Before I wrote a poem about Netto from Rockman's point-of-view. Now here's one from Netto to Rock.

Disclaimer: I don't own Rockman


Hold On
By Serenade of Light

Hold on to me

And don't let go

Let me know you're there

With love

And support

And even concern

Tell me you'll never say good-bye

That when I look

That you'll be there

Ready to answer my cry

And to laugh with me

(Or even at me)

Just anything at all to remind me

That you are always by my side

That even when I kick the pricks

(Or the nearest pole)

You'll wait forever

Like you always do

Despite the pain I cause you

To comfort me

And calm me

And drive me in the right direction

(After all, that's just what I tend to need)

Give me anything

To let me feel

I am not alone

That someone knows me

And looks out for me

That someone's there to guide me

Please never leave me



I beg you

Hold on tight

I'll hold you too

Never abandon me

Be there


My brother

My friend

My heart

Hold on

Never let go