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North America: Jump City, California: Titans Tower: 9:13 p.m.

The room was devoid of any light, except for a single desk lamp. It brought light to newspaper clippings, manila files, pens, and various crumbled papers scattered across the desk and the floor surrounding it. One pencil rattled incessantly against the desk. A green gloved did the rattling, as the lamp light slid up and down its shiny smooth surface. That glove covered a muscular arm connected to a likewise muscular body costumed in tight, red, green, and yellow spandex. Lightweight yet strong, a black and yellow cape hung from the shoulders. Spiky jet black hair rose from the top of a fair skinned head. Masked eyes glared down at a pile of papers on the desk, frustrated.

One of the headlines read "Meet Your Newest Titan", another "Superhuman Ravages Jump", and the one blaring from the freshest article. "So Where Has This Geo-Girl Gone?" Robin wondered the same thing. Ever since she attacked and saved the city, Terra had been stone cold, literally. He and the other Titans had all but given up trying to revive her. Yet, only a few days ago, Beast Boy skipped a criminal chase, claiming that Terra was alive.

Any other excuse wouldn't have been so surprising. Robin could imagine Beast Boy missing leaving the fight to check out new video games at the electronics store, or being distracted by a couple of fan girls…but this? Maybe Beast Boy was so depressed that he had finally lost his mind. It was a definite possibility; Robin was surprised that he and the others hadn't started therapy.

Terra had left deep scars in the minds and hearts of Robin and his teammates. From that point on, the Boy Wonder struggled to trust any new members, especially if they were female. Every new titan seemed to have at least one trait that reminded him of Terra. Whether it was her smile, her laugh, or her boldness, each made Robin think twice. Eventually though, Robin let the benefit of the doubt win him over.

Robin crouched on his seat, whishing he had used a quieter engine when building the R-Cycle. So far, it didn't matter because she hadn't noticed his presence. The girl walked casually away from the chemical plant, not a good sign. Beast Boy and Cyborg had gone there to take care of Plasmus, and there was no sign of either of them. Worse, Terra had a look on her face like a cat that had just finished eating all the goldfish. He could hear her smug, satisfied voice as she spoke to someone else via a communicator, probably Slade.

"I know. Four Titans down, one to—"The revving of the R-Cycle cut her off. A second later it soared above her head. Terra didn't have a chance to think about it long, for the Boy wonder soon had her tackled. She struggled, but he managed to keep her pinned.

"Do. Not. Move." Robin ordered menacingly.

Terra on the other hand, seemed un-phased. "What's the matter, Robin? Feeling lonely since I exterminated all your friends?" She even smiled! The girl reminded him of one of those crazed residents of Arkham Asylum.

"They were your friends too."

"I don't need any friends." Great, and now she insisted on denial.

"What did we ever do to make you hate us so much?"

"You were born." Terra shot back menacingly. Her eyes glowed an eerie yellow.

Suddenly Robin heard a rumble from beneath him. He saw cracks in the ground, and tensed in anticipation. As expected, Terra threw both of them in opposite directions with her powers. "I promised Beast Boy I'd give you one last chance and this is it!" Robin roared as he charged at the villainess and began throwing punches. Terra dodged the first, managed to block the others, and returned his favor. The Boy Wonder didn't falter; he avoided her blows and threw her away from him. Woah, Terra landed in a crouch. Since when could she do that? Oh right, since she started working for Slade, Robin thought as Terra's kick sent him backwards. A split second later Robin found himself blocking Terra's rain of punches, he grinned as he saw a window of opportunity. His hand locked around her wrist as he threw her against a chain-link fence. Terra's eyes (at least the one Robin could see) widened in shock. I guess she's not the only one who has surprises.

The geomancer slammed into the fence face-first. Robin could sense her grimace. He quickly wrenched her arm behind her back. "Look at yourself, Terra! Is this really who you want to be?"

