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Wild Horse

By: Enigmatic Ice

It is the beginning of summer and our school break already started, the sakura trees are in full bloom this year and I watched them be taken by gravity as I passed through a line of them, even taking a petal in my palm. I don't know why but they gave me a sense of calmness and for me, I think a petal going to my hand is the same as those that signifies the four leaf clover, good luck.

My life so far has been the quietest time throughout my life; I didn't exactly thought that going to college would be one of the most rewarding parts of my life. Sure, I haven't thought about going to college in the past but I thought otherwise when I can't stand my life anymore. But now, that is all in the past, I know I have made a good choice because without those people in Nerima near me, I could think clearly now and of course, without pressure whatsoever.

I liked my life in school. I never thought that most aspects of it could be interesting since I always doze off during classes and only active in P.E., the people here are much calmer, if I would have put in, and of course civil. Sometimes, I miss the fights that always happen to me back in Nerima but I have found other ways to compensate for it.

The fiancée problem has been brought to a minimum and luckily for me, there is only one left that I can't seem to break since it is their law. Akane and I have both agreed that we are not compatible and broke my engagement with her, much to my surprise, she seems to be civil this time and not like those other times where she would just suddenly popped a mallet out of nowhere and pound me into the ground. I am also lucky that Kasumi and Dr. Tofu are engaged and Nabiki and Kuno are both dating by that time that the agreement between our parents has been nullified. I even came to an understanding with Ukyo. It seems that she somehow gave up waiting for me and proceeded to live her life. She now has a very successful okonamiyaki restaurant in Nagoya.

The thing that made me the happiest is when my mother found out that his manly son could turn into a girl, she accepted me and didn't threaten to kill me with that katana of hers. I even enjoyed it when I saw father received her wrath for engaging me to multiple women throughout our journey.

By the time I went to my apartment it is already night, I feel that I would collapse immediately to my futon. It really is a tiring day, I am only glad that this day is the last day of our exams and I could relax for now. Immediately, my consciousness was swallowed by darkness when my head came into contact with my pillow.

I heard my window slid open quietly. Since I left the Tendo house, I really become attuned to my surroundings, a fit not impossible to a martial artist like me. I didn't move a muscle so not to alert the perpetrator. Instead of standing straight and ready to fight, I let an eye peek for a moment. Surely, from the sounds of how this person entered my room, this person is good in the arts.

At once, I could tell from the silhouette that this perpetrator is a woman, seeing her curves and the cat-like grace only selected women could ever possess. As the ray of the moon shone through my window, I was shocked to found myself gazing upon the beautiful features of Shampoo. If I am not only trying to maintain the illusion of me sound asleep at that time, I would have shouted at her already asking her many questions.

Although I am urged to do that very matter, I held my ground, wanting to have some hint on why she came here. True enough, she does seem to bug me every time she see me back in Nerima and I seldom see her at this parts, but never since the time that I found her beside me at the first time since our supposedly 'marriage' did she come again to my room without any consent. As I look at her, I wondered how her long purple hair have looked that soft, I even wandered how come this beautiful Amazon even came to like me with those looks that could make many men look at her, even though she is from another race.

Unlike many times, I suspect that this visit is something out of the ordinary. There is something different from this vixen in front of me. I stared at her for a little longer; then, at once I knew what it was. I looked at her hair and saw that those intricate hairstyles of hers, similar to those of the odangoes are missing. Sure she looks really cute and beautiful with her in them but the sight of her without them and with the moonbeams domineering her features just like now, well to say the least, she looks breathtaking, as if she is some goddess who came down to my room to look over for me.

Slowly, she came toward me, somehow unsure on what she will do. I even felt nervous if she ever knew that I am not asleep. Her footsteps continue to progress and her feet stopped just before my futon. I fully closed my eyes by the time she got too near me so that she wouldn't recognize my act, realizing that she didn't seem to notice that I know her presence already. I felt a gentle tug on my covers, which somehow, still manage to cover my body. I felt the sudden chill of the late winter air without my cover but as suddenly as I felt it, it was gone. In place is my cover, but something felt odd, another source of heat seems to be beside me, then I felt her, the warmth of her body pressing against my own making me feel a little warmer than before. But what shocked me the most at the time are my own feelings at this situation, something is definitely odd is happening inside me because somehow, I feel really cozy with her on my side.

