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Chapter 9

Wild Horse

By: Enigmatic Ice


This is the price I have to pay so that I could keep our friendship… I know it from the start but why am I still hurting like this?


Slowly, I cupped her face with both my hands, wanting to know if everything that's happening here is true. I want to believe that it is kind of surreal, that what she's saying is a dream… that what she's saying is a lie.

I really wanted to believe it.

I closed my eyes; I could hear her breath hitch for a moment. It all seems so natural for me to feel her face like this. Closing the gap between our faces I rest my head over hers, our foreheads touching, feeling her temperature, her breath…

I didn't say a word, well, to tell the truth, I couldn't. The moment feels sacred; I fear that if I break the silence, all the magic of the moment will be gone. The way that I'm over her laying body feels so intimate that I wouldn't mind if this position goes on a little longer.

Her hand shifted and landed on my face, it took some effort for me to suppress a moan and I definitely tried hard to keep myself from seeking her hands to touch me. I opened my eyes to see her lilac orbs looking straight into mine. She's so close; I know that the boundary between us is the only thing that is keeping me from kissing her… for doing things a normal friend wouldn't….

I know that I should back out. The rational part of me says that I should, that if I go on with it, I will break the only connection between the two of us.

But it's hard… too hard.

I'm already intoxicated with just her mere presence. Our position right now is like the moth being attracted by the blazing fire, I know I'm treading over dangerous waters, but my body won't move. I like this, I want this… I'm addicted.

"Don't do this Ranma", she said with her voice out of breath and trembling. Her eyes seem to beg, as if she wants to cry… my heart wants to cry for her.

"Why?", I answered in a soft husky whisper, the voice that expresses all of my heartbreaking despair and longing. Even just this time, even with just this, I want to be close to her, it's the only thing that I could do.

'Please Shampoo, don't take this moment away from me…'

But of course, I couldn't tell her that. I just look at her, wanting to know the answer. Her face downcast, as if she doesn't want to answer but still…

"Because… I-I might keep hoping", she whispered, her eyes averted to the sides, trying hard not to look at me with her face heating up.

That is all I needed to hear. Like a dam that broke, my right hand automatically went behind her head, the other on her back and in nanoseconds my lips are on hers, shocking her at an instant.

I don't know how, but it feels like the wild animal inside me just got released. Taking in her surprise as an advantage I thrust my tongue inside hers to make the kiss deeper. I feel so excited and as if I'm like a thirsty traveler, I kissed her urgently, needy to my hearts' content…

I could feel her responding to my kisses little by little, and it feels like she's still undecided with what is happening between the two of us. I slowed down, pulling her nape closer, kissing her deeper, wanting her to be nearer than we already are. I want her to understand that even without words, she is important to me, that my love for her is beyond words.

"I love you", I whispered in between kisses. Repeated it over and over, with every chance I get. I don't really know how or when but I'm already on top of her, hugging her, kissing her nonstop. But she didn't respond to what I said.

She didn't talk, but still continue to return my kisses. It made me wonder why, too curious that it made me stop kissing her, rolling aside and sitting up, I looked at her.

She opened her eyes, little by little, but it is still unfocused. She's still in a daze. What she looks like made me want to kiss her again but I…


I looked away, ashamed that my own feelings have gotten me in deep trouble once again. I couldn't apologize for what I did because I don't regret it at all. But… I also don't want the situation between us to be awkward once again.

Her lack of response on my confession just now only means one thing… she doesn't return my feelings…



Shampoo called me again, slowly getting up and scooting herself near me, looking puzzled. She touched my face with both her hands, making me face her. I don't want her to see me like this but I can't seem to find the strength to leave her at the same time.

"What's the matter Ranma?" she asked again… How could she talk so casually like that? Isn't it enough already that I know she doesn't feel the same? I ignored her question, my face shying away from her touch. I want to say that I don't want to see her now, that I want her to leave me alone but I know for myself that I don't want that either.

She was stilled by some moments, her hand still suspended in the air from where I shied away from her grasp. Slowly, she takes her hand back.

"Will this how you will treat Shampoo?"

"What-", I then received her fists slamming angrily on my chest, over and over. I want her to stop, but I don't understand anything that has transpired. What did I do wrong? What did I do to make her feel this angry? Out of desperation I hug her. I make sure to hug her tight to keep her from hurting both of us.

She tried to get out of my grasp, tried to get away from my embrace, but I wouldn't let her. I wouldn't let her.


She cried hard in my chest, her spirit diminishing by the second. I embraced her more… tighter, to let her feel that I'm not letting go, that I am right there beside her.

