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Chapter Eleven

"I think the world has a grudge against Orochimaru-sama," Sakon whispered to other four. About 200 meters away, Orochimaru fumed and punched and murdered anything that came near. Frankly, the total was getting pretty damn high (four cats, two dogs, a snake, bat, a few worms, a toad, three snails, and a slug).

Despite all the training the three had gone through since they got to the strange forest...they couldn't find the boy, once again. They had been lead to this large town, much like the LA they had first encountered, the only difference being the strange accents these people held.

They guided themselves to a single street and despite the chakra signature of Sasuke being right there. He wasn't there at all. According to his signature, he was in between two buildings, yet the only way that could be possible is if Sasuke had become very flexible, or if it was a crappy attempt at murder (which didn't make sense cause his chakra signature was very strong). So, they waited for any sign of Sasuke leaving the building.

It never came.

Well, it did come, but it was more of a going from one place to another in seconds, which shouldn't be possible. What kinda world were they in or what kinda jutsu had Sasuke learned?

"Er, Kabuto-san, you do realize that we should've gotten to Sasuke a long time ago, correct?" Tayuya whispered. "Don't you think Orochimaru-sama's going to go nuts when he realizes the deadline has passed?" The silver-haired boy pushed his glasses up.

"We've gotten to him soon enough. Those nightmares and flashbacks should be enough to break his mental stability for a long time. So long as the Kyuubi-brat stays away, he should be ripe for the picking when he finally gets to Orochimaru-sama. If Orochimaru-sama can stop going on a rampage, I will suggest that he manipulates his flashbacks to a point where Orochimaru comes to mind more and more often. Possibly starting with a pale snake, and working it's way up to Orochimaru telling the boy how he should come to the Sound."

"Think it'll work?" Jirobo questioned. Kabuto nodded.

"That is...if Orochimaru can get over his rampage," Sakon muttered. "Speaking of which, we should probably start running now." The five glanced over at Orochimaru, who was quickly catching up to them.

"...Good idea."

"Why are they all staring?" Sakura whispered to Naruto and Ino. Ino rolled her eyes.

"Maybe, Sakura, it's because you've had pink hair for the first three months and you suddenly have green hair." Ino looked around. "Hell, I bet those Slytherins over there have no clue who you are." The blonde paused. "Man, I wish I were you." Sakura blinked.


"Because all you have to do is lose the cloak and you can go hit on some of the cuter Slytherin boys!" The green-haired girl rolled her eyes.

"Is that all you think about Ino?"

"No. But that would get you away from Sasuke-kun!" In between the two girls, Naruto shuddered as he smelled stench of a catfight. As slipperily as a snake, he got out between the two, right as they were getting ready to start tearing things to bits (and had Sasuke or Kiba been near them, they would've probably redirected the girls to their own clothing).

The girls were in an intense glaring match when Naruto spotted just the perfect boy to get himself out of being the judge of this catfight.

"Hey Harry!" Naruto called. The black-haired boy stopped and waited for the blond to catch up. "Let's got this way!" Naruto grabbed Harry's cloak and pulled him through long corridors. Harry sighed as his books were thrown onto the floor. Thankfully he hadn't brought his ink, so his books wouldn't be too badly damaged. As Naruto dragged him around a corner, Harry struggled as much as he could to get free, but it was all a useless effort.

"Naruto, let go!" Harry cried. To his utter surprise...they stopped. Naruto looked at the boy and grinned.

"Sorry, had to get away from Sakura-chan and Ino-chan before they started dragging me into their fight."

"...So why'd you drag me away?"

"Cause we're in the same dorm, we spend classes together, we've spent winter break at the same house, and I don't know who you are!" Ho yes, plot to become BFFs with Harry was underway. He ignored the fact that he should've done this a while ago.

Harry paused. "I'm Harry."

"I'm sure you are. But can you tell me about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, classes, anything?!" Harry blinked.

"Erm, well...I like Quidditch? I dislike Umbridge. I like to play wizard's chess and we share the same classes." Naruto clapped his hands.

"That's a start. Now let's hurry because I think I hear Ino and Sakura coming this way." Harry just shook his head as he was being drug along for the second time that day. Naruto was certainly a one of a kind person.