I didn't know how long we both lay like that, I hear her every breath that goes and about the crook of my neck. I am fighting the urge to be tickled at that gesture I even fought the urge to snuggle closer to her. At the top of these moments, I suddenly become guilty of Akane's accusations of me being a pervert at that specific time. Which man who in their right mind would not feel so if there is a breathtakingly gorgeous girl beside you, the tip of her breast teasing your arm as if pleading for you to touch them?

As I begin my mind battle with myself, I felt her move beside me, shifting her position until she lay over me, her chest pressing against mine. I began to panic when she did that, knowing that this act is enough for me I decided that I should tell her off me now. I began to move and tell her to get off me when suddenly; I felt her lips capture my own.

The kiss I felt with her now is unlike the first time she had kissed me when she gave me the kiss of marriage. Unlike the first kiss she gave, this one is deeper and filled with passion. I hesitated at first but as the seconds passed by, I started to kiss her back, and I even surprised myself seeing how hungrily I answered her kiss, hugging her body closer to mine in the process. My lips continued unto pressing her lips, her teeth tugging and nipping, I felt that I couldn't hold on anymore as I slithered my tongue towards her luscious lips, begging for entry. I knew that by this time around, she already discovered that I am fully awake. Feeling her part her lips slightly to get some air, I took the chance to rummage my tongue inside her to partake her sweetness. I began to take the more aggressive role as I deepen our kiss. Gripping my shirt, she whimpered softly when she felt my hand at her waist tighten.

Releasing her, I watched her flushed face as she took deep, shuddering breaths. It made me smile to see that I have that kind of effect towards her. Gripping her body closer to me, I nuzzled her neck and smirked when I felt her stiffen. Nipping the lobe of her ear, I shifted my body over her and resumed our kiss. At first, I thought that she would be contented with it. I am so distracted with her lips that I didn't know she already took my hands in hers. I just came to my senses when I suddenly felt warm and sinuous skin underneath my palm. I suddenly gasped and backed away from her; I was just so caught with the pleasure of the kiss and was glad to have experienced it.

But this course of action is just too much for me. It made me think of how she pestered me back in Nerima and compare my situation with her here. I know for a fact that she doesn't do things this way. She might poison, trick, scare and even black mail me but she have never resorted to this type of action before. Sure she really is cute but I could never go through with this without any proper explanation, and I like to hear it, NOW. I stood up and reached for the switch of the lights and turned it on. I adjusted my eyes for a few moments before I looked at Shampoo. I planned to lecture her for what she have done today but stopped when I saw her looking down.

Concern washed all over me, seeing her state on my futon. She seemed to have lost her jovial nature. Gone was the over-optimistic side of the Amazon and the one I see in front of me is a disgruntled and depressed one. Seeing her at that state make me at once be at her side. Well, I guess I could just say that I practically took a seat just in front of her just to be sure. I don't want to let these hormones of mine to delude my reasoning.

As I stared at her beautiful face it made me think that something must really be wrong, she didn't leeched at me, not that I really want it. She then looked at me with those watery lavender eyes…

"Make love to me Ranma" she whispered.

I felt dumbstruck with the idea. I even just can't believe that I am kissing her before, feeling different ministrations as we did so and now she says to have sex with me?! I really have to learn the reason behind this now. I then looked at her disbelievingly at our situation when I heard her whispered something else.

"Please Airen"

My mind started to race even more. So then, she really is serious about this. The fiancée that I can't shake off, the fiancée that I can't seem to break up with me is now pleading for me to go on lengths with her. Now, I see a very different Amazon in front of me… I never even dreamed of something like this. Scratch that, I did dream something like this but, what's happening now; it is just too sudden and definitely much better than those on what happens in my dream. I would like to know why now more than ever to understand this situation. I opened my lips and started to voice out my words…

"Why Shampoo? I can't understand why you're doing this…"

She looked up immediately at me as if she was so shocked in my question. I guess she didn't even thought about me asking these questions. I am even shocked myself that I could even restrain myself in devouring her the moment she asked me. She continued staring at me as if she doesn't want to answer my question.

She paused for a moment, closed her eyes for a fleeting second then looked at me, determination in her eyes.

"Me needs you Ranma, by my side. I waited long, too long, I need you. This a retribution for tribe".

What she said to me even made me more confused. What's up with this retribution stuff? She didn't do anything did she?

