Not Your Average Fairy Tale

Part 13: Let's Settle It

Ever had one of those dreams where the five senses were so vivid? Colors were either brighter or darker, sounds were more prominent, smells had either a good or bad aroma, and the sense of touch still linger when one woke up? Well Hinata thought she had one of these dreams. She dreamt that she and Sakura had gone shopping for kimonos for the Tanabata Festival and Sasuke asked her to go with him. She dreamt that Sasuke had spent the entire festival with her and walked her home under the star-lit sky and just before Hinata entered the gates to the Hyuuga Compound, Sasuke pulled her into a kiss.

It was a week later and the feeling of his lips against hers still lingered. Only, a week later Hinata realized it wasn't a dream, it was reality.

Shino and Kiba noticed a difference in Hinata as they trained together for old time's sake. Sure Hinata was still shy and unconfident in her abilities, but the way she carried herself was different. When they were certain Hinata wasn't paying attention, Shino and Kiba shared a knowing look.

One day while Shino and Kiba took a break from training the discussed Hinata. "Who knew she had it in her," Kiba said as he wiped his mouth on his sleeve after taking a deep drink of water. "I mean, I've never seen her so animated before."

Shino was silent for a moment. "And are you okay with that," he asked in that mysterious and brooding voice of his.

Kiba quirked an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"You love her."

Kiba let out a short bark of a laugh. "Of course I do! She's one of my best friends and-"

"More than that," Shino broke in. "I know you love her. I've known for a longtime."

Kiba stared at Shino for a moment in silence. "I don't know whether I should find that creepy or amazingly observant," he muttered with an eye-twitch. Finally Kiba let out a sigh and patted Akamaru's great head. "Yes," he said, looking at the sky. "I loved her."

"Loved," Shino repeated the word.

"I once offered to make her happy," Kiba disclosed to his good friend. "But she rejected me. But seeing her with Uchiha now, I guess it's worth it. She's happy, and that's what matters most."

"Really," Shino challenged.

Kiba was silent once more before he smiled slightly and nodded. "Yes, really."

Shino glanced at his friend and then nodded. As the two sat in silence for a while, they looked up as they heard someone approaching. Kiba grinned when he saw Hinata come into the clearing.

"Hey Hinata," Kiba said with a grin. Shino simply nodded in acknowledgement.

Hinata offered her two teammates a shy smile. "S-Sorry I'm a bit late," apologized Hinata, "I couldn't leave at the time I originally planned. Hanabi-nee-chan is upset with me again."

Kiba scoffed at Hinata. "Again? What are you doing to piss your sister off?!"

Color rose to Hinata's cheeks, for some reason she still wasn't used to Kiba's coarse way of speaking. "I-I don't know," she answered truthfully. "Nee-chan won't tell me."

Kiba closed his eyes and shook his head with a light chuckle. "Kids," as Akamaru barked his agreement.

Shino remained silent, deciding not to voice an opinion in this domestic issue. "Let's train," he said, standing and walking to the middle of the clearing.


Hinata, Shino, and Kiba sat in the shade of a large tree several hours later. Their training left them exhausted. Hinata delicately wiped water from her lips after taking a sip from her bottle.

"H-how'd I do, Kiba-kun, Shino-kun?"

"Better every time," Kiba said giving Hinata a thumbs-up sign as she flushed a light red at his compliment.

Shino nodded at Kiba's criticism. "Better, but you seemed more distracted today."

Hinata flushed a deeper red. He was right, all through training, Hanabi had been on Hinata's mind. Hinata couldn't think of anything to break through her sister's iron will. She even confronted Sasuke and he had no answer.


Hinata flushed once more. Sasuke seemed to always be on her mind. More than Naruto ever was. Everything Hinata did was for Sasuke. Whether it was brushing her hair, training with Neji or her former teammates, or simply taking a stroll around the village, Sasuke was always on her mind. All the training she did now was a way for her to catch up to Sasuke as much as possible. She knew she would never compare to the Uchihaprodigy, but she could try. She wanted to be stronger for Sasuke, everything he ever wanted.

"You know Hinata," Kiba said, breaking into her Sasuke-filled thoughts. "I think you should fight her."

"W-who, Kiba-kun," Hinata asked, her eyes wide.


"W-why? Fighting Hanabi-nee-chan will be for nothing. It'll be useless violence."

"Not necessarily," Kiba argued, "the squirt needs to remember her place. Remember when she almost became heiress instead of you?"

Kiba opened an old wound.

When Hinata was younger and weaker she almost lost her rightful duty as leader of the Hyuuga clan when her father passed on or retired. Hinata still didn't want to be a leader, but she definitely didn't want Hanabi to take her place.

"I-I don't know..."

"Kiba actually has a point," Shino agreed.

"Thank you," Kiba said before he glared at Shino angrily. "What do you mean 'actually has a point'?!"