"I have a feeling we forgot something..." Sakura muttered as she sat down in the Ravenclaw Dormitory's couch. She paused and ran her fingers through her ugly green hair. She fiddled with her wand as pretty red sparks came out, vaguely entertaining her. She glanced at the red sparks seriously before it suddenly came to her. "Holy crap!"

"What is it, Sakura-chan?" Tenten asked, hoping to find something interesting in the day.

"I totally forgot! We're suppose to be studying magic!"

"...Duh," Ino said.

"I mean, remember that study we wanted to do, the one involving taking random students from their dorms and making them cast spells as Sasuke-kun and Hinata-chan studied what happened?" There was a pause.

"No, I don't remember. Is that green hair getting to you?" Sakura blinked as she remember...only she had planned it out, so only she remembered.

And it was nearly two months ago that they decided on it.

"Arg! Just come on, we've gotta find the boys!" The other three girls shrugged and followed the greenette.

"Naruto, Tenten, Ino, Kiba!" Sakura said as she stood upon a table. The four kids looked up at her with little interest. "I need to you to gather seven students from each house. Naruto, get kids in the years one through seven from the Gryffindor house. Tenten, get seven from the Hufflepuff House. Ino, seven from Ravenclaw. Kiba, seven from the Slytherin house. Tell them to report to the free room by Flitwick's class at two in the afternoon!" The four sighed and unenthusiastically walked off in four different directions.

"Shino, Hinata, and Sasuke-kun, we're goin' to the library!"


Sakura sighed as she jumped off the table. Well, best get to work then!

Kiba slinked around the dungeons as slyly as well...a ninja. His puppy, Akamaru rested on his head and Kiba was relying on the puppy to tell him if anyone was coming. Thankfully they had not come across anyone like this. The puppy growled slightly and Kiba stopped, someone was coming. Quietly as possibly, he muttered something to Akamaru. The dog barked back in response. Ohoho! Someone he needed was coming!

He crawled up onto the ceiling and at the same time, got a long rope out of his supply pouch (which he had gotten from Hogsmeade, odd). Using his sometimes stealthy ability, he moved to the top part of the wall and slinked over to the other room. He waved the rope around before dropping it around his captive. He grinned as he pulled and he felt the rope tighten around the boy.

He leaned forward and whispered. "Caught you, Goyle." The dumb fifth year boy looked at Kiba in utter fright as the boy tightened the knot. Using his epic ninja strength, Kiba lifted the boy up and drug him to a closet where he would stay till he got the other six people he needed to find.

Goyle would end up staying in there for the next two hours.

Unlike Kiba, Naruto, Ino, and Tenten had a much easier time getting people to participate. All they had to do was find the people and convince them that it wasn't torture techniques they were working on. Easy peasy! It's a shame that Shino, Sakura, Sasuke, and Hinata (who broke the S theme and made Sakura bit riled up), were having a tougher time. Each of them were looking through a first year charms book and they just couldn't decide on what to do.

"Honestly, we should do the levitation charm! It's so easy!"

"Sakura, we're going to be working with first years too, it's very likely to assume that they're too inexperienced to cast the spell and may end up levitating."

"But we'll have seventh years with the expertise to bring us down!"

"Sakura-san...s-shouldn't we a-also i-include other form of m-magic?" Hinata asked. "I-I mean, w-what if th-these types of s-spells have different properties?"

"That's a good idea Hinata, but Charms is the easiest class, therefore our younger test subjects will be able to preform the spell."

"I agree with Hinata," Sasuke muttered as he reached over and jacked a transfiguration book from a studious first year.

"I agree with you Sasuke-kun!" Hinata rolled her eyes out-of-characterily.

"But what spells should we do?"

"Just do the levitation spell," Sakura said.

There was silence. "Fine. But if you hit your head on the ceiling, we will not help you."

"But what about the transfiguration thing?"

"Doesn't McGonagall-sensei teach the toothpick into needle thing at the beginning of the year? Why not that?"

"Where are we going to get toothpicks?"

"...Transfigure them?"

"...That works."

"Hello there precious Hogwarts students!" Sakura greeted as she, yet again, stood on a table to show that she had more authority then those shinobi behind here. "Slytherins! Introduce yourself!" The seven boys and girls hesitated and took a step forward in their row. "State your name and year!"

In succession, the boys and girls stated exactly what they were suppose to. Sakura nodded and wrote all this down as each student introduced themselves. The same thing went on with the Ravenclaws, Gryffindors, and Hufflepuffs. Each of them looked just as confused as the other.

