New story! Yes! Reveiw please. Because reviews for other stories have slowed dramatically. Anyway, I just got this and I don't know where it's going, but I know it's a Fiyeraba. Yes it is.

The young girl in the back of the caravan read and re-read the letter in her hands. Her father had sent her away while keeping her sister with him always. Finally finishing running her dark eyes over the words she threw it aside on the wood.

Her knees were pulled up to her chest against the side of the canvas surrounding her. Over her long black hair she wore a black shall to hide herself. It covered her eyes and most of her face. With her black dress she seemed to be just another part of the shadows.

Her eyes closed as she tried to go to sleep. She felt the movement of the caravan rock her gently back and forth as if she was on a boat. At the thought her eyes shot open and she whimpered slightly. A boat on the water was not a great thought for her now.

The movement suddenly stopped and people began to get off. She grabbed her bag and the letter beside her before quickly swinging her legs off the side and standing up. She peered around her caravan cart and saw multiple people talking to each other in friendly tones while eating various snacks.

The 13-year-old girl stepped out and found the caravan leader. "Excuse me." She said quietly. Her voice was soft due to her rare use of it and she failed to grab her attention. "Excuse me!" The young girl said slightly louder than before. The woman continued to talk with a man who looked to be the cook. "Excuse me!" She screamed and a loud bang sound filled the air around the caravan. The crowd around the cook turned to look at the young girl in surprise.

"Yes?" The woman said to her stepping forward out of the mass of people. The young green girl stepped back slightly.

"How much further until we reach Kiamo Ko?" She questioned her voice getting softer. The cook now stepped forward looking extremely angered.

"Whatever magic you just did, could have been dangerous-"

"Magic?" The cook ignored her question and turned to face the leader.

"Oatsie, she could be dangerous and should be thrown out."

"No! I have to get to Kiamo Ko." The crowd was silent now listening intently to what Oatsie would say.

"We shall have a vote." She finally said trying to sound fair to the group. All agreed except of course for the little girl. "All opposed of throwing out the girl raise your hand."

The little girl quickly raised her hand causing the sleeve to fall and reveal a skinny green arm. The few others who had raised their hands quickly lowered them as they saw this.

"Seeing as there is only one I'm sorry to say we have to leave you here Miss..."

"Elphaba. Elphaba Thropp." The girl angrily lifted her bag to throw it over her shoulder gripping her letter tightly in her free hand. "Don't forget my name. You'll here it again."

With that said she stormed off away from the stopped caravan and into the darkness of the long road to her new home of Kiamo Ko.