Shino ignored Kiba as he continued to speak. "But instead of 'putting Hanabiin her place' as Kiba put it, maybe you can challenge her to a match."

Hinata pressed her fingers together as she considered the idea. Shino continued, "Challenge Hanabi to a sparring match. If you win, she'll have to tell you why she's so upset with you."

"A-and if I lose," Hinata mused...

"Like hell you'll lose," Kiba argued, balling his hand into a fist.

"If you should lose," Shino continued, ignoring Kiba once more and recieving a death glare in doing so. "Give her something that she wants."

"A-actually, that's a good idea, Shino-kun," Hinata agreed with a smile.

Kiba's mouth hung open. "I-I came up with that idea," he argued angrily as Akamaru barked in protest with his master.

Hinata giggled into her hand as she pat Akamaru'swhite silky fur. "I-I'm sorry, Kiba-kun. You came up with a great idea."

"Thank you," Kiba said, crossing his arms, divine justice had been served.


"A sparing match," Sasuke questioned as he and Hinata sat side by side close to a river. Sasuke rested his back against the trunk of a tree and crossed his arms over his chest as Hinata sat beside him, twirling a daisy in her pale fingers.

"Y-yep," Hinata confirmed with a small smile. "I think I might do it, too."

Sasuke thought of Hinata fighting with Hanabi. He had never seen Hanabifight, he'd seen her train on her own and he thought she had potential, but then again, so did Hinata. Sasuke watched as Hinata now plucked the petals off the yellow daisy.

"And what exactly does your sister get if she wins?"

"I-I don't know," Hinata admitted. "I-I'll find out when I see her later today."

Sasuke nodded. He didn't know what to think of this idea, it was neither good nor bad. Sasuke shrugged his shoulders and rested his head against the rough bark of the tree. "If that's what it takes to talk to Hanabi then..."

Hinata smiled gently. "I-I don't know," she confessed. "T-things were different with her before...It's only recently that she started to act up..." Hinata's eyes widened as it finally came together.

Sasuke opened his eyes to see Hinata's shocked look. Out of habit, Sasuke looked around to make sure they weren't under attack (aww, what a dork, hehe). Seeing that the coast was clear he cocked an eyebrow in Hinata's direction. "What is it," he asked.

Hinata quickly stood; her legs felt like jello beneath her. How could she have missed this? This of all things? Hanabi and...and...

"P-please excuse me," Hinata murmured as she gave Sasuke a quick bow. "I have to talk to Hanabi-nee-chan now."

Sasuke watched as Hinata ran away. He wanted to go after her and make her share her thoughts but he decided against it. She'll tell me later, Sasuke thought as she remained in his spot, but then again, all girls kept secrets...


Hinata sprinted all the way home. Once inside the Hyuuga Compound, she leaned against a wooden pillar and put a hand to her heart as she caught her breath.

"Hinata-sama," a male's voice, Neji, said behind her. He reguarded his cousin with concern, rarely had he seen her so worked up.

"N-nee-chan," Hinata gasped, catching her breath. "W-where is Hanabi?"

"She's with your father...Hinata-sama--"

Not wasting any time, Hinata ran in the direction where her father and sister may be, leaving Neji clearly puzzled.

"Hanabi-nee-chan!" Hinata called her sister with such a voice that even their father was surprised when Hinata opened the door.

"Hinata, what is the meaning of this," her father (I just totally forgot his name!) demanded.

"I'm sorry father," Hinata said with a quick and saving bow, "but I must speak with Hanabi-nee-chan right now."

Not allowing Hanabiany time to get up on her own, Hinata took Hanabi by the arm and dragged her outside.

Once outside, Hanabipulled her arm away from Hinata. "What is the meaning of this, nee-san?!"

"Y-You like Sasuke-kundon't you? The reason you're so mad whenever he comes around is because I'm with him. Am I right," Hinata asked Hanabi. Hanabiknew Hinata meant business because of her sister's tone of voice. Although it was still delicate it was stronger, the strength a leader should have.

Hanabi blushed fiercely. She looked down so black hair curtained her face, "What of it," Hanabiasked angrily. That was answer enough for Hinata.

"Let's spar."

"W-what," Hanabi looked up to her sister with wide clear eyes.

"L-let's spar, if you win I give you whatever you want. If I win, then...then you'll get over this jealousy problem you have with me."

"Whatever I want," Hanabi repeated.

Hinata considered her offer. Finally she closed her eyes and nodded. "Yes. Whatever you want."

"If I win, then you'll break it off with Sasuke and you'll stand aside as I be with him."

Hinata's eyes flickered with anger, sadness, shock, and determination. Her delicate hands clutched into fists. "F-fine. If you win, I'll stand aside, if I win, you'll stand aside."


Drama! Who'll win the fight for Sasuke? Will Hanabikeep her promise if Hinata wins? Will Hinata keep her promise is Hanabi wins?

You'll find out in the next chapter...I hope!

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