Sakura looked down her list of names and she could only recognize a few. These few being Luna Lovegood (who, to this day, Rock Lee never seemed to shut up about), Neville Longbottom, Goyle, and Cho Chang. She turned around.

"Hinata, hand me the list of spells." The Hyuuga took a piece of paper out of her jacket and handed it to Sakura. She tilted her head as she realized Sasuke had terrible handwriting. She looked between her crush and the paper and she shook her head. Nah, he must just be having an off day. "Alright students. We're conducting a test, comparing our power source to your magic. We dunno how different they are, so everything we're doing now is gonna help us figure this out. Don't be surprised if we ask you guys to come here again at a later date." The Slytherin's scowled.

"Alright, Hinata, tell me what you see!" The girl made a hand seal.

"Byakugan!" She muttered. The world became something else entirely as the walls became translucent and people became no more than chakra. She focused on the Slytherin's first. She blinked. "T-they looked brown." Most unusual, as most human chakra were light blue.

"That all? How much do they have compared to each other?" Sakura asked. Hinata, using her bloodline to it's fullest extent zoomed in on the seventh year Slytherin. She blinked as everything became clearer and as the brown turned into something else.

Lots of colors.

She gasped. Sakura looked at the Hyuuga concerned. "What do you see?"

"L-lots of things." The ninja gave her a confused look. "Their magic I can see clearly. But...it's not all a single color. Like the seventh year Slytherin, his magic is a dark green in his arm with little bits of light blue and red splattered around. His left arm is primarily red and the rest of his body is a strong combo of green, light blue, red, purple, orange, and bright yellow."

"What? Do you see any chakra?"

"N-No. I think it's beneath all those colors, or perhaps blended in."

"Interesting. What about the others?"

"I-it's basically the same thing. The only difference is the arrangement of the colors. It's different for everyone, they all, however, have the same amount of magic within them." Sakura rubbed her chin thoughtfully. This was certainly interesting.

"Sasuke-kun, your turn. Sharingan those suckers!" Hinata turned off her Byakugan as Sasuke's was activated. He shook his head after a few seconds of examination.

"The Sharingan cannot see magic, all it can see are faint chakra movements. Either the magic is not moving or my doujutsu can't pick it up. I'm fairly certain it's the former." Because there was no way Sasuke was going to admit that the Sharingan was inferior to the Byakugan. Sakura nodded as she wrote this all down. Well, now for the fun part.

"Shino, try and take magic from the wizards." The silent boy nodded and let a single bug fly from his cloak. The last thing he wanted to do was to freak the wizards out with a flurry of bugs.

The single insect made its way to an unfortunate Ravenclaw and before she could even notice it, it landed on her hand. The Kikai bug, knowing very well the danger of landing on a female, took a quick bite, trying it's hardest to suck some magic out. The result?

It exploded.

The surprised Ravenclaw jumped and Shino silently mourned the loss of a perfectly good bug. Sakura blinked and noted this in her notebook. After having gathered the necessary data, she looked up. "Alright, because I'm a genius– " Shino scowled while Hinata and Sasuke frowned. "– I've decided to make four stations. One for each house. Over in the Slytherin corner, we've got potions set up!" The wizards turned towards a corner which was haphazardly decorated with ribbons (which was really a genjutsu) in the Slytherin colors. "In the Gryffindor corner, we've got transfiguration set up. Within that station, you'll be transforming toothpicks into needles!" She cheered while the wizards and ninja stared at her oddly. "At the Ravenclaw Table, we've got pillows. You're going to practice levitation charms! Yay again!" They shook their heads at her. "And at the final table, the Hufflepuff table, we have Defense Against the Dark Arts spells! There, you will pick a book and cast the easiest spell for you. Everyone, line up at the Gryffindor corner!"

"Shouldn't we go to our own stations?" A student asked. She shook her head.

"Nope, we're testing for magic, not for the student's ability to make a potion or cast a spell or something. Now line up!" Remembering that they were dealing with ninja, the students immediately did as they were told. Sakura had a ghost of a smile when she jumped from the table. "Alright, Byakugan and Sharingan on!" The two bloodline limits activated while the other ninja watched with interest.

