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Hiei sat in the open doorway leading to Yusuke's back yard silently watching the activity around him. In the main room Yusuke had set up the TV for him and Kuwabara to play video games on. Koenma and Roger sat nearby talking as usual. Since the two had been reunited they had become best friends, therefore Roger and Shiori had been welcomed into their little group of friends and family.

Hiei smirked at Kokota who was torn between being with the guys and following Simone around like a lost puppy. The boy hadn't openly declared his feelings for his step sister yet but everyone knew it was just a matter of time. Even though Simone would occasionally tease Kokota about wanting a demon lover, the sparkle in her eyes told anyone watching that it was him she was secretly waiting for.

Through an open door Hiei could see the girls in the kitchen preparing a feast for the party. Yukina, Keiko and Botan were fixing a variety of demon and human foods for the diverse group. Shiori was supervising from a chair where she sat happily holding Yukina's new baby. A few months ago Hiei's sister had given birth to a beautiful little girl that she and Kuwabara had named Hina after the Koorime twin's mother.

Turning his attention to the yard, Hiei couldn't hide his smile as he watched his mate. Kurama was seated in the grass playing with little Yoji. Nearby, Li-Anne was having fun chasing the peek-a-boo blossoms of one of Kurama's sweet smelling Makai plants. Occasionally, the green eyes would seek out his mate and smile happily at him. The love and desire that Kurama always portrayed in those smiles still made Hiei blush even after a year of being mated.

Hiei knew that part of Kurama's happiness right now was the beautiful children he was playing with. His one regret in his mating with Kurama was that they would never be able to have the children he knew his fox and mother wanted. Instead, Kurama and Shiori would have to give their love to the children of their former teammates and Kurama's brother and sister when they had children. Peeking back at the baby in Shiori's arms, Hiei had to admit that that idiot Kuwabara and his cohort Yusuke had finally done something right.

No one seemed concerned when Kurama's energy flared briefly. Hiei turned to see a small silver fox appear. The fox ran in circles around a squealing Yoji, yipping excitedly. Li-Anne was laughing as she tried to chase Kurama. Yoji struggled to his feet in an attempt to toddle after the fox. When the boy lost his balance and fell, the silver fox was there to cushion the fall.

Hiei was so absorbed in watching his fox that he didn't feel Shiori come up behind him until she spoke softly. "Thank you Hiei. Thank you for making my son so happy. For allowing him to be part of this wonderful family. For staying by his side and loving him as much as he loves you."

Hiei's eyes were wide with surprise as he looked up at her. At her soft smile, he gave her a little smile back. "Mother, it is me who should thank him for giving me so much. I was nothing until Kurama loved me."

Looking out to where Kurama had changed back to his human form, Shiori smiled. "I think Shuuichi would disagree with that Hiei. I think he would say that you were everything and that he's honored that you share yourself with him."

Shocked at her words, Hiei just stared at her. He was prevented from responding when Keiko called to her children from the kitchen window. "Li-Anne honey, bring your brother inside please. It's time for lunch."

Disappointment showed on the child's face as she kissed Kurama's cheek then took her brother by the hand. Carefully, she led the toddler to where Hiei sat in the doorway. Seeing Hiei, little Yoji squealed and rushed to him. With a grunt of acceptance, Hiei reached for the child. "Hn."

Yoji was tossed briefly in the air before being put down beside Shiori. A moment later Li-Anne threw herself into his arms. She however wanted a hug, then kissed his cheek before taking her brother to their mother. Turning to follow them, Shiori whispered. "I see my son is not the only one with a soft spot for those children."

Hiei was still blushing when Kurama came to join him. "I'll have to thank Mother and those sweet children for making my Shadow blush so cutely."

Hiei rolled his eyes and grunted as Kurama pulled him up by the hand. "Stupid Fox."

They shared a kiss before going inside to join the others. The children were all fed then put down for a nap, leaving the adults free to sit and talk after they ate. From across the table, Yusuke looked at Hiei. "Hey buddy, I'm going to Makai next week to check on my territory. Care to join me? The Ningenkai must be getting to you by now."

Hiei looked a little surprised at the invitation. "Actually Detective, Kurama and I go to Makai about once a month. Mostly to let my Youko out to play. Here in the Ningenkai he's restricted to the house and the temple grounds."

Kuwabara looked at Hiei. "It must be hard trying to balance your relationship when it's limited on how much time you can spend with one of your mates. Wouldn't it be easier just to move back to Makai and just visit all of us?"

Knowing this was a subject that made Hiei uncomfortable, Kurama answered. "We want to stay here with the family for as long as we can. Someday though we will return to Makai, we haven't discussed exactly when. We might just stay here until my human death. Then Hiei will take Yoko home."

Koenma frowned. "Kurama, what do you mean your human death? You stopped being human a long time ago."

At Kurama and Hiei's startled expressions Koenma looked surprised. "I thought you knew. Kurama, you started becoming a demon again the moment you were strong enough to access your demon energy. Your transformation to your Youko form with the Fruit of the Past Life accelerated that process. By the time you were twenty you didn't have an ounce of human blood left in you."

As Koenma spoke Kurama had reached for Hiei's hand. Now he was squeezing it tightly. "Koenma, are you saying that even in my human form I am a demon? That I too have a demon lifespan?"

Koenma laughed. "Yes Kurama, you do. Botan and I had a hell of a time when you were in the hospital after your car accident. I had to monitor you constantly. They were drawing your blood every few hours and Botan had to intercept it and switch it with human blood. That doctor friend of Genkai's helped a lot but he wouldn't have been able to explain your demon blood to the lab."

