There are two purposes to this fic:

Some light-hearted fun which is something we all need

To show what would like for Naley in the future.

This fic is completely AU however. Nathan and Haley met when they were 22 and are now 27. They have been together for 5 years but are not married and do not have kids.

This started off as an oneshot but is now a 3-parter as it is way too long. I was going to have it have four parts but three worked better.

I've never seen anything written like this before and one day I was just sitting there and all these ideas poured out of me. I'm really excited to see what you all think of it!

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Summary: Nathan and Haley nine years into the future. Exactly what is their life like? Brooke Davis reveals all as Nathan and Haley make an appearance on the Brooke Davis show.

Naley on the Brooke Davis Show

Brooke Davis stood before her audience and smiled before announcing, "Tonight we have two very extraordinary and special guests. The show tonight is going to all be live so everything you see will be happening at that very moment. So please join me in welcoming the skilled and very talented NBA star Nathan Scott and the stunning singing sensation Haley James. Put your hands together for America's very own power couple: Naley!"

Nathan wrapped his arm around Haley's waist as they walked onto cheers and whistles from the standing audience. Haley stepped forward and hugged Brooke as did Nathan. Brooke motioned to the unique sofa before her and Nathan and Haley sat down in the centre of it, Haley tucked into Nathan's side.

"Aaw, you guys are so cute," Brooke took a seat opposite them in a matching sofa and cooed them. Nathan and Haley beamed back at her. "Tell me Haley, how do you get Nathan to dress so that you guys compliment each other?"

Haley laughed as Nathan rolled his eyes. Haley was wearing a baby blue tunic, white Juicy Couture skinny jeans and blue Jimmy Choo ballet flats. Nathan was sporting a blue Calvin Klein sweater and Diesel jeans with his trademark Nike trainers.

"Oh that one's simple. I don't even have to tell him. We both have sixth senses and dress so that we compliment each other," Haley giggled.

"Really?" Brooke asked intrigued.

"No!" Haley denied. "There are other ways to get him to agree and a lot of persuasion is needed."

"That sounds more like it," Brooke said dismissing her gullibility. "So let's start again. Welcome Nathan, Haley…Naley. So, five years together and you're still going strong. How do you do it?"

"Its simple-love," Haley answered.

"Love?" Brooke raised an eyebrow.

"Love-solid, pure, true love, I love Nathan," Haley looked into Nathan's eyes as he grinned down at her.

"And I love Haley," Nathan bent his head and kissed Haley softly for a minute before pulling back. A collective 'aaw' was heard in the audience and Nathan and Haley simply laughed.

"Many people have always wandered what attracted you two to each other. Care to share why you two got together?" Brooke asked.

"Damn, didn't we answer this question five years ago when we got together?" Nathan joked.

"You're kidding me right? Do you know you guys have only ever done two other private interviews excluding this one? One of those interviews was when you got together and the other was a few years back when you announced that the rumours about Haley being pregnant were not true. The only other interviews you have done were work related and not together. So I'm gonna milk this for all it's worth Nathan Scott now answer the question," Brooke ordered.

"Jeez, ok Brooke," Nathan put his hands up in mock surrender before turning to Haley and telling her what had attracted him to her. "The truth is that Haley challenged me. All my life I've gotten away with all the stunts I've pulled but she calls me on everything and I like that. She's stunningly beautiful and has such an angelic voice. She seems so innocent but I know the other side of her-the side she only shows to me-and I love that. She never fell at my feet or sucked up to me. She challenged me."

Haley's eyes had filled with tears through Nathan's little declaration. Nathan wiped away an escaped tear and kissed Haley gently. Pulling back he kissed her forehead before smiling broadly down at her.

Haley opened her mouth and began to speak, "Nathan was an individual. He was arrogant, obnoxious, rude and had this massive ego. I think my first thoughts were along the lines of 'I hate him'. But he intrigued me. I always knew there was something else to him besides his bad boy image and I wanted to know what that was."

Nathan chuckled as he thought back to the good old days. Haley had really saved him and helped him through some hard times. She had been the light of his life back then and was his life right now.

"What about now? What's Nathan like now?" Brooke asked Haley.

Haley began, "He's caring, kind, sweet…he's a whole other person, and-"

"And charming, hot, sexy," Nathan added cockily causing Haley to hit him in the chest before continuing.

"And he's charming, hot, sexy, cocky and he has such a sexy smirk-you know the one that's pretty much his trademark," Haley said to which Nathan smirked his sexy trademark.

"See? The audience probably agrees with me," Haley stated proudly causing the women in the audience to begin whistling and catcalling like a bunch of horny teenagers.

"Haley, quit trying to be my pimp!" Nathan said outraged.

"There's no way in hell I will ever let anyone else have you. You're all mine," Haley said much to the female audience's dismay.

Haley pulled Nathan to her, in another kiss, by his collars and the audience sighed dejectedly.

"So how did you guys get together? Who pursued who?" Brooke asked.

"I pursued Haley for…how long? Erm…three months," Nathan revealed.

"Yep, three months. He was so irritating but so confident and persistent! It was actually kind of cute. So in the end I agreed," Haley told.

"I think getting you to agree to go out on a date with me was one of the hardest things I've ever done. You were always so set on saying 'no'! You were harder to win over than any NBA championship title," Nathan said as Haley beamed proudly.

"You guys are so surprising with your love and relationship," Brooke commented.

"What do people want from me? Should I jump around like Cruise to make people believe that I love Haley?" Nathan asked exasperated.

"Well you could," Brooke suggested cheekily.

Nathan began to stand up but Haley pulled him firmly back down beside her.