"Alright, this is a first year skill. You're gonna transform that toothpick into a needle. If you cannot do this, you are either a first year, and that's acceptable, or you suck at Transfiguration. I want to start this by years. First years, it's your turn."

The four representatives from each house stepped up, looking very nervous. The Ravenclaw boy waved his wand and the toothpick became silvery and sharp. Hesitantly, the other first years followed suit. Hinata blinked in surprise.

"Odd. Whenever they cast the spell, the red colored magic flows from it's location to the person's arm. How well did the Gryffindor boy do?" Sakura glanced over to the toothpick needle thing and took it in.

"It's perfectly made."

"That's the boy that had a lot of red in his arm." Sakura shook her head. This was strange.

"Alright, second years up!" The process repeated right up to the seventh years and Hinata would read off what she had seen. Sasuke was pointedly ignored up until the final kids finished.

"Sasuke, did you copy the spell?"

"Yes." Sakura nodded. "Off to the Hufflepuff station then!"

As they moved from station to station, they got similar results. As it turned out, transfiguration was associated with red. DADA with purple. Charms was light blue. Finally, potions took the obvious color of green. Unfortunately, they had to let the students go before they could figure out what the colors yellow, orange, and dark green meant.

Sakura was simply glad at the information she had gathered and she knew that a deeper analysis would do much good. However, as she sat at a table, all alone, a sudden shiver came over her. As if she were about to unravel something unimaginable.

School and students alike both got back into the mood to learn and the mood to study about a week after they got back. Teachers, lenient on the first few days, started handing out detentions and subtracting points. Sakura, through it all, began studying her notes. A few days passed and with all the homework assignments that were piling up, Sakura sighed as she threw the notebook into her suitcase, not to be seen for quite a long time.

After a long day of training, Sakura stretched as she took an open seat near Hermione. Hesitantly, she leaned over and read over the girl's shoulder. Hermione didn't notice, Sakura had started doing this a week ago and she was used to it now. Frankly, Hermione had no idea why Sakura's copy of the Daily Prophet never arrived (on time), but it wasn't something she cared about. Honestly, what motives could anyone have to make someone's mail late?

"...Mass Breakout from Azkaban...?" Sakura said, her throat going dry. Really, everything was fine the first semester, why couldn't it stay that way!? With a sigh, she looked over the headline.

"Ministry fears Black is rallying point for old death eaters?" she said with a blink. Black? As in Sirius Black?

"Black? Not–"

"Shhh!" Apparently Harry could read into her mind or something. Weird.

Sakura read the rest of the article with Ron and Harry looming over her should. This article went on and on spewing stuff about how Sirius Black escaped from prison two years ago and how he must've told these death eaters how to break out. Sakura looked up at the two, with an expression of confusion crossing her features.

"So they're blaming this on that nice man at that house?"

"Apparently," Hermione said dryly. "There's not much Fudge can say on this matter. His only other option would be to admit that You-Know-Who's coming back. But that would've been the truth, and apparently he can't tell the truth." Hermione turned the paper to find more of the article, and Sakura followed her, eager to delve into this plethora of new information. Hermione stopped on one page and went slack-jawed.

"Tragic Demise of Ministry Worker..." she said slowly, her eyes widening gradually. Harry, who had started looking away turned his attention back to his friend.

"What?" She read the article aloud, and Sakura shook her head. An obvious attempted murder.

"Bode? It rings a bell," Ron stated.

"We saw him," Hermione said quietly. "He was in St. Mungos...same ward as Lockhart... We saw the Devil's Snare! The healer said it was a Christmas present! I-if we had just noticed it...!"

"Who expects Devil's Snare to turn up in a hospital disguised as a potted plant?" Ron retorted. "It's not our fault, whoever sent it to the bloke is to blame! They must be a real prat, why didn't they check what they were buying?"

"It was a murder," Sakura said strongly. "If this Devil's Snare is as deadly as they say, it's not easy to get your hands on it. This person knew what they were doing or what they were buying."

"Bode...I met him..." Harry said slowly, as he recollected something. "I saw him at the Ministry with your dad..." Ron met a burst of revelation.

"I've heard Dad talk about him at home! He was an Unspeakable! He worked in the Department of Mysteries!"