Botan giggled. "Kurama, didn't you think it strange that Koenma didn't visit you in the hospital and that I popped in and out every few hours?"

At this Hiei grunted. "Hn. We were a little distracted with his near death to notice much else woman."

No longer listening to the conversation, Kurama was grinning as he threw his arms around Hiei. "Oh Hiei, isn't this wonderful. Yoko and I thought we had less than a hundred years to worry about how my death might effect you, now we have a millennia before we have to worry how Yoko's death will effect you."

Koenma shook his head. "Boy have you too been making a lot of assumptions. I take it from that last comment that you haven't figured out that you're older than Yoko by sixteen years."

Kurama frowned. "How is that possible? He was almost a thousand years old when he died."

Koenma smiled. "You said it Kurama, 'he died'. It's not like his body could be resurrected after being dead for so many years, so a new one was created for him. The two of you are babies by demon standards. At a hundred, Hiei is the old man in your family."

At that everyone laughed. Of course it was Yusuke that brought up one thing that had been overlooked. "Hey Hiei, I think that means you got Yoko Kurama's virginity."

Everyone laughed even louder and Kurama and Hiei both blushed. Seeing Yusuke's amusement, Hiei smirked. "Detective..."

All around the table eyes widened as the jagon's purple glow could be seen beneath it's ward. They then looked at Yusuke who's eyes got wide and his mouth hung open. When the jagon stopped glowing, Yusuke gulped and blushed. "Damn Hiei! You are one lucky son of a bitch."

When Shiori looked concerned that Hiei had used the jagon on Yusuke, the fire demon smirked. "Don't worry Mother, I just needed to remind the detective of just what he's missing not having Kurama as his lover."

Everyone laughed, remembering that Yusuke had secretly desired the fox. Kurama and Yusuke however both blushed. Kuwabara slapped Yusuke on the back. "Damn Urameshi, when are you going to learn not to tease Hiei? What'd the shrimp do to you anyways?"

Yusuke looked at the women around the table before leaning close to Kuwabara to whisper in his ear. The carrot top's eyes went wide before he jumped back with a shout. "Ew! That's disgusting!"

Yusuke laughed. "I'm really glad my wife understands demon urges because it really turned me on. Love you Keiko."

Shaking her head, the brunette laughed at her husband. "I love you too you big pervert."

Closing his eyes, Kurama could only blush again as he imagined what Hiei had done to turn Yusuke on. After that the conversation turned away from Kurama and Hiei. No one was surprised though when Kurama moved his chair closer to Hiei's so he could cuddle against his lover. Knowing what his mate was trying to convey without words, Hiei allowed the show of affection, even though it was in front of the others.

When they returned home a few hours later, Hiei wasn't surprised to find himself swept into Kurama's arms and kissed breathless. Knowing it was useless to resist, and not wanting to anyways, Hiei opened his mouth and surrendered to his mate's kiss. Groping hands began stripping away clothes as the lovers stumbled up the stairs. By the time they entered the bedroom and tumbled onto the bed both men were naked.

At the predatory look in Kurama's green eyes, Hiei knew their lovemaking would be hard and furious. Shivering in anticipation, the fire demon lay back, allowing Kurama's hands and mouth to bring him to the brink of pleasure. Not allowing him to climax, Kurama swiftly moved between his lover's thighs, entering him in one quick thrust.

Gasping at the urgency with which Kurama took him, Hiei placed his feet flat against the mattress, attempting to match Kurama's feverish pace. Above him, Kurama locked green eyes with red as they moved together. With a wicked smirk, the redhead's erection unerringly stroked against that special spot inside him with each thrust, causing Hiei to whimper and moan. Knowing Kurama was almost daring him to look away, Hiei bit his lip, forcing himself to maintain eye contact with his lover.

When long fingers closed over Hiei's neglected erection, Kurama won their silent battle of wills. Throwing his head back, Hiei climaxed with a scream. Nothing excited Kurama more than watching Hiei's pleasure. That, along with Hiei's body tightening around him, quickly had Kurama crying out his own orgasm. Carefully moving to Hiei's side, Kurama pulled his mate into his arms.

They laid there cuddled together for several minutes before Kurama finally spoke. "Gods Hiei, I feel like I've been given the greatest gift ever. Now I won't ever have to leave you my sweet little Shadow. I've been so worried about what would happen to you when I die. I wasn't worried about you dying, I know Yoko will always be here to love you and take care of you. I didn't want you to ever feel that I abandoned you."

Nuzzling into Kurama's neck, Hiei licked him the way he knew his fox liked. "K'rama, it would have broken my heart if you were to die and leave me, but I know that you would never abandon me. You have given me more love than I could have ever dreamed of my beautiful Fox. There is no way I would ever believe you would leave me on purpose."

Tightening his arms around his mate, Kurama kissed his forehead. "I do love you Hiei, more than you could ever know. It makes Yoko and I happier than we can tell you that we will never have to leave you. We will both spend the rest of our lives doing everything in our power to make you happy."

Kurama yipped when Hiei nipped at his neck. "I love you both too my Fox. You both make me happier than I ever thought I could be. The only thing that ever makes me sad is when I have to let one of you go to hold the other."

When Hiei gave a tired yawn, Kurama smiled. "Go to sleep my sweet Shadow, and know that both of your foxes are right here holding you forever and always. Love you Fire-Baby."

Sleepily, Hiei whispered back. "Love you too Foxie."