I have been thinking of this story for some time now, but I didn't really want to write it.

I decided to get the story out of my mind, and thus this chapter was made. This story is much darker that any of my other stories.

Warning: Yaoi, RAPE, violence and graphical sex. I think that covers it...

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I smirked as I smashed the ball just inside the line, scoring another point.

"Game set and match, Kirihara. Game count 6-0".

'It's over already?' I thought disappointed, not even feeling tired.

I watched at my opponent and gave him the 'you-suck'-look. My opponent (some second year punk from who-knows what school) gave me the death stare. Like that scares me.

I walked over to the net and reached out my arm.

"Better luck next time, loser" I whispered as we shook hands.

I realized seconds later that I shouldn't have said that. He lifted his racket and smacked me in the temple.

I couldn't even react before the impact. The last thing I remember before everything went dark was the guy giving me a sadistic smile

"Don't think I'll let you go with just this…"


I slowly opened my eyes. The sharp light hurt my eyes, so I shut them fast and groaned.

"Hey, I think he's waking up" I heard someone say.

I decided to open my eyes to see where the voice was coming from.

The first think I remember was something red and something extremely yellow.

I rubbed my eyes and tried looking again.

"Oh, Marui-senpai it's just you"

"Now what is that supposed to mean?" Marui asked indignantly.

My eyes had finally started focusing and I realised that the rest of the team was there too.

That reminds me…Where is this?

"Where are we?" I asked my senpai-tachi.

"We are in the hospital. You've got a serious concussion" Yagyuu kindly informed me.

"Yeah, you deserved it too, brat" Niou smirked at me.

I decided to ignore him. Mostly because my head hurt too much for me to come up with a reply.

"Wow, his head must be really messed up if he won't even say a 'che'" Niou mused.

"Stop your teasing" Sanada said strictly.

I was about to stick my tongue out at Niou, but the door opened and a man wearing a white coat entered.

"So you've finally awakened Kirihara-san. How are you feeling?" he asked with a kind smile.

"It feels like someone used my head as a tennis ball" I answered truthfully.

"Actually I guess you can say that someone did use his head as a tennis ball" Niou informed.


The doctor laughed softly. "Yes, I heard what happened" he took something from his pocked and bent over me.

"I'm just going to take a little check on you" ha said as he flashed my eyes.

I felt my head starting to hurt more as the sharp light scorched my eyes.

The pain made me nauseous, and I shoved the doctor away hard.

"Akaya, what are you-" Jackal was cut off as I bent over the side of my bed and emptied my stomach.

Marui leaped away from me as I hurled.

"Don't throw up on me" he yelled shocked.

"Oh God, please forgive me" I said sarcastically and sank down into the pillow.

"The concussion is more serious than I thought" the doctor muttered as he wrote something on a piece of paper.

"But he's going to be fine again, right?" Yanagi asked as he also wrote down weird things in his notebook.

"Yes, after all it is only a concussion, but still, concussions shouldn't be underestimated. I'll keep him over night for observation. You can go home if you want".

My teammates left the room and I closed my eyes.

Ahh…finally I can get some sleep.

Not before I thought that, someone shook my shoulder.

"I'm sorry, but no sleeping tonight Kirihara-san"

I glared dumbly at the doctor above me.

"Why not?"

"Because you're suffering from a severe concussion. Sleep could worsen everything. You can even end up in a coma and die, so no sleeping before we find out what's wrong with you.

"Thanks for the cheerful message" I said sarcastically.

The doctor laughed a little. "I'm not trying to scare you. I'm just telling you the truth so that you won't sue me if you fall asleep and everything worsens".

"You know, I'm not American" I said indignantly.

The doctor laughed again. "I've brought you some movies you can watch and some manga to read. I'll check in on you every 20 minutes to be sure that you won't fall asleep" with that the doctor left me alone.

I slumped down in the bed. I was bored already.


Two days later I was released from the hospital. Having only slept a few hours in three days had made me incredibly cranky. Well, that is only normal.