A month passed very quickly for all of the ninja. Sakura, still getting pounded by bookwork had no time to even glance at her magic notes. And as Shikamaru stated, they came and went and Ino could only leap in joy as she spotted her friends. The meeting was standard, and nothing too major came out of it. The new year entered it's second month and an entire new issue came to light.

"SASUKE!" A long, loud female voice reached his ears and he shuddered. He knew that tone... A girl, dressed in the Ravenclaw uniform came running up to him panting. He just stared at her and a blush rose to her cheeks. "Ah, I-I'm Melody a-and I was wondering if you'd go out with me to Hogsmeade on Valentines Day!" All around her, girls glared. Sasuke sighed.

"No." The girl's eyes widened in horror.

"B-but why!?" Tears started forming and Sasuke turned away.

"I'm not interested in anyone." And so the season of love and emo began.

Within a week, the ninja had actually gained dates. Sasuke, of course, kept rejecting everyone that came up to him. Sakura, for whatever reason, followed the same path. Ino was asked several times, but her silly desire to compete with Sakura overrode that. Hinata was asked out by Neville, and she was too shy to say no (and Ino thought it was the cutest thing to ever exist). Tenten scored a mock date with Kiba. Naruto's fangirls were still working up the courage to ask him and Shino ended up saying yes to a Hufflepuff girl.

"Dumbledore," Jiraiya greeted formally. The equally white haired man bowed to the wizard and took a seat in the comfy armchair. The old man smiled and nodded, his hands clasped in front of him. "I would like to request permission to enter the Forbidden Forest for a few hours to do a test Naruto's limits." Dumbledore smiled pleasantly.

"I'm a bit surprised you are asking permission, if I may ask, why is this different then all the other times you've entered the forest?"

"Ehehehe, so you knew about that," Jiraiya laughed unconvincingly. In a single moment, his tone dropped the humor it had into a more serious mood. "Well, I plan to test Naruto in something that I really shouldn't be meddling in on Saturday. But this boy needs to know his own limits. If I do not do this, then he could potentially kill him and lots of other people around him." Dumbledore cocked an eyebrow.

"If I may ask, what makes this boy so dangerous?"

"Dumbledore-san, I'm sorry. But I can't, and I won't tell you."

"But Jiraiya-san, I cannot properly understand your predicament if you do not tell me."

"I still stand." Dumbledore sighed.

"I'm afraid I cannot allow this then. If you are going to do something without reason, then I cannot allow it." Jiraiya looked the man straight in his sparkling blue eyes.

"Dumbledore, Naruto has the power to kill a lot of people, myself included. When I go out there this weekend, and believe me, I will. You need to know this, I may die out there. Remember that sir."

Dumbledore sat dumbstruck as the man walked out. He rubbed his temples as he realized that the man had led him into a trap and there was no way out of it. He was out smarted in his own game. It was brilliant really, using Dumbledore's guilt to get what he wanted without revealing too much information. He knew now that he had better be watching the forest during the Valentines Hogsmeade trip.

"So you can't go on the Hogsmeade trip? That sucks!" Ino cried as she tried to comfort Naruto. "Really, what could you honestly be doing that would make you miss Valentines Day? Really, it's Jiraiya! Wouldn't he be egging you on to find a girl? It's out of character!" Naruto laid his head down on the table, depressed.

"Ino, stop, you're not doing anything."

"Well sorrrr-ee." Sakura took a seat next to Naruto and patted his back, he looked up.


"Really Naruto, you're not going to be missing much. I'm sure that'll be just like every other trip." She smiled at him and his eyes brightened.

"You really think so Sakura-chan?"

"Yep, now get up and enjoy our company!"

On the morning of the fourteenth, Naruto grudged out of bed at the same time he always did. Slowly he got dressed, and he went to meet with the other ninja. Just as he had been doing for the last few months. It all went normally, until Jiraiya popped out of nowhere and told him that he had to travel through the forest (which by now was almost entirely mapped out). Naruto groaned and waved a good-bye to his friends who gave him very sympathetic looks.

The blond boy and the old man traveled for a long time, longer than Naruto actually expected. It wasn't until 8 AM that they finally stopped and rested. They had been traveling for and hour and a half.

"Geez, you didn't have to take me so far in! What're we doing anyway?" Naruto huffed and sat crossed legged on a particularly large tree branch. "You've barely spoken the entire trip!" The boy pouted and Jiraiya smiled, finding it endearing. He too, took a seat on a tree branch.