Not surprisingly, Terra didn't back down. Instead she swung her body so she could switch places with Robin. Her words did come as shock to the Boy Wonder. "I'm just never gonna be good enough for you, am I?" She shot back snidely.

Robin didn't back down either, and instead he broke Terra's grip (which he didn't find difficult for the geomancer never had been shaped for hand to hand combat) and flipped away from her. Terra rose on a tower of stone, and the Boy Wonder's eyes widened as he found himself in its shadow. He broke into a run as he saw the rock racing towards him. More of his training kicked in as he hurdled out of the way. His hand darted to his belt and he whisked one of his dics at Terra. Despite her time with Slade, the blonde couldn't dodge it in time, and the disc detonated at her ankles, causing her to fall to the ground. Without Terra to control it, the earth column began to disintegrate, until the geomancer brought them under her control again.

The Boy Wonder thought fast. "You don't belong with Slade."

Terra's eyes narrowed. "You don't know anything about me." She snarled as she threw stones at him.

Again, the geomancer had moved too slowly. Robin charged at her, whiling his bow staff, shattering nearly every rock that came his way. The others he used as stepping stones to deliver a roundhouse kick in Terra's direction. She skidded about fifty yards away on her stomach. Just as she prepared to get up from the ground, she felt the cold hard metal of Robin's Bo staff. "It doesn't have to be this way, Terra! I was Slade's apprentice once. I got out. So can you!"

"I don't need you to save me."

"You can only save yourself." Robin replied solemnly.

This only seemed to make Terra angrier. "I don't need SAVING!" She booted him away from her, broke his staff, and stood on her feet. For the first time that night, Robin actually felt scared. He leaped further away from her, only to see the ground quake beneath him. Looking up again, he met Terra's wild eyes. "I'm not some sad little girl who's waiting to be rescued." Huge cracks traveled through the ground, following equally huge rock formations, to top it all off, dust and wind whirled around the entire thing. "I wanted to be this way. I wanted to go with Slade." The wind ceased blowing. "I wanted to annihilate you and your pathetic friends!" She threw a boulder towards Robin with a turn of her hand. The Teen Wonder managed to avoid its crushing blow, but the force of the impact next to him still sent him reeling. Terra walked towards him as he tried to stand up, and Robin could see a second rock rise out of the corner of his eye. A second later he struggled to catch his breath after the rock knocked it out of him.

Robin met her eyes, and knew he didn't have a chance. He knew he wouldn't make it.

Terra held up both her hands as she stood sneering over him. "And now I never want to see your face again."

End Flashback

Question was…who brought Terra back? Robin dreaded that Slade might have something to do with Terra's return. Yet, why would the Teen Titan's arch enemy bring her back? Revenge? A new diabolical plan involving Geo kinesis? Whatever it was, Robin felt that it might shred his recently duct-taped tranquility. Then again, who said it was Slade that revived Terra? Raven could be right; maybe the affect did wear off. None of the Teen Titan's knew much about Terra's powers, not even Terra herself.

In the end, maybe that was why she became a statue. If the girl had known more about what her powers were capable of, she might have been able to save herself. Instead, Terra must have lost control again while saving the city from that volcano. Rather than increase the eruption's destruction, she must have overdone the cooling process. Cyborg had been working on a cure for months, and apparently Terra beaten them to it. Or someone else did. Robin slammed his fist on the desk. He had to stop thinking about her; there were plenty of other problems he had to worry about. His eyes dragged themselves over to the ever growing stack of files at the other end of the desk.

Though the Teen Titans had managed to defeat the Brotherhood of Evil along with many other villains, the job was still not over. But the latest task didn't ask for teamwork, it required Robin's attention alone. He had to update every single file on every villain they had defeated, and create a few new files. Not to mention Robin had to complete those on top of his normal, daily crime fighting activities. At the top of the stack was Red X's file. It was the first time they'd seen him since he first appeared, yet he did little to alter his relationship to the Boy Wonder. Not that he had much of a chance, racing against Ding Dong Daddy and all. All of it, especially Red X, was enough to give Robin a headache.