"Please don't play with me anymore…", she pleaded. "It's hurting me more than you could ever know"

So that's what it is… she's acting like this because she thinks that I'm just teasing her… that I'm just being mean. Loosening my grip, my hand navigates itself toward her, taking her chin I looked through her teary eyes.

"I don't plan to play with you"

"You're lying", she said, her face getting teary now.

"I'm not… Why would I lie to you?" I answered shifting in a more comfortable position, but keeping my arms encircled around hers.

"Then explain… what Ranma did awhile ago"

"What… Well… That… Ha ha" its funny how could she easily make me feel like a cornered rat. I'm different from her. I don't have that ability to tell people what I feel straightforward. I couldn't tell her that I acted like that because the reason is too petty, too uncool.

But what should I say now? I must think of an answer right away. Oh no! Her face is getting sad again!

"I-It's because I didn't get your answer!" I said, well, more of like shouted and… wait a minute! I said it out loud didn't I? I turn to look at her in panic, ready to create a tell tale about my answer only to be stopped mid-way because of her clueless face.

"Did Ranma ask Shampoo a question?"

WHAT? I tried my hardest to say those words to her, and she didn't even hear it! I said those three words didn't I? I know I said it!

"You're kidding right?" I asked, still unbelieving that I have to say those words again to this unsuspecting girl I'm holding.

"Shampoo didn't hear it"

Ugh! I don't want to believe it but I guess it's true… I can't believe that this stuff could really happen and it happens to me!

"You're so stupid", I whispered scuffling my hair in the process. Jeez, I could feel my face brightening up. I know I could do this, I've done it just a few minutes ago, and surely I could do this again!

"Shampoo not stupid!" her face radiates irritation right now. I know that, I know that she is not stupid but I couldn't really express my feelings that well.

"I LOVE YOU!!!" There I said it again, well more like I shouted much to my embarrassment. Those words finally shut her up.

"I know that we're just supposed to be friends. I know that I shouldn't have kissed you…" I hugged her in the process, burying my head in the crook of her neck, trying to hide my face.

"But… but I can't take it anymore. Staying as friends, I thought I could do that, that I could be your friend… I tried hard, really. I didn't know that it could be this hard. I want to see you, touch you, and kiss you… make love with you…"

I stopped, realizing that I am babbling already. How could I let myself fall so deep? She must be disgusted with me now. I stood up, finally wanting to get away.

"I guess you don't feel the same way… It's okay… I could learn to accept that. I guess that I don't have any worth to you if I'm not your husband." The last part came out bitterly, but I can't help myself, emotions are flooding out of me. Turning around, I prepare to leave.

"Please don't be bothered by my confession… I told you this just to let you know… even if the feelings are not returned."

I started to take the first step, the first step to get away from her. At last, I let her know what I feel toward her. It hurts, but still, it's bittersweet. I was startled when I felt that a hand stopped me from leaving… the next thing I know, Shampoo is hugging me from behind… burying her face on my back, muffling something.

"Ranma is so stupid"

What? What is she telling this time?

"Shampoo can't believe that Ranma can't take hint"

"What the? What are you saying Shampoo?" I asked, loosening her grip and turning around. I was surprised to receive a peck from her, on the lips nonetheless.

"I love you too silly!"

Dumbfounded, I looked at her again, wondering if what I heard is true. She's hugging me, check… she's smiling at me; also check… Did I hear it right?

"Could you say that again please"

She giggled; I bet that she's amused at me. Tightening her embrace, she tiptoed towards me and whisper clearly to my ears

"Wo Ai Ni, Ranma"

So it really is all real.

"Why? Why didn't you answer me before? I was so worked up when you didn't answer me"

"When is that?"

I blushed… didn't she really hear it? Did I really imagine myself saying those words awhile ago?

"While we're kissing…" I answered, my voice leveling down to a mere whisper. I'm just happy that we're so close that I know she could hear, my heartbeat is beating wild, I feel embarrassed but at the same time I don't know what to do.

She turned bright red with my answer, she loosened her grip on me, taking a step back she trip and she almost fall backwards. I'm glad that I got to her hand just in time to prevent her from falling. She balanced herself quite nicely, but I never let go of her hand. It seems to know that it naturally belong there.

"You all right?"


"What happened?" I was genuinely concerned. She is not the kind of woman to fall on their butts. There must be something wrong. I scoop her up and sit her down again on the field, placing her in between my legs, letting her side face me. Concern must be written all over my face but I guess it can't be helped.

She looked down. I don't know what I will do… Is she sick or something?

