"That's one lucky kid."

Takuya looked up sleepily at who Junpei was pointing at. He blinked and looked again. "Crap," Takuya replied, rubbing his eyes with a hand. "How did he get that lucky?!"

Junpei shrugged, still looking a bit surprised. "Last time I got that close to Izumi, I got a great big slap...and that was accidental."

Takuya rolled his. "Sure it was," he said. "Though...this can't be accidental. There's no freaking way."

"It wasn't."

Takuya turned his head around slightly and saw Kouji coming, who sat down with the other two. "I saw the whole thing," Kouji stated.

"How?" Junpei asked.

"Simply, Tomoki had a nightmare. Izumi and I were the only ones left awake...Use your imagination," Kouji said.

Junpei gave a dramatic sigh. "Alas," he said. "I was beaten by Tomoki!"

"Quit whining, you'll wake him up."

All three turned their heads back to see Izumi glaring at them, more specifically Junpei. Junpei grinned guiltily at her, then stared at the ground. "I was only joking, Izumi..." he muttered and Izumi rolled her eyes at the trio.

Tomoki's head which had been peacefully resting on Izumi's lap, started to stir. Opening one eye, he glanced up at Izumi. "Um...Izumi?" he asked. "Why was I sleeping on your lap again?"

Glaring at Kouji, Izumi gave a deep sigh. "You had a nightmare, remember? The one about Calamaramon?"

Tomoki nodded.

Izumi coughed nervously. "Well...You know..."

Tomoki was fully awake now. "Oh...yeah..." he said, blushing slightly.

"You're not going to tell us what exactly happened, are you Kouji?" Takuya asked, slightly accusingly.

"No, Izumi would kill me if I told you," Kouji sighed. "I enjoy life too much for that."

I'm not sure how I came up with this idea...Really, I don't. That's all I have to say on the matter. What exactly happened, the world will most likely never know. Also posted at the Digimon drabble community.