"It's here, Naruto, that we are going to do something unorthodox."

"No crap!"

"We're going to release the Kyuubi."

"Wel–...wait, what? But...wouldn't that cause like...chaos?"

"Naruto, listen very carefully. As the host of the Kyuubi, you have unlimited potential. It's almost impossible for you to ever get weaker with a force like that inside of you. However, if this is left unchecked, if you don't know how much power you can use. I guarantee you're going to cause more deaths than anyone would like. As your sensei, it's my obligation to find out what your limits are." Naruto scratched his head.

"How're you gonna do that?"

"Like this." Jiraiya, started with a few hand seals, Naruto leaned forward, interested in what his teacher was doing. He gagged when a long, long scroll came flying out of his mouth.


"This, my boy, is what you could call a key."

"Jiraiya! What on Earth do you think you're doing?" The frog-scroll croaked in a hoarse voice. Jiraiya looked up at it.


"And what exactly are you training?" Jiraiya looked at Naruto and turned back towards it.

"Limitations. Please open up." The frog looked down at the man.

"I certainly hope you know what you're doing." Jiraiya shook his head. He hoped he did too. With only a moments hesitation, the scroll expanded. Naruto tilted his head as he saw the strange designs and texts on the scroll. Quietly as the pervert could, he muttered something and made a few more hand seals. He placed his hands on the scroll and a sort of black looking chakra came forth, and onto his fingertips.

"Naruto, get over here." Naruto, with a feeling of dread made his way over to his sensei. Jiraiya reeled back in a practiced motion and for the third time in Naruto's life, he felt a stinging sensation where his seal was located. He fell to the ground, panting deeply.

"What...the hell was that?" He said, still trying to catch his breath. Jiraiya straightened himself up and looked at Naruto.

"I was loosening your seal."

"What? Why? Can't I figure out my limits with my current power level?"

"Naruto, the only way you can even hope to access the Kyuubi's power is if you use up all your chakra. That would take a day in itself. By doing this, we can progress faster. You need to learn this, you NEED to know what can happen if you do not practice self control. By doing this now, you won't have any regrets later." Naruto stopped, pausing.

"What do you mean by regrets?"

"The Kyuubi is a dangerous thing. One inflated ego, and your closest friends may be dead without you even knowing." Naruto blinked, surprised at the bluntness of Jiraiya's tone. He opened his mouth, only to reconsider what he was going to say.

"...But...what if I accidently kill you?"

"Boy! I'm the great Toad Sannin! I dare you to even touch me!" Naruto smiled, reassured by his sensei's confidence.

"I'm ready." With no warning, Jiraiya attacked and Naruto flew back, crashing into one of the trees. He coughed, having lost his breath. He feebly tried to defend himself as the man went into a flurry of various attacks. Naruto forgot about his talk with Jiraiya as he tried to defend himself. In all honesty, he hadn't seen the man go all out on him before. Jiraiya, after teaching him something, would just force him to spar with Sasuke using these new techniques the next day. He...wasn't used to such power. But still, he tried his hardest.

With a cough, he weakly formed the hand sign for Kage Bunshin. He was, once again, punched before he could get the chakra formed. This process repeated itself several times, and in all cases Naruto didn't even have the chance to use his ninjutsu.

Naruto fell to the forest floor, near unconsciousness. 'I-is this what it's like to go against someone you have no hope of defeating...?' Jiraiya stopped attacking for the moment, feeling guilt at the defeated look on his students face. The pervert shoved the guilt away and dug under Naruto to kick him up. As he fell against the ground for the second time, he suddenly started to feel energized. Heat overcame the coldness in his body and he felt as if his entire power level had increased. His eyesight became sharper and everything took on it's own red tint. He growled and pounced. The Kyuubi's chakra was released.

Jiraiya stiffened again and began his next barrage of attacks. His taijutsu strengthened and he even began to incorporate ninjutsu. Before long, Jiraiya jumped up onto a particularly tall branch and took a wand out of his jacket. He muttered something and green sparks flew into the air. Before Naruto could climb to the top. The wand was gone and he had jumped.

"Hmph, I thought you'd be a challenge. I suppose I'd best take Sasuke as my student, as you're obviously not up to the job." Naruto growled dangerously. "Hell, you keep saying all this crap about protecting your friends, but you're obviously not up to the job."

