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Life hangs by a thinning thread

Dangling above a world of dread

Swaying forward while moving back

Gleams deep white, and looks black:

How much longer can it stretch?

How much longer can it last?

When every second seems so long

But really goes too fast?

Thinning, thinning, winding down

Becoming much too short

What can save this piece of thread

From the scissor's retort?

Bind it hard, bind it fast

Twist and knot it so it'll last

Rub and coat it with a shield of love

So it'll hang over death, far above

Akaya stopped scribbling on the sheet of paper in front of him long enough to allow himself a slight smile. His new therapist, Hagiina-san, had said it was "a good outlet of expression". And Akaya was starting to realize that, after only two weeks of therapy sessions, he was feeling better. Not that he'd let it on to the team, of course; they were becoming even more over-protective than usual. Especially Mura-buchou. And an over-protective boyfriend? Who wouldn't even let him watch R rated movies because there were naked guys in it? Seriously. It was completely-

"Akaya-kun?" Akaya looked up in time to see tall man wearing a suit in front of him. His mother's lawyer. "The Judge wishes to speak to you about custody." Noticing Akaya's blank look, the lawyer added, "Who you live with, spend your time with on the holidays…etcetera."

Akaya nodded, standing up and tugging the green tie that hung around his neck, before following the way the lawyer had pointed out to him. Akaya closed his eyes and let his breath out slowly. He was in recovery, and Hagiina-san said he would probably start going through withdrawal soon. His mother and father were breaking up. His team was driving him crazy.

Waling over to the Judge, Akaya couldn't help but smile. Because despite everything he knew he was going to go through, he knew it would be okay. He had Mura's - no, Seiichi's - love, and that was enough to keep him alive.

Until death came for him, and not the other way around.


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