"Did you broke a law of your tribe or something?" I asked, almost afraid of her nearness as she stooped in front of me, making me see that wonderful breast of hers when her Chinese dress she usually slept in made me peek at the wonderful sight inside. Wait a minute, I just remembered; isn't her dress supposed to be very short? Remembering it, I automatically looked at her lower half then unconsciously gulped. Her long silky legs are stalking quietly to my legs. I know that my pants are getting tighter by the second. I almost cursed myself for being easily excited, if she notices this now, my situation would really turn worse, or maybe better? No, definitely worse, that's the correct answer if modesty is to question.

"At least not yet Airen" she whispered as she closed the gap between the two of us.

Which is a bad move for me for I knew that the moment she gave me the kiss of marriage that I could not deny her. I realized for a very long time now that I lusted after her, making me rethink of it at this exact minute that maybe it isn't true. I know now that I simply don't like her bodyand her looks alone because now I realize that I love this purple goddess that is currently lip-locked with me right now, I love everything about her. I want her as much as she wants me, maybe more.

My mind was whirled into a world of ecstasy and something that I could not fathom to name at the moment as I responded to her kiss more vigorously this time and pulled her to my embrace. Temporarily, I have forgotten what we are discussing just a moment ago for I have entered to this different pleasure that I am now experiencing. She embraced me readily at my action.

My mind went blank when she straddled my lap and began to rub up against me. This action made me put her down again in my, no I mean our futon. She put my hands on her breast as she continued to kiss my lips. Our tongues clashed for the second time around. I moaned as my growing virility touched those of hers. Impatiently with the growing excitement with this new feeling as my hands went down to the hem of that Chinese dress she wore. She pulled away in a matter of seconds to let me pull it over; gasping slightly to get some much needed air.

I gasped at the sight now before me. I allowed my eyes to wander across her slim and perfect figure. Surely, those years of practice of the Amazon arts did not let her body to be muscular. Her curves are truly feminine, sexy and seem to be begging to cuddle her at that very moment. She motioned me to turn off the lights and I blindingly obeyed. Feeling my rational mind fading bit by bit and in turn my arousal growing each second, my hands started to explore. Her hands hastily pulled my shirt off me; I suddenly felt the chill of the night air, maybe mainly because she left the window where she came in, open. Her hands started wandering across my chest and back. She looks delighted at touching me but I am getting too excited. I felt myself moan before breaking the kiss.

"Don't tease me like that…" I panted, feeling my blood rush to my body which is heavily sweating. She looked at me seductively encircling her arms around me pulling me tighter.

"Why?" she asked, at that moment I feel my whole being to be consumed with lust. My hands caressed her thighs, stroking them affectionately and I moved my hands further down towards her crotch, my finger brushed her undergarments. She whimpered under my touch, feeling more confident now I spared no time taking off her remaining undergarments.

Wasting no time, her hands moved to my shorts, the only clothing that in constricting my manhood. Now, I lay naked straddling her lithe body within my frame, our bodies glistened by the pale moonlight. I looked at her lovingly; I might be imagining things at that moment because of the full moon above. But at that moment, when the light of the moon touched her face, she looks ethereal.

My face went down as I replaced my hands on her breast with my face. I proceeded to suckle her breast, while one of my hands massage the breast that that was left ignored. She arched her back when I did that. I feel happy when I know that I was the one who brought her that pleasure. I am still caressing one of her breasts as my other hand snaked down to play with her clitoris. She squirmed under my touch even more and I decided to do something different this time.

I moved my way down to her treasure and was happy to see that she was dripping wet at the sight of me. I began to suck her juices, making her squeal in delight. Encouraged, I sucked harder and then decided to add a finger into her private region. She groaned and thrashed underneath me but I didn't stop until finally her cum entered my mouth. I licked it all up before positioning myself over her. Moving into place, our hands became interlaced, palms together and fingers intertwined. She squeezed my hands gently giving me the signal that she was ready. I looked at her in the eye. Her eyes looked hazed and full of anticipation as I moved myself down.


She let out a soft sound as I entered her, claiming her virginity. She looked in pain with the process. I then recalled on the lesson in our Health subject when I am still in high school, about the girl's first time. I stayed like that for a while, fearing that I might hurt her even more if I moved. After sometime she looked fine, her face softened and she looked at me and motioned me to move on. Getting her signal, I resumed penetrating her and slowly began to thrust into her.

We quickly established a rhythm on our own. Our hips buckled each other in the process, as I thrust into her and her hips met mine halfway. I pumped into her with no abandon liking her tightness. I leaned over her and slid my member deeper and deeper into her. Quickening our pace, I feel pressure begin to build up before I heard her scream my name. I felt my body spasm as we both came, my seed released inside her.