My mom picked me up, and when I finally arrived I dived in my bed and slept for twelve hours.

Oh, the satisfaction.

The next day I woke up early and went to school.

The doctors had permitted me to go to school, but I was not allowed to do anything straining, so no tennis practice for a week.

I bit my lip bitterly. This week was going to be a long and boring one.

Sanada had decided that I was to be present at morning and afternoon practice and watch.

Sometimes I think he likes to see me suffer.

The rest of the week was so boring that I seriously considered taking up knitting, just to pass the time. Of course I didn't really do that.

And as if my life wasn't bad enough right now, when I finally was allowed to attend practice again, Sanada refused me any hard training for another week.

Oh, the pain.


Friday finally came. No more stupid school.

As I changed Marui came over to me.

"So, Kirihara. We're all going out today, and we wondered if you wanted to come with us?"

"But isn't this your only-third-years-allowed quality time?" I asked curiously.

Marui flinched at what I said. "You make it sound stupid"

I snickered. "My sincerest apologies" I joked and we both laughed.

"Well, we wanted you to come, but just this once" Marui said persuading.

"Sure I'll come. My mom is away on a business trip anyway"

Marui gave me an approving smile.


As Jackal had informed me, Niou was in charge of finding a place for us to hang out this week. So of course we ended up in a bar.

As Niou drank questionable liquids and chatting with some drunken ladies, I barely touched my drink. I don't really drink, but decided I'd at least have one glass before retreating.

I can't believe that Sanada actually allowed us all to drink. After all we're all minors.

When I asked him, he shot be a glare and mumbled something about not being our mother.

After a few hours of drinking and bullshitting I decided to call it the day and put on my jacket.

"Are you going already?" Marui pouted.

"Yeah, I'm really tired so I'll just go home. Thanks for inviting me, it was…interesting".

I walked fast out of the bar and started on the long way home.

It was late so the busses didn't go anymore.

I hurried a little, feeling scared with only the street lamps as light.

As I turned a corned I heard some noise in an alleyway before me. I stopped, but knew I had to walk by it to get to my house.

"Come on Akaya. You're just a few blocks from your house" I muttered to myself trying to relax.

I breathe in deeply and started to run. Just as I was about to pass the alleyway, something big came out and I smashed into it. I was sent flying backwards and hit the ground hard.

'I really hope I didn't get another concussion' I thought fast, but my head didn't even hit the asphalt.

I slowly raised and tried looking at what I had bumped into. It was really dark so I didn't see anything.

The thing on the ground grunted and I realised it was a person.

"Ano, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run into you. Are you ok?"

"Akihiko, what's taking you so long?" a voice said from the alleyway.

I started panicking again. Maybe I should run away. The guy on the ground didn't seem to be in pain, and his friends were there to help him if it was needed.

I had just decided to run when a hand gripped my shoulder and twirled me around forcefully.

And I looked right into the face of the person who had smacked me in the head with a racked.

"Well, if it isn't little mister tennis brain?" the guy smirked evilly.

Is it just me, or was that the lamest insult you've ever heard.

I decided I didn't want to stay here any longer and slapped his hand away from my shoulder.

"Well, if it isn't the big headed pussy face. I would've loved to stay and chat about your non-existing tennis skills, but I have something more important to do. Later" I said and walked away.

Moments later I found out why people say; never show your back to an enemy.

Something hard hit me in the left shoulder and the pain shot down my spine.

"Not so cocky now, are we?" the guy looked at me and hit me across the face.

I stumbled over the guy on the ground and fell down hard again.

"Wake up Akihiko" the second year nudged the guy on the ground groaned.

"What is it Sawada?"

Sawada looked at me with an almost crazy look in his face.

"We've gotten ourselves a new toy"

The guy on the ground, Akihiko, raised himself clumsily from the ground and eyed me with a weird glint in his eye.

Before I could do anything, he charged at me and kicked me in the stomach.

