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December 9th 3:00 PM

"Guys, we're home!" Taylor yelled as she shut the door to he apartment behind her.

"We're in here!" The girls heard Troy voice coming from Chad's bedroom.

Gabriella walked through the dining room and into Troy's bedroom to drop off her plethora of shopping bags. Taylor continued into Chad's room where she found Troy and Chad overly relaxed on beanbag chairs sipping beers and watching basketball on TV.

"What the hell is your deal Troy?" Taylor whispered intensely.

"What are you talking about?" Troy said, leaning forward and putting his beer bottle down on the bookshelf beside him.

"You know she is super emotional and you are leading her on." Taylor responded pointing an accusing finger at Troy.

"I'm not leading her on….Jesus Taylor. Calm down." Troy said as he sat back and shifted his focus back to the game on TV.

"Are you kidding me Troy!? You are leading her on. At this moment, you and I are both aware that you are in no position to be telling her that you two are going to be fine. I think you have some things to deal with before you go making promises that you two are getting back together." Taylor said in a hushed tone as she sat down on the bed with her back to the door.

"I'm not sure I know what you are referring to…And who says we are going to get back together?" Troy said without moving his eyes from the television set in front of him.

"Well, first of all, Gabriella said you are going to get back together. She said that you seemed ready to jump back in and she totally agrees. And I'm referring to your girlfriend Troy." Taylor said sharply.

"My girlfriend?" Troy said as he looked at the floor.

"Last I checked, you hadn't broken it off with Kelly yet." Taylor whispered.

"Taylor, you have no business in the relationship I have with Kelly." Troy said biting the inside of his lip.

"Troy, when your relationship has the potential to hurt my best friend, then yes, it absolutely is my business." Taylor said.

"Tay, Troy is right. You can't protect Gabi forever." Chad piped in.

"Troy, do you honestly have any intention of being done with Kelly and trying to make things work out with Gabriella?" Taylor said completely ignoring Chad.

"Shit. This is complicated. Yes. I think." Troy managed to say through a cracking voice.

"Well, which relationship means more to you?" Taylor asked, looking Troy directly in the eyes.

"Taylor, if it was that easy, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I have a long history with both of them. Gabriella was my first love…but I lost her. Then I found Kelly. And I do feel like I fell in love with her. I still love Kelly. But honestly, I don't see myself being with her forever. She and I have lost what we had; I love her more as a sister now than as a girlfriend. But Gabriella…originally I thought that I just wanted to be with her forever because she was my first, now I realize that I could really spend my life with her." Troy said honestly.

"Well then Troy, I would suggest ending it with Kelly and telling Gabi how you really feel about her." Taylor said reaching for Chad's beer and taking a sip.

"I know. That would definitely be the logical thing to do. I'm just going to wait to say anything more to Gabi until I get the Kelly thing sorted out." Troy said.

"Dude, you have been saying that things weren't right with Kelly for a while now. It should be a clean break, she probably doesn't feel much different about it." Chad interjected.

"That's true. But, I do feel bad. She always was worried about me going back to Gabriella." Troy responded.

"Just because you don't want to be with Kelly in a romantic relationship anymore doesn't mean that you can't be friends. I'm sure she will understand, and if she doesn't, well that's her problem." Chad said.

" I guess you are right. And Gabriella is the one who I'm really in love with. I can't deny my feelings for her just to make Kelly feel better." Troy concluded.

"Smart boy Troy. I knew you had it in you." Taylor said smiling.

Taylor handed Chad back his beer and walked out of the bedroom toward Troy's room.

"Hey Gabs? Sorry about that, I just had to chat with Chad real quick." Taylor walked into Troy's room to find it empty. "Gabriella?" she shouted again.

She walked into the living room and found it vacant. She glanced over to the dining table and noticed a piece of paper in the spot where Gabriella had placed her purse when they first returned home.

"Oh shit." Taylor said under her breath as she picked up the note and began to read.


I'm sorry to leave like this. I just don't feel like me living here is really the best thing for me and the baby. I will be fine. Please just give me some time to figure things out before you call me and try to convince me to come back. Thank you for your help anyway.


"Chad!" Taylor yelled.

"What's the matter?" Chad said as he emerged from his room with Troy following close behind.

"This…" Taylor said as she held out the piece of paper for Chad to read.

"Shit. That is not good." Chad said scratching his head. "What happened today Taylor?"

"Nothing! We went to lunch and she was fine!" Taylor yelled, beginning to get hysterical. She began rummaging feverishly through her bag.

"What are you doing Taylor?" Chad asked as he moved over to his girlfriend and placed his hand on the small of her back.

"I'm calling her." She said as she pulled her phone out of her bag and started to open it.

Chad calmly reached over and took the phone from Taylor's hand and put it down on the table.

"What are you doing Chad?" Taylor asked angrily as tears started to well in her eyes.

"Taylor, she asked you not to call her. Why don't you just wait until she is ready? She will call you when she is ready babe." Chad said.

"No Chad. I can't just let her go off on her own!" Taylor said as Chad wrapped her in his arms.

"Taylor, you aren't her mother. She is a grown woman and she can take care of herself. Just let her go. When she is ready, she will come to you." Chad said trying to reassure Taylor.

The two of them moved over to the couch and sat down. Troy stood in silence as a million thoughts raced through his head, every single one revolving around Gabriella.


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