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Some people were confused on the whole fight thing with Damien West in part two. Basically, Nathan had a fight with Damien but nobody knows what it was about. It was actually over Haley, sort of like in the show, because Damien made a rude remark about Haley and Nathan beat him for it.

Exaggeration and stress is in bold.

Enjoy the last part!


Naley on the Brooke Davis Show

"Welcome back folks," Brooke greeted before turning to Nathan and Haley. "Naley, are we gonna be hearing baby footsteps or wedding bells anytime soon? There has been recent speculation Haley, that you are pregnant."

"Are you saying I'm fat?" Haley gasped offended.

"No…we…do you think Haley's fat Nathan?" Brooke blurted after coming to a blank.

"What? Haley's perfect-she's got all the right curves in all the right places," Nathan kissed away Haley's reproachful look.

"I'm not pregnant," Haley confirmed. "I'll even pee on a stick if you want me to."

"How many children do you guys want?" Brooke moved on.

"Six," Nathan said at the same time that Haley said, "One."

"Nathan, we just discussed this the other day. I am not giving birth to six children," Haley sighed.

"Well you're not giving birth to just one," Nathan countered.

"Nate, I'm from a family of six. Either you fought or you were ignored or something else," Haley tried to explain.

"Well Hales, I was an only child and it sucks being alone," Nathan argued.

"I understand that but I'm not having six kids," Haley said stubbornly.

"Why not?" Nathan whined.

"Because I'm the one that's gonna be as fat as a whale and have the morning sickness and the nausea and the swollen ankles. Plus I'm the one that has to go through child birth!" Haley listed.

"I'd be there with you. Besides your mum did it," Nathan pointed out.

"My mum is Supermum-I am not!" Haley exclaimed.

"Fine then 5," Nathan gave in.

"One," Haley remained adamant.





"Deal!" Nathan called. "But we'll continue discussing this later."

"It's a date," Haley declared.

"Erm…I'm kind of scared to ask about marriage now," Brooke hesitated.

Nathan and Haley laughed at Brooke's nervousness.

"So when do you guys wanna tie the knot?" Brooke asked.

"As soon as possible," Nathan stated.

"Amen to that," Haley called.

"How about tomorrow?" Nathan looked to Haley with sparkling eyes.

"Amen to that," Haley declared.

Nathan and Haley both laughed at Brooke's slightly scared and slightly shocked look.

"Erm…I'm kinda lost. Did you guys just agree to marry tomorrow?" Brooke laughed nervously.

"Erm…yes," Haley confirmed.

"But it was a joke," Nathan added.

"Not that we take marriage as a joke or anything," Haley spoke.

"Because we don't," Nathan emphasised.

"So…wedding bells?" Brooke asked.

"I guess when we're ready it'll happen," Haley said.

"And are you ready now?"

Haley linked her hands with Nathan's and looked deep into his eyes, "Yes."

"So Haley, if Nathan proposed to you right now, what would be your answer?" Brooke asked.

"I guess you'll find out if he does," Haley winked.

Nathan abruptly stood up and pulled Haley with him, fishing in his pocket.

"Nathan, what are you doing?" Haley asked confused.

"Finding out what your answer would be," Nathan replied opening the box to reveal a simple platinum ring with two encrusted diamonds sitting either side of a larger diamond. Upon closer inspection, the words Haley, be my always and forever, Nathan, could be read from the engraving on the under side of the ring.

Haley gasped as Nathan bent down on one knee and took her left hand in his right and positioned the ring at the base of Haley's ring finger.

"I've never been good with words, that was always Lucas' area of expertise, but I'll try," Nathan laughed nervously but looking up into Haley's glistening eyes, he found the strength to go on. "Our love can't be described with words. It could be described as amazing, unique, and beautiful and these are all so right yet so far from the truth. The truth is that what we have is superior to anything else that exists. Haley, we've been together for five years and for these five years I've called you my girlfriend but I don't want to anymore. I want to introduce you as my wife and call you Haley Scott. I want to grow old with you. I want us to have children together that'll drive us up the wall by running riot but it won't matter. I want everything we could possibly have and I want it with you. I want us to be together forever…always and forever right? I want you to be my girl forever. So Haley James, would you do me the honour of becoming Mrs Haley Scott and marry me?"