And so came the one-tail.

To be frank, even Jiraiya was surprised at the power that Naruto started showing at that very moment. The demon's chakra covered Naruto's body, giving it a very misty appearance. The whisker marks on the boy's cheek darkened and his eyes became more angular. Killer intent filled the surrounding areas. Birds and other smaller animals flew from the forest and Jiraiya began wondering about his own safety.

Jiraiya gasped as a giant red claw was thrown at him. He dodged using every skill he could to keep an eye on the boy. The one-tailed Naruto leaped upon him and Jiraiya rolled out of the way. A surprise Rasengan hit the boy in the side of the face. The hole that, put in a normal person would take them out for a month, healed within moments. However, while the chakra was distracted with healing, Jiraiya used a kick to send the boy flying into the air. With a quick movement, he sent green sparks into the air again.

Before Naruto could pounce him again, Jiraiya, using his own taijutsu moves, moved slickly to avoid being hit.

"So you're trying to attack? I can barely tell. Really, it's becoming such a waste to even consider you for this."

"Shut up!" Naruto's voice come out very hoarse, and Jiraiya vaguely wondered if he was becoming dehydrated.

"You're right. I should change my training for you. I hear you're terrible at regular bunshin. Should we go back to academy jutsu? Are you really that useless?"

Two-tails time.

The red appeared to solidify and so did the killer intent. At this point, even Jiraiya was getting panicked from sheer nerves. It was almost as if he was taking on the Kyuubi himself. In a way, he was. He started a run that would take him closer to the school, but not close enough to be a danger. During his run, he dug the wand out again. Bland yellow sparks made it's way above the forest.

"ACK!" Jiraiya cried as the devil's claw (as he named it) tore into his shoulder. Precious blood squirted out of his shoulders, but he knew he couldn't stop. The rest of the fight became a blur. Jiraiya was absolutely sure at one point he summoned a frog to help him fight, but that frog disappeared, it too, fearing for his life. Somewhere, he knew another two tails had formed and at this point, he knew that unless Naruto's will overcame the fox, he was the fox. When he got the chance, he used his want to shoot dark red sparks into the sky that probably wouldn't be noticed for a very long time. Afterwards, he felt himself being overpowered and it wasn't until Naruto, using the same Devil's Claw punched a hole into his chest, that he realized that he was as close to death as he was ever going to get. Things became blurry as he laid on the ground. But there was something he noticed.

The four-tails was standing over him, a wicked grin overplaying it's face.

"Naruto..." Jiraiya said weakly. The beast above him hesitated for a moment. "You've succeeded. Please... Don't lose yourself." The beast shook it's head and held it's claws over the man. Well...that didn't work. Using that last bit of his chakra, he made a hand seal with one arm. He hoped he was doing this right. Before the claws could tear out his guts, he punched his arm into the head of the creature. His hand fell limp as a huge burning sensation overtook his arm. Hopefully this seal would work... The red chakra started dispersing. Jiraiya fell unconscious seconds before Naruto fell unconscious beside him.

"Sakura?" Ino asked as the girl became suddenly distracted. "What's up with you? It's Valentine's day, there's mistletoe, and lonely guys. Put the two and two together!" Hinata blushed at the thought.

"...Ino, mistletoe is Christmas," Tenten whispered. Ino ignored it.

"I dunno. I-I'm gonna go back. See you guys later!" Sakura said. Ino huffed and turned around.

"What's with her?"

"I really don't know," Tenten said.

Sakura made her way back, deliberately picking up pace after a few steps. For unknown reasons, her heart was pounding and fear was making it's way into her mind. She didn't know why, she didn't really care. But she had to make her way back to the school as quickly as possible. By pure chance, she turned her head towards the forest, just barely catching a glimpse of yellow sparks flying pass the tree line. This just enforced her worry. She fell into a full fledged sprint as she made her way to the castle. Her heart was pounding as she fell against her knees, breathing deeply. She would have to work on her leg power later. She rested upon the stone castle, staring at a part in the forest, for a reason unknown to even her.

She sat there for ten minutes, looking at that particular spot. She closed her eyes for a moment, and when she opened them, she gasped. Dark red sparks floated above the forest. Her thoughts drifted to reckless 7th years, but it dawned upon her that all the 7th years were out on dates and that none of them would be in the forest.

