Premise- A completely different take on Charlotte coming to town. Jarly, Kendall and Ryan from All My Children. A little bit of Johnny and Brenda in this.

Note- This story is dedicated to J C Morgan who came up with the idea of an story with both Ryan and Kendall from All My Children and Jason and Carly from GH.

You don't really have to know much about Ryan or Kendall to read this. (Chapter Three discusses their backstory.)

Since I hated the way Guza and crew brought Charlotte ( Reese) onto the show I decided to rewrite that. So picture Kendall as the woman who was once known as Charlotte. I changed whatever I needed to in order to make that work, as you will see in the story.

In an interesting side note, Carly and Kendall, according to their respective histories, both grew up in Florida.

This tale starts in 2002. Ryan and Kendall dated and then he dumped her and roared out of Pine Valley on his motorcycle, as shown on AMC, leaving her crazy in love with him and also brokenhearted.

In Port Charles, Carly owns Deception still and is in the process of divorcing Sonny.

Here is my version of what the Charlotte Storyline could have been...

Chapter One How far for love?

October 2002- Port Charles.

The moment Jason Morgan walked into her office his heart sped up. She looked up from her paperwork and smiled at him.

He heard, in his mind, the same sentence he did every time he looked at Carly now. The words he had waited over two years to have her say- and she finally did a few months before- I am leaving Sonny.

God, he loved those words. Best words ever.

But it wasn't like he could tell her that. She had loved and fought for and nearly killed herself, and them, for that selfish bastard. The guy was his boss still but Jason would never mistake him for a friend.

Jason, also, would not lie to himself that Sonny didn't mean something to Carly, but still...she was divorcing him. Just knowing that made him feel better than he had in years.

"Jase! What brings you in here in the middle of the day?"

The way her eyes lit up, dancing with heat and joy at the sight of him, made his body react. Made an image from the past jump into his mind, of her skin against his skin, her mouth on his.

He did his best to snap his attention back to what she was saying.

"Not that I mind," Carly added.

He said, "I gave Emily a ride here for her photo shoot."

"And you just had to stop in and see me?" Carly teased "I missed you too."

He only nodded in response then asked "You busy?"

"I have a meeting in five minutes. Why?"

He said, "There is something I need to talk to you's you have some time for me tonight?"

"For you, always." Carly smiled "Jake's?"

"Sounds good. 6: 30, okay? " He tapped her desk once and said "I will see you later, Carly."

She was still smiling as she watched him leave. "Later, Jase."


Across town, Kendall Hart stepped out of the airport and hailed a cab.

This is the right place, she said to herself. I can feel it.

She had searched other towns in the five months before. Followed leads that led her no where. Paid people for information that only sent her on wild goose chases.

Port Charles, New York had to be the place where she got her answers. Every second of this waiting was killing her.

She placed her hand on her stomach. Time was running out.


Ryan poured the blond a drink at the bar. "What brings you into Jake's today?"

She glared at him and threw back her drink. "Coleman around?"

"Nah, sorry. Anything I can do for you?"

"Ever kill a man?" asked Courtney

Ryan's eyes widened. In the time he had lived in this town he had noticed it seemed to be overrun with criminals, sociopaths and egomaniacs. This woman had to fit in one of those categories, considering the crazed look in her eye.

Ryan was glad to be getting off work in a half an hour. Then he could go on a long motorcycle ride and then retreat to his room above this bar and lift weights until he was exhausted enough to fall into a dreamless sleep.

"You having a bad day?" he asked his customer.

Courtney sighed and her face fell. "I just need some liquid courage before I go to work tonight."

Ryan poured her another. "What do you do?"

She grimaced and shook her head. Then threw back her drink. In a fake preppy voice she sneered, "I'm a society wife. I don't do anything but look pretty and make my husband's life easier. Sounds like a breeze, doesn't it?"

She let out a bitter laugh. "Love is evil, do you know that?"

"Yeah, I'm aware," Ryan said.

He made his way down the bar to pour drinks and get beers for other customers, while his mind drifted back to months earlier.

The ache in his bones never really left, just like her face was never really far from his mind.

But he couldn't go back to Pine Valley, back to her. He wouldn't.

The weight filled his chest again, making it hard to breath.

Just don't think about her, he told himself, Forget her. Forget Kendall.

If only he could.