A lone figure knelt over a large container. One look at him, and the average person would assume that the figure belonged to a clan of ninjas. Robin knew better. In fact, he knew everything about the figure's weapons, attacks, and motives. Only one thing remained a mystery to the Boy Wonder, the identity of the teen behind the suit. The suit that the Boy Wonder used to hide in the depths of Titans Tower now had a new owner, a thief intelligent enough to steal the suit, and stupid enough to wear it as his own.

Red X slid the lid off the canister, and looked down on twenty precious tubes of Xenothium. Unaware of Robin's presence, the cat burglar muttered to himself "I love it when the good guy wins." He reached down into the canister and pulled out one of the tubes of Xenothium. Just as Red X nearly placed his recently stolen tube in with the others, a loud crashing disturbed him. His masked eyes widened in smug surprise as he witnessed a red laser cut through the vault like construction paper. Sliding into a fighting stance, he waited as the vault's door fell to the ground, revealing a furious Boy Wonder, holding a dangerous laser cannon in his arms.

"You're not going to win." Robin released the cannon, and it fell to the floor with a loud THUNK! Roaring, he leaped into a kick, throwing Red X and his prize against the opposite side of the vault.

"Kid, you are taking life way too seriously." The thief chimed as he also charged.

Robin also charged, sure of his goal. He lashed out a fistful of grenades, only to see Red X leaping out of the way of the explosion, throwing X's at him. Nearly frantic, the Boy Wonder dodged some of them, and batted the rest away with his bo-staff. Moving into a fighting stance, Robin closely watched his opponent on the other side of the vault. Red X lifted his hands; unsheathing X shaped blades, and tore through the floor towards Robin. Blocking and dodging the slashes from X's…well x's, the Boy Wonder shoved the thief away from him and gave him a soaring roundhouse kick, that whizzed millimeters above Red X's head. Finally, after several more swings, Robin's bo-staff it its mark, sending the thief to the floor.

Red X didn't stay on the floor long, and he moved his fist slightly, sending one of his x blades into a deadly spin, before moving towards Robin once again. Robin barely dove out of the way in time, and he felt one of the sparks flying off the wall from the x's impact. He kept dodging a little while longer, with Red X proving to be a worthy opponent, especially with all those gadgets. Finally the Boy Wonder saw an opening and went at it with his boot. The theif's chest vaulted away, its red logo catching Robin's eye, and then he shook his head as his bo-staff locked with X's. They found each other staring into each others eyes, and Robin considered the irony of the situation. Neither of them would ever dream of the other romantically, unless of course X turned out to be a gi….no possible way. After the way Red X acted around Starfire….Robin's eyes narrowed.

"Why did you steal the suit? What are you planning to do?"

"Whatever I want." Robin could see the faint line of the thief's grin as Red X knocked him away. "Not everybody likes to play the big villain, kid. I'm a thief." His crimson blades slinked back into the stolen suit. "I'm not threatening your precious city, just looking out for number one."

Robin indicated that he didn't plan on leaving X with that, holding up his metallic bo-staff. "So you're not psychotic. You're just selfish."

The cat burglar snickered. "Lighten up, Chuckles." He held up his hands in mock surrender. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, Robin found himself drifting off to his younger years, when Chuckles the Clown hammed it up at the circus. Robin shook his head again, catching the end of Red X's sentence. "…bad guy, once you get to know me."

Robin just barely caught the glimmer of one of x's fired from Red X's palms. Unfortunately, his block to that x shaped shuriken left his legs vulnerable to an x he hadn't seen earlier. Without a noise, Robin fell to the floor, landing on his chin as he heard his bo-staff clattering away. With a focusing breath, Robin looked up, and his eyes widened slightly. He rolled out of the way in time to avoid Red X's boot. The Boy Wonder smiled, knowing he hadn't quite finished his move yet. His roll morphed into a kick, sending Red X into a wall.

