Not Your Average Fairy Tale:

Part 1: Shattered Hope

It was almost a fiary tale ending for the new generation of Konoha's shinobi. Sasuke had returned, Naruto had become Hokage, and Sakura has become one of the greatest Medical-nins and Gen jutsu users. But then, what about Hinata, what about her fairy tale ending?

Hinata woke early that morning, the sun shone brightly in her barely opened, lavender eyes. Hinata sat up slowly and yawned delicately. Stretching slightly she got up. She woke earlier than normal today. Today was Naruto's birthday, Hinata had had this date memorized for the longest time.

After showering and dressing quickly Hinata went to the kitchen to make something for Naruto. As she made something for Naruto she wished over her food she made. She hoped that maybe this year would finally be the year that he'd notice her.

Hinata smiled a gentle smile as she finished makine the rice ball. She knew Naruto's diet consisted of noting but ramen. Sure ramen was good, but that wasn't always healthy. Carefully Hinata placed a bunch of rice balls that she knew Naruto would like in a wooden box. On the cover of the box was the Konoha Leaf symbol, something Naruto could keep even after the food was long gone.

Finally Hinata left the Hyuuga compound, a smile still on her face as she made her way to the Hokage's, or rather, Naruto-kun's office. As she walked through the cobble stoned path of Konoha, Hinata glanced up at the Hokage monument. Already people were starting to work on the image of Naruto, right next to Tsunade's image. Finally Hinata made it to Naruto's office.

As Hinata turned the corner to Naruto's office, her body froze. Her smile left her faces, leaving no traces of happiness. Her gripped lossened, but at the same time tightened on the box she planned to give to Naruto. By the door to Naruto's office, Naruto leaned against the wall as Sakura had her arms wrapped around his neck, kissing him and holding him with a loving embrace.

It was like a mirror shattering into a million little pieces; that was how Hinata's heart fell. Naruto looked up from Sakura, a blush fell across his face when he noticed Hinata. "Oh! H-hinata, sorry, I didn't see you there!" He smiled a wide grin and rubbed the back of his head. "Did you need help with something?"

Hinata found it in herself to smile. She smiled gently and shook her head. "N-no I didn't need anything, Naruto-kun. I just..You just.." Hinata bowed to him and held out the box. "H-happy birthday, Naruto-kun."

Naruto's blue eyes filled with surprise. "You remembered my birthday?" He asked as he carefully took the box Hianta offered him and opened it. Naruto smiled kindly. "Rice balls? You made them?" He asked.

A blush rose to Hinata's clear and pale skin. "Y-yes I did," she said.

"I'm sure they are very good, thanks Hinata!" Naruto said happily, hugging her to show his appericiation. But instead, of turning even redder with embarassment of being so close to Naruto, Hinata only felt a sense of loss. This hug wasn't how it was supposed to feel. It was a hug of farewell. Farewell to her long time dream of being with Naruto.

Hinata smiled a delicate grin at him. "Y-you're welcome Naruto-kun, it was my pleasure. S-see you later." Hinata turned quickly to leave, if she didn't leave soon, then Naruto and Sakura would see her cry. Hinata never cried in public. She wasn't that type of girl.

Sakura stared after the girl with light purple eyes. She bit down on her lip gently. 'It must be painful to have seen that, Hinata..' Sakura thought, remorse tightening her stomach. Naruto looked back at Sakura, his eyes now clouded with confusion. "Huh, Skaura-chan, what's wrong?" He asked.

Sakura shook her head and smiled gently. 'He still doesn't get that Hinata loved him..' Sakura realized something. "Oh..Nothing Naruto, I was just thinking.."

Hinata's plan to stay strong until she got home failed her. Before she even made it out of the building she was blinded by tears. The dark haired kunoichi stumbled blindly to the entrance door. Before she made it out, she ran into something, causing her to stumble back and lose her balance. Before she fell a strong grip reached out and caught her by the arm, saving her from her fall.

"I-I'm so s-sorry, p-please forgive me.." Hinata stuttered through her tears as she looked up at the person she ran into. It was Uchiha Sasuke. Hinata managed to wipe away some of her tears as she offered a small bow and smile to the last of the Uchihas. "I apologize for bumping into you." she spoke quietly.

Sasuke tilted his head to one side slightly. "Hyuuga Hinata, right?" He asked in a calm voice.

"H-hai, yes," Hinata answered.

Sasuke nodded slightly, silently proud of himself that he got the name right. "Are you okay..?" he asked her in the same calm voice, since only a moment ago he had bumped into her and she was crying.

Hinata merely nodded to the Uchiha. "Yes thank you, I'm fine. I-I was just on my way out.." she continued in a soft voice before moving passed the Uchiha to exit the building.

Sasuke turned his head slgihtly to watch the girl. 'She must have seen Naruto and Sakura together,' Sasuke thought as he watched Hinata become smaller and smaller before she was completly out of his sight. Sasuke and Hinata never did talk throughout thier time since the Academy. But, deep down, Sasuke thought she actually was kind of cute, especially with her now long hair. But Sasuke has always respected Hinata, she was one of the few girls that didn't obssess over him when he was younger.

Sasuke shook his head slightly, getting the Hyuuga heiress out of his mind and continuing on his way to meet up with Naruto and Sakura again.

Hinata finally made it home, her tears started up again. The Hyuuga Heiress flung herself onto her bed and wept silently, the tears flew heavily in streams, leaving wet traces on her pillows.

Seconds, minutes, or maybe even hours went by before Hinata felt drained and exhausted from all her tears shed. "W-well, than I guess if Naruto-kun is happy.." She muttered. but who was she kidding. She couldn't be happy. Sure, deep down she was glad that Naruto found someone to be happy with, but it was Hinata. It wasn't the girl who loved him even when he was an outcast.

Hinata sat up and drew her knees to her chest. Silently she rested her chin on her egs and stared off into nothing. At this moment, her mind was blank. Only one thing went through her mind and body. Hinata felt totally cold and alone.