Fiyero walked out into the empty wastelands. Taking one good breath. "One of these days. I'm gonna be human again as well." he said to himself. He was confident of that. But there was much more important matters to be dealing with than just his own needs. He was certain of that. He turned back towards the house and signaled that all was clear. The rest of the group sneaked out of the house. Takara sniffed the air. Searching for danger.

"I smell nothing. Not a soul. There must be a huge gathering or something." said Takara. Elphaba had brought almost every weapon that she could find in the once peaceful village. Swords, shields and guns. Fiyero and Boq received one of each. Takara found it unfair not to have a real weapon. But at least she had her spirit, her bite, and her strength to guide her.

"Now Elphaba. Have you located Chistery?" asked Fiyero. He walked over to her. Eager to find the answer as to where to begin. Elphaba was silent. In her thoughts and in her own fantasy. She took 3 deep breaths before opening her eyes again. She nodded. Everyone stared. "Where is he then?" he asked again. Elphaba then snapped out of her trance.

"He's hiding in the swamps of Quadling Country. But for some reason I see another person there as well." she said. Boq then thought he should ask his question before beginning.

"Do you think it might be Glinda?" he asked soberly. Elphaba shrugged. Boq dropped out of his confidence. But he couldn't give up there. He musn't. "Well. We're just gonna have to find out. Aren't we? But I have a suggestion." he said. Fiyero raised an eyebrow at this. "Shouldn't we send a messanger to him as to tell him we should be arriving?" he asked.

"This distance is too far. The only way we could have a messanger is if they could fly. Oh I wish I had my..."she stopped. Elphaba then ran towards every house searching for a broom. Fiyero ran after her. Trying to stop whatever she was doing. But Elphaba didn't stop there.

"Elphaba. What are you doing?" asked Fiyero. Elphaba dug through the rubble of the houses. Then she stopped. There lying on the floor, was a broom. Perfect for her size and almost brand new, despite the dust. Elphaba blew on the dust, brushing it away. She held onto it very tightly. She turned back towards Fiyero.

"I'm going to be the messanger." she said. Fiyero gasped. He shook his head. No! Don't let her out of your sight Fiyero. Other wise you'll lose her again, he thought. He snapped out of his thoughts and came back to reality.

"No Elphaba. Send me. Or send any of us but not you." he said finally. Elphaba frowned.

"Fiyero. I know you don't want to lose me. But this is for good's sake. It's either you let me do my job or you fight against me." she said with a strong reply. Fiyero had lost that round horribly. But he wasn't going to take it like a loser. He sighed and he nodded. Indicating that she was right. He let her go and he said no more. Fiyero walked back towards the gang and watched as Elphaba did her chant.

Elphaba lifted the broom high into the air. Still in her arms. She began to chant the words. "Tnarg em eht rewop ot gnirb siht moorb ot efil." she chanted. There and then, a flash of green ligthning and a bolt of black magic, the broomstick lifted in the air. Everyone gasped at such power. Elphaba was overjoyed that she could still do a spell. She hopped on top of the broom and said he last words before she flew off, "Now listen to me carefully. I will fly to the Marshes and you will follow behind me. This broom should carry another. Fiyero you will come with me. Boq and Takara, run down towards the ocean. To the left, there is a path of tunnels. Those are the fastest ways to get to the Marshes. Follow this map." she said.

Boq had taken the map and examined it closely. "But what will become of you and Fiyero?" he asked.

"Don't worry about us. Just worry about finding Glinda and Chistery. Now be careful and don't try and screw up." she shouted. The rain was to come down and there was going to be a storm. Boq understood and shook his head.

"Alright. Good luck my dear friend." he shouted back. With that, Elphaba and Fiyero rose from the ground and flew high into the clouds. Taking one last look, Boq signaled a holy cross with his hand. He looked at Takara and said, "Hurry. Let's get to the tunnels before a tornado hits this village." The man and the blue fox rushed towards the beach. Boq gazed at the many shipwrecks and glanced over to the left.

Sure enough, there was the gate that led to the tunnels. Boq ran towards the gate and pulled with all his might. The gate opened slowly and made a horrible screeching sound. Takara ran inside first, waiting for Boq to follow.