Time & Memories

The late afternoon sun spilt hazily across the open room, the sun room, aptly called. Wide, large glass windows were left uncovered, allowing the onlooker a marvelous panorama of burnt golden sands, crystalline waters, verdant hills, a pellucid horizon…Sparsely decorated: a rocking chair of wicker in the corner; a sextant propped against the wall; a telescope resting upon the window ledge; finally, a small wooden table adjacent to standard divan—pure white, draped with a cream-coloured valance.

A wooden ship, small though intricate in its design, perched on the table. Crudely inscribed on its broadside were three names: Pearl, Empress, and Dutchman.

The sound of boots sounded against the smooth wooden floors, and a door softly creaked ajar, disturbing the silence. A figure, tall and handsome, stood in the doorway, a smile gracing his features. Dark hair tumbled in undulating waves across strong shoulders, whilst unfathomable eyes glinted in gratification towards the sight before him.

William Turner III gazed at his parents lovingly, comfortable against the pure whiteness of the divan, wrapped in one another's embrace, ignorant of his presence. He beheld them in silence, unwilling to agitate such picturesque beauty. Ten years past since his father's return, a glorious gift to he and his mother. Begone the days in which his mother's eyes were filled with tears, and hail those filled with joy. Will Turner: a gentleman and a pirate beloved. Standing proud at the age of nineteen, William fondly reminisced of the years in which he grew to know and love his father; yet love for the man had already existed prior to their meeting as a result of the stories told by his mother. Such veneration shone in her eyes as she spoke to him of his father during childhood. That veneration existed still.

His mother's favourite room, a room she oft lingered in for hours at a time—the sun room. Since his father's return, his parents both would retire thither, often on late afternoons, nearing dusk, so that they might witness the sunset. Remembering the first time basking in the sun room, just days after his father's return, brought a smile to William's face. Mother and father, wife and husband, sat huddled on the divan, whilst son sat between them, quietly admiring the wooden ship crafted by his own hands.

'This is where we would watch for you', Elizabeth Turner murmured to her husband.

Three figures watched then in peace as the sun vanished from the sky, disappearing behind the vast breadth of ocean. Suddenly, Elizabeth turned 'round, pulling William into a loving embrace. 'We are truly a family again!'

Such elation emanated throughout the room. A family indeed, bound together by devotion. Thus, tradition emerges.

Wordlessly, William, softly stepped into the room, but was hindered by a tug of his coattails. A young girl, nine years of age, looked up at him, and smiled, her golden-brown curls bouncing about her porcelain face.

"Beth", William whispered nigh inaudibly. "It is time".

Her almond eyes gleamed knowing as she took his hand, and they entered the room.

Elizabeth turned, a brilliant smile illuminating her visage, as she extended her hands to her children. Beth climbed into her father's lap; William took his mother's hand, seating himself in the rocking chair.

"It's nearly sunset", Will muttered, patting his daughter's ringlets fondly and caught his wife's glance.

"Oh my…" Beth soft voice suddenly rang out as an emerald glow erupted in the sky, filling the room with lingering phosphorescence.

William smiled. His father had explained the significance of the flash long ago; his sister was certain to have questions, which he would gladly answer.

"Oh my darlings, how marvelous!" Elizabeth exclaimed in bliss.

William rose, placing a kiss on his mother's cheek. How important this day had been for her—ten years past. Accordingly, Beth followed suit, her eyes full of wonderment, as they earned an embrace from their father before departing, offering them well-deserved privacy.

"William! Tell me the story of…" Beth's excited persistence could be heard as the door closed, leaving the husband and wife to themselves.

"Oh, Will, it's been ten years", Elizabeth murmured blithely.

"Yes it has", Will responded, his eyes darkening amorously as he kissed her. Vivid memories of the ten years before, the twenty years flashed through his mind. Enduring was the passion, the desire, yet departed was the anxiety, the fear.

He sighed, touching her lips, her hands, his eyes grazing over her.

She offered an amused smile, to which he smirked, whispering into her ear as an explanation, "I believe I'm in love with you, Mrs. Turner."

She shivered, her expectations only met with a light, teasing kiss against her jawbone.

"You know", he suddenly pulled back, his voice assuming a tone of sincerity. "A family was restored this evening."

She smiled, her eyes gleaming with tears. "I could not be happier for them."

He rose, pulling her up with him. "I know."

The stars sparkled amidst the firmament, smiling down upon the quaint family forever united. Through manifold escapades on the seas in reunification with piracy, through domestic life on land, the sunset gently passes, on occasion with a flash of green, on occasion with the faint image of ship, quickly blurring out of focus.

The small wooden ship retained its station upon the table in the sun room, symbolic of the powerful ships which had sailed the seas, the ships which had been instrumental in the lives of the Turners.

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