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Elizabeth Turner watched as her husband walked away from her, towards the rowboat that would take him back to his ship. She drank in his form, knowing that she wouldn't see him for ten years. It's so long. I don't think I can do this.

Will was thinking along the same lines. Before going back to his ship, he turned to look back. Elizabeth, the girl he had loved since their meeting, the girl who he had thought would never have him, the girl he had risked death and destruction for. When he was finally sure that her heart belonged to him, he had to be taken away from her for ten years. That's a long time.

They stood staring at each other for a few moments, then Will turned away to go back to the Flying Dutchman. That was when Elizabeth decided.

She ran to him, and shouted, "Do you expect me to go ten years without seeing you?"

Not giving him time to answer (that would have taken awhile anyway; he seemed too stunned to speak) she kneeled before him. "I pledge my loyalty and service," she said, "to you and to the Flying Dutchman until you wish to release me, even if that will never happen."

Regaining his tongue, he tried to make her see reason. "Elizabeth, don't do this. Don't throw away your life like this for my sake."

"What is my life," she responded, "if not with you?"

Being unable to answer, she continued. "I love the sea as much as any man. And if you really wish me to be on land, command me to do so. But I will not be away from you for so long a time. It would be unbearable. This way I can do what I want and be with you for eternity, if you so wish."

"Would you really be happy taking orders from me?"

"I will carry them out to the best of my ability. As long as I can be with you."

Will was touched and ecstatic at this proclamation of devotion; she loved him as much as he did her.

"Where will I keep my heart, then?"

"Can you not put it back where it belongs?"

He handed it to her. "It always has belonged there."

"Then I will keep it with me. As long as you don't turn into a monster like your predecessor, you need not be worried about it's safety."

"I don't think I would ever have the ability to be as cruel as he."

"Well then, you have nothing to worry about." And she kissed him.

"Serve well."

"You know I will."

He waited for her to enter the boat first. Yet she didn't take the hint. "Captain Turner," she said, waving him into the boat before her. Unable to protest, he did so, and she pushed it off the island and rowed them to the Dutchman. When they got there, again Elizabeth waited for him to board first. Then, ignoring his hand, she pulled herself up the ladder onto the ship she was now to serve. "I'm no longer a delicate lady, as you've probably noticed," she told him. He nodded, understanding at her want for independence. Bill Turner smiled at the happiness of his son, who had found a way to have the best of both worlds.


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