I gasped in pain and fell on the side, holding my stomach. I tried desperately to catch my breath when I felt a sharp pain in my back. Moments later another blow at my back made me wince in pain.

"Bastards" I huffed, barely being able to breathe.

A hand gripped my hair harshly and dragged me into the alley.

I screamed in pain, but was cut of when I was kicked in the face.

Everything went silent for a few seconds and I wondered if I lost my hearing. The dull pain made me nauseous again and soon after darkness took me.


I opened my eyes, to find another unfamiliar ceiling. I could now focus again, and tried to sit up. Only to find out that I was cuffed to a bed.

When I saw this I started to panic. Horrible things were going through my mind.

Suddenly I felt a hand sliding up my stomach and lingered by my chest.

I shuddered with fear and disgust.

The guy known as Sawada was looking at me with lust in his eyes.

"Ever since that match I've wanted to violate you, and now I can finally do that"

His fingers gripped one of my nipples and pinched it hard.

I yelped and cringed in the bed, trying to get away.

"Don't even bother to try and escape. You'll stay here until I let you go" Sawada smirked and bent down to kiss me.

I wanted to puke and bit his lip in despite, but that only made him moan.

"I like it when they're resisting" he said and continued to kiss me.

He ripped open my shirt and started biting my collarbone.

All the time I tried not to make any sound. No way in Hell I'll give in to this bastard.

Sawada than bit down on one nipple, and I had to bite my tongue to prevent myself from crying out.

He then reached my pants, and started to take of my belt.

I felt my heart starting to beat faster. This is it…He is going to…

I felt tears sting in my eyes, but tried to blink them away. I wouldn't want the asshole to see me giving in for him. Never.

Sawada pulled off my pants and boxers, leaving me almost naked.

I tried to hide myself, but knew it didn't work.

"Please stop. Don't do it" my voice suddenly said. I felt a pang of fear when I actually realized what he was going to do. Call me slow, but I guess I didn't grasp the situation.

I thought he just wanted to fool around, trying to get revenge. But he was definitely going to do it.

I wailed and pulled the handcuffs, but knew it was futile.

Sawada grabbed my knees and forced my legs apart.

"N-no…please" I begged as he placed himself between my legs. I could feel his bare erection against my thigh. I tried kicking him, and he smacked my face again.

He roughly swung my left leg over his shoulder, and I felt something press against my hole.

I stared at him in fear and fell a tear falling down my chin.

"Please, stop it" I repeated many times, but he didn't hear. In one swift motion he pressed into me.

I screamed as the pain shot through my body. I felt tears flowing from my eyes, but I didn't try to hide them anymore.

Over me I faintly heard a groan. "Looks like you ripped. I guess this is your first time. You're so damn tight" he mumbled nonsense as he started thrusting in and out.

I started seeing white spots as he kept slamming into me.

I cried and screamed and even begged him to stop, but he didn't hear.

"Ah…no, please…it hurts" I cried until my voice became hoarse.

Sawada started speeding up and slammed hard into me as he came. His semen stinged as it entered my wounds.

He pulled out of me and laughed menacingly.

"That was so enjoyable, I almost want to do it again"

I felt fear rise in me again. I don't think I could stand going through that again.

"Please, no more. I'm begging you, no more" I whispered.

"You finally know your place, dog. Tell me, who is your master?"

"You" I answered bitterly

"Good boy. I will let you go…for now" he bent over me and uncuffed me, but I was so exhausted that I didn't even realise it.

Sawada bent down and whispered into my ear "If you tell anyone that I did it, you're going to regret it. I have contacts and will not hesitate to harm those close to you" with that he left me there, not being able to move. Everything hurt, but most of all else, I felt disgusted.

I slowly put my pants on and reached for my cell phone.

I knew I wouldn't be able to get anywhere without help, so I decided to call the one I trusted the most.

"Hello?" his voice sounded like heaven to me and I started crying violently.

"Yanagi, please help me".

So that was it (Hides from angry mob)

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