"No you won't, I believe you and that's all that matters," Haley kissed Nathan's cheek and allowed him to wrap an arm around her waist and pull her as close to him as possible.

Throughout the five years of their relationship Nathan had always been questioned on whether or not he was good enough for Haley and questions on why they were together. When situations like this arose Nathan would begin to feel insecure causing his temper to play a part in proving everybody wrong. Haley laced her hand with Nathan's to show him that she was there and supported and loved him. Taking deep breaths Nathan tried to act unfazed while inside he cooled his anger.

"So now that we know that Nathan loves Haley enough to jump around like a crazy man, let's move on. People say that Haley has changed you Nathan, would you agree? As in many say that your anger has cooled down since you met Haley…what do you say?" Brooke asked.

"I say tell me who said that so I can hunt them down," Nathan said threateningly but in an obvious joking way so that everybody laughed instead of took him seriously. "No, honestly, yeah there are some aspects of my life that have changed under the influence of Haley such as my anger."

"Haley, what do you say about your influence in Nathan's life and his change?" Brooke now turned to Haley.

"I believe it had absolutely nothing to do with me whatsoever. People say that either I changed or helped change Nathan but it's not true. All he needed was someone to support and believe in him. I did that, the rest was up to him. I won't take the credit that is Nathan's to take," Haley said honestly.

"Aaw, you guys are so sincere about things like this. Ok, so we're gonna have to take a short break but keep on watching because after the break we have more Naley coming right up. See you after the break," Brooke said.

"Welcome back to an extra special The Brooke Davis Show where today I am joined by Nathan Scott and Haley James," Brooke greeted. "So Nathan, was Haley ever a hyper-hysterical girlfriend who always wanted to know where you were?"

"Erm…a hyper-hysterical girlfriend…I don't think I'd say she was ever a hyper-hysterical girlfriend. I think somewhere ever women has insecurities and it takes two people to understand each other. But she has calmed. At first we had insecurities as we were still discovering each other and getting to know each other. But now we've learnt to trust each other and aren't really insecure anymore," Nathan answered.

"Haley, anything to add to that?" Brooke turned to Haley.

"Sure, at first we were insecure because we came from different backgrounds and like Nathan said, we were discovering each other. But we trust each other and we have reached a stage where we are pretty much unbreakable where our insecurities lie," Haley said.

"How would you define your relationship?" Brooke asked.

"Our relationship is very difficult to define. I mean it goes beyond words. Haley is the centre of my life. She is the best thing that ever happened to me and I wouldn't know what to do without her. I wouldn't survive a day without her. I'm very thankful to God for bringing her into my life and also very lucky. She is my life," Nathan said sweetly earning him a short kiss from Haley.

"Aaw…that's so…wait, what was my next question? Jeez Nathan thanks for making me forget," Brooke said looking down at her note cards as everybody laughed at her antics. "Ok, here it is. How hard is it to be faithful?"

"If you're in love it's not an issue. Not at all! If you love someone I don't think you can even look at another person," Haley answered truthfully.

"What do you guys do when you have concerts or NBA titles to win? Do you look to each other for support?" Brooke questioned.

"Hell yeah!" Haley exclaimed. "Before Nathan I used to hide underneath a desk and sing to myself to calm my nerves. Now I just look at Nathan who always stands backstage when I'm on stage and it always calms my nerves to know that he has faith in me."

"Same here, I mean when you're in the fourth quarter of a game and you have to make the shot I always look at Haley who always says, "I believe in you." Because she believes in me it's like I believe in myself and I know that everything is going to go great. So all you basketball fans who support the Suns, look to Haley because she's the reason I keep making those shots," Nathan laughed and kissed Haley's head.

"Are you sure you guys didn't look at the questions and make up a script because your answers are so astounding and spot on?" Brooke asked. "Ok, what was it like when you met the parents?"

Nathan groaned as Haley simply laughed, thoughts of the first meetings flooding back to them.

"Nathan's parents are lovely so there was no hassle there. We got on like a house on fire," Haley said.

"Same goes for Haley's parent," Nathan agreed.

"You wouldn't be saying that if it was about siblings," Haley pointed out.

"Anything interesting?" Brooke prodded.

"Well it was definitely interesting and graphic, yeah I'd say it was graphic," Nathan admitted.

"My sister hit on him and my brothers nearly beat him up," Haley said to Brooke's arched eyebrow.

"Why?" Brooke asked flabbergasted.

"Because my sister is…a flirt to say the least, and because my brothers saw Nathan kiss me. My family is very protective of me since I'm the youngest," Haley said.

"So, your sister-" Brooke began.

"Next question please Brooke!" Nathan cut her off.

"Hey, that's my role!" Brooke admonished. "Moving on to the next question, you two are both millionaires yet you choose to live a rather simple lifestyle compared to a lavish one. Is there a reason to this?"

Nathan and Haley both laughed at how bad they were. They owned their house in Phoenix, a beach house in Miami and a house in the mountains, as well as many pristine cars. But this was nothing compared to other celebrities' assets.

"We do put ourselves to shame for being millionaires don't we sweetie?" Haley giggled.

"For millionaire we should like lavish lives but old habits die hard right? We've actually chosen to live in simplicity because it's what we've always known. Haley and I are from small towns in North Carolina, about two hours apart. We've always been accustomed to town life and so even though we live in a city, that's never gonna change," Nathan explained.

"Yep, we're town's people at heart," Haley added.

"So your towns are two hours apart?" Brooke clarified.

"Yep, it's always made trips home that much easier. I mean talk about meeting the parents," Haley laughed.

"Ok, it's that time again people," Brooke laughed. "We'll be back after the break."

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