And that it was only Naruto out there.

She turned her head and saw Dumbledore, McGonagall, the school nurse, Flitwick and a bunch of other teachers leave the school. This was serious. She stood up and jogged to Dumbledore, who was heading in her direction.

"Dumbledore-sama? What's going on?" He didn't look at her.

"Naruto and Jiraiya are hurt," he said simply.

"What?" Sakura's eyes widened.

"Dumbledore!" McGonagall cried.

"She needs to know," he said, "they're on the same team. Both she and Sasuke share a special bond with Naruto. If I didn't tell her, I'm willing to bet she'd run off and find out on her own." Sakura blushed.

"Dumbledore-sama, how do you know they're hurt?" She paused, realization coming to her. "Y-you knew they'd hurt themselves. Why didn't you stop them!?" Dumbledore smiled.

"You're a smart girl. I didn't want them to do this, but Jiraiya insisted that they do. I just hope he knew what he was talking about..." The red sparks over head sparkled with something that Sakura couldn't see. With a split second decision, she raced into the forest, not heeding the calls of the teachers. Despite the pain within her legs, she ran on and on. Unintentionally, she directed chakra to her feet, making her run faster and faster. What was achieved in an hour for the boys, was achieved by her in thirty minutes. As she leaped from a branch, she found herself in a clearing.

"Oh my god..." she said softly. This clearing wasn't natural, that much she could tell. The trees were demolished by some sort of force. A few impacts had created mini craters and leaves were not only singed, but barely anything more than ashes. This single area of the forest reeked of death and fire. She looked up to spot the red lights, only to realize she was directly under them. With a gulp, she slowly turned around. A sense of horror overtook her as she saw something she would rather never see at all.

Down, on the forest floor, laid both Naruto and Jiraiya, terribly injured. Naruto seemed to be suffering from major burns, considering his normally tan skin was a ripe red. What really got her, was a strange sort of...appearance change. His whisker marks were more bold and stood out more than they usually did. His unruly hair had grown and tangled. His mouth had two little fangs sticking out from under it and his nails were dirty and sharper looking. Her thoughts drifted to vampires, however, that was short lived due to the boy's burn marks. Why would a vampire wield fire?

She moved her gaze towards Jiraiya and she immediately felt sick. He, like Naruto, had burn marks in various places, but this became more serious as her gaze drifted. This man's chest, this powerful man's chest had a huge hole in it. The blood was staining the forest floor and she was sure a few of his inner organs were outside of his body. She turned around and barfed up what she had for breakfast. Was this what it was like to see someone die?

Why the hell didn't she ever ask Kakashi-sensei for any medical scrolls? They could mean the difference between life and death right now!

Not turning around, she took her wand out of her pocket and sent multiple red sparks into the air. Dumbledore and the teachers needed to get here, and fast.

Even as she faced away from the bodies, tears came to her eyes. What could've done this to both of them?! It didn't make sense! And wasn't Naruto a fast healer? Why wasn't he healing now? What was wrong with the world?!

It wasn't until Sakura was sitting near some random door, crying her eyes out, that she noticed Sasuke leaning up against the wall. He looked more troubled than she had ever seen him. She strolled over to him, and he snapped his head towards her.

"You came back too?" Sakura said, her voice hoarse. Tears still framed her face.

"Something was wrong," he said softly. He knew that, even though Sakura was a girl, she wouldn't cry for no reason. "Apparently I was right." Fresh tears escaped her eyes and she fell to the soft green grass.

"Sa-Sasuke," she whispered. "N-Naruto and J-Jiraiya might not l-live through the n-night." His eyes widened.

"What? What's wrong with him, Sakura?!" His eyes took on a crazed look. "Tell me where he is!" She avoided eye contact.

"He's been taken to St. Mungo's. That wizard's hospital." Her cheeks got wet again as she tried to explain to him what happened. "S-Sasuke, something terrible attacked them. J-Jiraiya was bleeding everywhere, a-and I-I think Naruto was attacked by some sort of deranged magical creature. H-he looks different now, Sasuke. It was terrible!" Sasuke glanced towards the direction of the hospital wing. Sasuke turned away from Sakura, knowing very well what was happening. His best friend, his brother could very well be leaving him on this night. Tears escaped his body for the first time in over five years.

"For the love of god, dobe. Don't die on us."

End of Chapter

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