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Packing is a bitch, I've concluded. I didn't think I owned so many stuff. And I actually found an old gum behind my desk.

It was disgusting.

Putting the last thinkg in the box, I carried out and put it in the moving truck.

The truck would transport our things to England by boat, and was therefore leaving two days before us.

We didn't bring out furnitures, because we got those free when we moved.

Cool, right?

I walked back in the house and sighed. It was very empty.

I went into my room and closed the door. The sound echoed through the house. A hollow sound.

I looked at my room. Except for the bed, desk and closet, it was empty.

'I guess this is no lenger my room'.

Laying down on the bed, I tried to get some sleep. A picture of a bloody body flashed through my mind, and I opened my eyes.

I hadn't been able to sleep at all since the storage incident.

See, now even I have started saying things like; incident and situation.

It's contagious.

I also had packed down my tennis stuff, so I couldn't go out an play.

I thought two days would be forever, but I was wrong. They passed in no time.

And now it was time for leaving.

I pushed my bag with clothed into the backseat of the car.


I jumped and quickly turned around. There stood everyone from the Rikkaidai regulars tennis team.

"Guys" I said awestruck.

"You didn't think we wouldn't come and say goodbye?" Yukimura smiled sadly.

"Buchou. Are you alright being out of the hospital?"

"Idiot" Sanada said. "He's been out of the hospital for a while now".

I frowned slightly. I must have overheard it.

Yukimura smiled and hugged me slightly.

"I'm going to miss you" he whispered softly.

"Yeah, but I'll write" I reassured.

"No, you won't " Niou said sarcastically.

I flipped him the bird, earning a slight scolding look from Yukimura.

"I'm sure that Akaya won't forget to contact us" Yanagi said.

"I won't" I smiled.

"Akaya, are you ready?" mom said as she closed the front door.

"Oh, hello" she said as she noticed the others.

"Hello" thay said back, bowing.

"Thank you for taking care of my son up until now" mom said and bowed slightly back.

She motioned to the car and got in.

I looked at the regulars, knewing I wouldn't see them anytime soon.

"Well…" I stottered. "I-I'm not really that good with goodbyes".

The other laughed.

"Neither are we".

"Well, then" I waved slightly before going to the car.

I looked at the gang and saw that one was missing.

"Where is Marui?"

The others immediately rubbing the back of their heads.

"I-I think he's…sick today" Jackal stottered.

Obviously a lie.

"Oh, well. Say goodbye to him for me" I smiled.

But inside I was fuming. He could at least say goodbye. And I who wanted to say something to him…

There was a short farewell/hugging sequence going on. Even Niou laid off his sarcastic remarks and hugged me lightly.

I waved before getting in the car.

"You ready?" mom asked.

"As ready as i'll ever get"

And then we drove off.


"Flight 890 to Norfolk is starting its boarding. Passagers please head to gate 13". (A/N: I really don't know what they say in england (or Japan) so please let it go, if it's very wrong..hehe)

We stormed through the airport to gate 13. Of course there was traffic on the way here, so we were running late.

We reached the gate and I slumped down in a chair. luckily there were many people going to Norfolk, so I could take a rest.


I looked up when someone mentioned my name, and gaped.


I got up from the chair and looked at him.

"I thought you were sick"

Marui laughed. "It was lame, I know. Not coming to say goodbye".

"So you came all the way here to say goodbye instead?" I joked.

"Yes" Marui smiled sadly.

"I don't want to end it like this".

"End it?" what was he talking about?

"You're leaving forever right? But I still love you".

"S-senpai" I stottered.

"I know I'm bothering you, but…I can't help but feel this way".

He smiled earnestly then before hugging me tightly.

"Promise to come visit?"

I hugged him back, and laughed.

"Perhaps. It's a long way from Japan to England".

Then I leaned in and kissed him.

Marui's eyes widened with shock.

"W-what?" he stottered as we broke apart.

"I love you. Goodbye" I whispered in his ear before leaning in for another kiss.

This time when he broke apart, I left for the check-in desk. Showing them my passport and ticket, I quickly left for the plane.

I didn't look back once, because I knew that if I did, I would've run back to him.

It's really stupid, right. That you don't know what you got before it's gone.

I sighed and sat down beside mom.

"You all right, honey?" she asked worriedly.

"I'm fine. Just a little sad".

"Sad that it's over?"

Over, heh…It never really started.

The plane took off and I looked out the window until I could no longer see Japan.

I guess this is the end

…But then again, the end is just the beginning of something new.

The End

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