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Chapter One: View From the Window

I never know what I want

I never know what I need

Slowly, im being cut up

And im starting to really bleed

I don't know what I want

Or if I want my friends near

My life is spinning round and round

I'm questioning what's dear

I don't know if I want to hope

Or if "love" is real

You can call me crazy

But I'm forgetting how to feel

Sadness can't be eternal

And we know that love can end

But pain just isn't flexible

It cannot twist or bend

I'm scarred, cut up, and bleeding

With deep spaces in my heart

But I'm not the only one

And the healing has to start

Kirihara Akaya looked down at his poem. It described how he felt perfectly. To the point where it was scary. He sighed and then crumpled it up. It didn't really matter how he felt; hadn't he decided that long ago? It was better this way, he remindede himself, and closed his eyes and let his breath out slowly. If you couldn't feel, you couldn't get hurt.

The next day, Akaya's poem was sitting forgotten in his garbage can in his room, suffocated by the rolls of used grip tape and used water bottles he had thrown carelessly on top of it.

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