I heard her cry at the exact time I released my own moan. I panted and slowed my pace. I collapsed onto her as we both panted to catch our breath and I kissed her again.

We lay there, side by side as we continue to gain our lost energy. The scent of our lovemaking seems to make me feel content especially when I see her close beside me like this. I felt alive just remembering what we just did a minute ago. I remembered having claimed her first and that made me feel special. Of course, I would be surprised if I am not her first being an Amazon and all. However, I hastily contradict myself. She has a beauty that could magnetize and make every species of man go crazy for her. For me having as her first is an honor.

We lay there on our back for sometime now. Shampoo, nuzzling and cuddling my chest, I didn't mind her action for I feel content while she is doing it. She then stroked my back and hair. With a naughty smile, she looked at me then grinned, I sighed seeing her beautiful face. But, my face turned to one of surprise at her next action. She stroked my member before she said something that made me too shocked to even gave a comment.

"I not knew Airen have big cock. Big like a horse…"

I unexpectedly began to get hard again. I didn't know such a gesture will make that happen to me. Feeling my lust rise again to a dangerous level, I didn't even think of resting at the time. I got up and turned over a surprised Shampoo, making her back face me and put up her knees in the process. I grinned slyly as she look back at me confused but somehow dazed.

"You should not tease someone like that"

I announced already dazed. I somehow forcibly penetrate my newly formed erection inside her. Her elbows touched the sheet of the futon to keep herself upright. I pumped into her continuously with no abandon, our juices sliding down to our legs. Shampoo moaned in delight as I went faster with each thrust. I grabbed one of her breast as I thrust deeper and deeper. Our skin slapped against each other, I felt myself groaned feeling that I just couldn't get enough of this sensation. She is so tight. I am nearing my limit once more, her inner walls constricting my enlargement and I reach my peak once again in time with hers.

Feeling exhaustion hit her, shampoo sat up on me, leaning her head on my shoulder, I think she doesn't realize it yet that we are still joined. I liked feeling myself inside her even without thrusting myself inside. It made me feel that we truly are one. As we continued our rest, I slowly disengaged myself in her, anymore of that treatment will surely make me hard again, laying the both of us on the futon totally exhausted. I then inhaled the scent we left in my room, the smell of our lovemaking with the blend of both our sweat and our normal scent. As I let my consciousness darken and let myself rest, I felt content with her at my arms as we both sleep. I pulled her closer unconsciously, securing her under my embrace. Now, she is mine and now she knew I am hers…

As the ray of sunshine wake me up the next day, I unconsciously pulled something towards me for I refuse to wake up. But, something is wrong, I don't know why but I feel something isn't right. I forced myself to open an eye, seeing that I am all alone I begin to wonder if what have happened last night was just one of those kind of dreams. I scratched my head and just decided to get up; I have to know what is wrong in this picture, I wouldn't get back to sleep anyway if I feel something wrong.

Then it hit me square in the face. I now stand in my bed, NAKED. My entire being was shocked. It now just came to me that whatever happened last night is not a dream. I even saw blood in my futon as an evidence of what happened last night. I became confused with the situation because if my friend in college told me was true, and since that was her first time with any man, I expect her to be sore all over. But what made me confused most of all is the fact that she just vanished after all that has happened between us.

I decided that maybe, she just returned to Nekohanten to tell the old ghoul about the news. I went to the table to drink some milk before going out to have some breakfast when I saw a piece of paper in the table. I picked it up eagerly, expecting a note from her before she went out. But looking closer I was surprised to know that the piece of paper that is supposed to be a note is a letter instead.


You might be surprised to see this letter you are reading right now. I would like you to know that I have abandoned my tribe. I know for a fact that I am getting into your nerves whenever I pester you before I went to you last night. You have a life to lead and like a wild horse, you deserve to be free and not meant to be apprehended by our laws and cultures. That is why I am setting you free. I hope that you are now happy; I know I will be if you are. Thank you for the times you have spent with me. I will treasure all those times especially last night.


Xian Pu

I felt my knees lost its strength after I read the letter. What does this mean? Does she really mean it when she said about setting me free? How can she do this to me?! She left me now as if nothing had ever happened between the two of us… I felt crushed, crushed and betrayed on what happened. Then I remembered our conversation before we started getting rowdy, something about retribution. Then it hit me, is this what she meant by retribution?


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