This short piece I wrote after seeing the second season episode Too Much Information.

Hope you like it. ENJOY!

Disclaimer: Boston Legal and the characters are not mine. I borrowed them just for fun and promise to give them back without a scratch.

Sometimes I do like Alan Shore

Paul Levinston was currently working himself through a complicated case by reading what Denny would call a thick file. Shirley had asked him to sit second chair with her on this case the next week and Paul wanted to be prepared. Looking at his watch Paul saw that it was nearly ten in the morning and called for his assistant for a cup of coffee. But no one came. Annoyed Paul stood and looked out of his office only to note, that no one was there. Sighting Paul went to get his coffee by himself.

On his way he heard a commotion down the corridor, increasingly getting louder. Now more than a bit annoyed and a little curios, maybe he followed the noise. After the last corner Paul was greeted with the sight of Catherine Piper selling sandwiches, cake, fruits and so on. The old lady was happily chatting with her customers and obviously enjoying herself. A few feed from the crowd stood Alan Shore, watching the scene with a self-satisfied expression.

Paul had heard that Alan had gotten Catherine of two robbery cases within the last days using his – unique persuading abilities. Paul was sure he did not want to know any details. He was not in the mood to have another run-in with Alan. Alan Shores disregard for certain rules would always be a sore spot.

Observing Alan for a while Paul somehow suspected the younger man to have something to do with Catherine's new – occupation. He stepped beside the younger man.

"So – you are in the sandwich business now?" he asked, following is instincts.

Alan Shore did not even blink, when he answered: "Silent investor."

Smiling Paul went to get is coffee.

Back in his office Paul was greeted by the presence of Shirley Schmidt.

"Have you seen it?" she asked, gesturing down the corridor.

"You mean our new sandwich-woman?"

Shirley nodded: "I'm not sure, if I should be relived by the fact, that everyone will get hers or his sandwich in the morning or if I should be angry, that Catherine Piper is back." She admitted. "After all she was fired for killing a client. Besides that, she has been arrested for robbery two times this week. How Alan got her out of that I do not really want to know. OH NO!" Shirley paused, looking at Paul. "He didn't!"

Paul nodded: "He did! He called himself a silent investor!"

Shirley was silent for a moment. Than, her sense of humor won. "He is devious, isn't he?" she chuckled.

Paul allowed himself to smile back. "Indeed! As we should know."

Shirley stood. At the door she turned around: "You know, sometimes I really like Alan Shore!" she said and left.

Paul stared at the door. No one heard him when he quietly said: "As do I."