Apparently Red X hadn't finished either, at least not with his crime. He flashed over to his prize, the crate of Xenothium, and picked it up. Red X looked over at the Robin, an invisible grin on his face. "Playtime's over, kid." The thief didn't move as Robin held up a birdarang. "Back off-or I trip the power core." Robin looked down at the suit's power belt, at the glowing red x on its buckle. "And the core triggers the rocks. I don't think you want that on your conscience."

Robin raised his birdarang, after he a lowered it not a few moments earlier. "And I don't think you want to be disintegrated."

Red X didn't move from his spot, and didn't notice the shadow looming closer to him. Robin's mask widened. Professor Chang had sent one of his henchmen after them. Inwardly he wondered if Starfire's scream had anything to do with Chang. Hopefully it didn't. The henchman lifted his weapon, a space age trident as Red X finally turned around in time to be blasted in the chest with the same Xenothium that powered his suit. He crumpled to the floor with a loud THUNK. Meanwhile the case he once carried thudded next to him.

As the trident aimed itself at Robin, the Boy Wonder froze. In slow motion the ball of red energy flew his direction and hit him in the chest as well. Pain shot through his nerves as the electricity spread all over his body. Robin cried out as he too fell to the floor. He could hear his birdarang clang to the floor next to him, so much for aiming it at Red X. More and more of Chang's henchmen entered the vault, and unsealed the storage cells one after another, filling their own cases with Xenothium. The leader of the Teen Titans tried to rise from his sorry position to stop them, but he hurt too much to move.

At last Robin could move his head. Unfortunately, he could only see the boots of one of the henchman standing in front of him. Tilting up his chin even more, Robin suddenly forgot about his pain. The henchman in front of him held up a lunchbox-shaped portable TV, and set it gently on the ground in front of Robin's face. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the henchman leaving the vault, Xenothium in hand.

His hands massaged his temples, and then moved to his ears when the siren went off. Great, now Robin had another problem to deal with, another criminal to defeat, and another file to update. He'd have to remember to tell Cyborg to buy more aspirin. They'd run out of it last week. Robin noticed, just like he noticed everything else that went on in the Tower, perhaps that's why he always had a headache. With a sigh, he scooted back in his rolling chair and stood up. Moments later Robin had vanished from the room after a flurry of footsteps.

North America: Jump City, California: Reid Diamond Mines: 3 weeks earlier: 5:24 p.m.

The place seemed dark, though the sun shined brightly outside, in mid day. So why couldn't he see down here? Though he hadn't been in many mines (he preferred cut gemstones to freshly dug ones) he did know that most miners had the intelligence to at least light their workplace. He stopped and leaned against the tunnel wall. Around him the cave walls seemed rough, even collapsed in some places. Stepping forward, he heard breaking glass, a lamp, he thought, figuring out the mystery of the mines. This place had been longed abandoned.

Thankfully his mask kept most of the musty odors at bay, but some of them snuck through. The darkness, combined with the eerie silence and the smell reminded Red X of a grave. He held back a shiver. Hopefully the idiots he temporarily worked for would realize how stupid this mission was. Like he would find a Titan down here, at least not a live one, and what could they possibly do with a dead body? Red X had no idea, and he didn't care to think of one. Taking a deep breath, he moved on.

Another question popped up in his mind. Why had the miner's left so quickly, leaving most of their tools behind? Red X spotted something metallic in the dirt. Picking it up, and studying an orange and black weapon, he found his answer. Slade. If the criminal mastermind had been here at one time, Red X then had a chance of finding his second apprentice there, or what was left of her. He involuntarily shivered. For both their sakes, Red X hoped he found her alive. Then his cell phone rang, eliciting a sigh from the cat burglar. Rolling his eyes, he answered the call.

"Have you found her yet?" A woman's voice asked, oozing with a French accent.

Turning around one final corner, the thief gasped. Red X hardly believed what he saw. Terra. Red X stared wide eyed as he answered the question with "I'll have to call you back."

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