who's the closest to the time! And I bet 2 minutes!" Koaru said.

Mori just picked up a book and started to read, wondering what Hunny was going to ask Haruhi.

...TBC...(To Be Continued)