Haley was completely taken aback. She opened her mouth but no words escaped. Nathan had rendered her speechless. Haley's eyes filled with tears as she looked deep into Nathan's soul through his eyes and saw the everlasting love, promise and unconditional desire laid there.

"Yes," Haley whispered.

"Yes?" Nathan asked.

"Yes," Haley confirmed with a more stable voice.

Nathan pushed the ring securely on to Haley's finger and stood up. Kissing her he spun her around, their heads falling back, their arms encasing the other and joyous laughter ringing. Nathan gently lowered Haley to the ground and brushed the few fallen strands of hair from her face. Their eyes locked in an intense gaze and Nathan bowed his head so that his lips were an inch from Haley's.

"I love you," Nathan whispered.

"I love you too," Haley whispered.

Nathan crashed his lips onto Haley's in a breathtaking kiss. Nathan's tongue ran circles around Haley's and Haley raked her hands through Nathan's hair. Fireworks exploded as their tongues explored the familiar territory of the other's mouth, their moans chiming. Pulling away from Haley Nathan caressed the side of her face.

"I'm pregnant," Haley whispered.

"W-What?" Nathan asked shocked.

"I'm pregnant," Haley confirmed. "I just found out this morning."

"I…you…we're pregnant!" Nathan shouted spinning Haley around and kissing her again.

The moment couldn't get any better for either of them. In the space of a few minutes they'd gone from being a couple to engaged to parents. It was simply too much to digest.

"Congratulations!" Brooke squealed flying into their side and enveloping them in a death grip-or in Brooke's world, a hug.

"Thank you," Haley said as they broke away and reclaimed their seats.

Haley canoodled into Nathan's side as he held onto her tightly.

"Let me see the ring," Brooke demanded putting her hand out.

Haley outstretched her arm and showed Brooke the ring proudly.

"Romeo, it's not big enough," Brooke complained.

"Nonsense, it's perfect," Haley objected examining the ring with a beatific smile.

"What were you thinking Romeo?" Brooke asked disbelievingly.

"The ring was simple and elegant just like Haley," Nathan explained.

"Did you know anything about this proposal?" Haley asked Brooke.

"Nope, I'm as surprised as you are about it. Now tell me about this pregnancy," Brooke swiftly changed the subject.

Nathan gave Haley's shoulders a light squeeze as a jolt of joy, anticipation and excitement struck him.

"I took the test this morning when Nathan was running and voila, I'm pregnant," Haley answered before turning to Nathan. "I was gonna tell you tonight when we got back home but then you proposed and it just seemed so right and…"

"It's okay," Nathan grinned lopsidedly. "We're having a baby!"

"So only two left to go," Brooke said.

"We have time," Haley grinned.

"So, you still getting married tomorrow?" Brooke further baited.

"No, let us enjoy the engagement first and then we'll get onto the marriage," Haley winked at Nathan evocatively.

"We should've gotten engaged sooner," Nathan sighed.

"Why didn't you?" Brooke couldn't resist.

"I don't know. I mean I do and it sounds like such a bad thing to say and such a lame excuse but in our case it's true. Life kept getting in the way and there was never the right time to do so," Nathan tried to explain so that Haley would understand. She nodded with twinkling eyes. She understood better than anyone.

"So what's the next move for Naley?" Brooke asked.

"We live happily ever after," Haley leaned in and kissed Nathan.

"So that's our show people. Thank you for joining us…and the rest is indeed a fairytale for Naley. Goodnight," Brooke closed and the show ended.

That was so much fun to write and I had to end with a fairytale! Everybody that knows me knows that I love my fairytales and no matter how much bad stuff happens in my stories, I always try to end with a fairytale ending.

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