"I didn't hear it…"

I stopped momentarily, my eyes locking up on her, attentive on what she will say next. She suddenly looks up to me, face beet red.

"Is that what Ranma really said?" she paused clutching her hand on my shirt, looking down "Shampoo could hear Ranma saying something but… Shampoo too dazed… didn't understand what Ranma is saying."

A light chuckle escaped on my lips. I can't believe that this is happening to both of us. Our misconceptions about things are totally so absurd that any onlookers would say that we are too stupid for our own good! However, I am glad that things have finally cleared up between the two of us. I embraced her lovingly in my arms, nuzzling my nose in her hair.

"Did you know, I always wanted do this" I whispered, kissing her head at the same time. I could feel her head shaking left and right, silently saying that she doesn't know. It made me smile. It's amusing that I could talk to her so easily right now.

"Guys! They're right here!"

Both of us are surprised to hear Ukyo's voice shouting. Then I remembered that the whole gang is in town right now. The others quickly came; Shampoo and I are dumbfounded to see all them here. The old hag came first on her stick, followed by Akane and Ryoga then Nabiki and Kasumi… even Kuno is there!

Shampoo and I look at each other, finally realizing that our position is a bit too close for the public eye, I quickly distance myself, I already long for her warmth. Her eyes showed surprise. I could understand why though, I bet she's wondering why I did that and is a little hurt. But I guess that I'm still a little conservative, I snuck a kiss from her to let her know that it okay. Imagine her surprise.

"What are you two doing there?" the old hag asked, looking at our position with critical eyes.

"Nothing special just hanging out!" I said putting on a nervous smile. Of all the people who will see us, why them! "What are you all doing here exactly?"

They all look uneasy, chuckling nervously they all looked at each other, their face all landing on the old hag.

"We're just visiting here that's all!" she replied in her shrilly voice. I could guess that there must be something happening beneath all those smiles but I decided that it could wait awhile.

Standing up, I felt that Shampoo mirrored my movements. We approached the group that is so called 'my friends'. They look wary at us… it is as if they are looking for something.

"You're here to visit right? When will you plan to leave?" I ask, trying to start a friendly conversation. "Where are you all staying?"

"Oh! We're staying at the Hotel the Kuno family owns", said Nabiki, while holding the arms of her boyfriend.

"Yeah, it's a nice place Ranma, why don't you stay with us just for tonight. We're planning to at least have a two-day trip here, stay with us for at least that much", said Akane, her smile tucked just in place, then with a wicked grin she looked at Shampoo,

""Come with us too Shampoo…"

To my surprise, Kuno entered the conversation, his smile looks like he's scheming.

"However, the guests rooms are full now, since it is a busy time of the year, I suggest that you two should share a room"

At that instant, I felt that my whole body turned red because of his statement. I can imagine all the things that could transpire between the two of us in the same room, I never have guessed that Kuno could be devious enough to tease us like that, it sure is working!

Clearing my throat I told everyone that we should go see the place since it's dark already. To my relief they all agreed. We slowly walk to the nearest path to the hotel in pairs, the old hag is talking merrily with Ukyo, it made me smile to see that the old ghoul is now back to her former self, cackling madly at something that Ukyo had said. Next in line are Nabiki and Kuno, then Akane and Ryoga, walking side by side, hand in hand. The last pair is the two of us,

It's very refreshing, to see all of them once again. I missed them all. I'm feeling really nostalgic now. Then, I felt a weak tug on my sleeve. Looking at the source I was intrigued to find that Shampoo's the culprit. I questioningly looked at her, wanting to know what the problem is.

"Does Ranma not want to tell them Shampoo's relationship with Ranma? Yes?" she cutely inquired, innocence pouring and a little tinge out doubt at the same time.

My heart feels squished by that inquiry. I never know that Shampoo could even think like this, more so to accept that situation just for me. Intuitively, I know what she is getting at, that she thinks that I don't want the others to know about our relationship, but-

"Why would you think that?" I asked, a playful smile found itself into my lips, and with one single swoop, she is glued tightly in my body, her body pressing into mine with my hands making sure that she stays there and the other under her chin.

With one final touch, I gently press my lips over hers, deepening the kiss when she responded. My mind become hazy, the only thing I know now is that we are lost in the ecstasy of the kiss. I could feel her melting in my arms, I know that my knees should be strong or else we might fall on the ground.

So lost, we failed to hear the people cheering at us in the background. I even failed to remember that we have company. I could hear voices, like 'we should have known' and 'there's no need to set them up' even things like 'at last they're together' but I don't really care right now.

Who would care if I am kissing my goddess right now, right?


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