Disclaimer: Not mine. Nope. Rating: 18+ implied smut, etc.
Length: 500 words.
Pairing: Nominally, this is Lee Adama/Sam Anders. It is also, however, Kara/Anders, Kara/Lee and Dee/Lee.
Sooilers: Eye of Jupiter/Rapture Notes: this is an abbreviated version of Jack/Pete, I expect. I blame lizardbethj for it in its entirety.

Every Time We Lie.
by ALC Punk!

The first time Sam Anders and Lee Adama have sex, it's after a test match. Sam is giddy with the win his team took, and Lee Adama is fresh from the academy. He's high on being younger than his father to attain the rank of Lieutenant. The bar is there for cruising, and they end up drinking and talking.

It's Sam who takes Lee to a room rented by the hour, but it's Lee that gets his mouth on Sam's cock first.

They're quick and messy, and Lee leaves Sam to pay, feeling like a million cylon centurions could invade and he wouldn't notice.


The second and the third time are close together and blurred--hasty handjobs snatched between one posting and another. And Sam is seen on the holofeeds with a brunette one night and a trashy blonde the next.

Lee doesn't know if he cares.


When the world ends, Lee never thinks of Sam Anders. He's more interested in other things: like survival. And when Kara starts talking up this Caprican resistance leader, he has a hard time melding the playboy image with her upright man.

On his back in the toolroom three days after New Caprica is designated as their new home, Lee thinks Kara might be deluding herself.


It's one day before his wedding, and Lee doesn't expect any of the traditions to be followed--there aren't enough people he feels close to for something like a bachelor party. And he doesn't think there's anyone unattached that he wants to frak before he says his vows, anyway.

Sam showing up is a shock, but it feels right.

There's a bottle of ambrosia in Kara's storage locker and Lee knows the combination. They end up in one of the gun turrets, trading insults and memories. Lee kisses Sam, first. Sam is married, but Lee doesn't care.He had Kara, now he's getting Sam (again). And he doubts either of them will mention their encounters with him. Kara rarely tells the truth about herself, and Sam seems to be of the same mold.

Because it's easy, and it's expected--and this is one last frak before he's Anastasia's. He doesn't think of her as his, because being possessive of his wife isn't something he quite wants. Not yet.

Unfortunately, Sam's gasp of "Kara" while Lee sucks him dry really kills the mood.

Lee's almost sober when he walks out, leaving Sam with his pants down and an empty bottle of ambrosia. He uses his own hands and a towel to relieve the ache, and he wakes in the morning without guilt.


Lee wonders, Dee curled into his side, if Sam thinks of him on New Caprica. Or if he's dead, with the cylons there. He wonders if Kara thinks of him, too, but he's trying to forget Kara. Kara's not safe. And Sam is just sex.


The last time Lee Adama and Sam Anders have sex, it's more metaphorical and verbal than physical. They beat each other with words and idealogies, and come out the other side still angry and full of rage. Kara Thrace is like a ghost between them, even though she's alive. Lee knows she's alive, knows it in his bones in the same way he knows Sam loves her and would die for her.

Lee thinks he could have Sam shot, Sam thinks Lee wouldn't dare.

The marine sergeant takes the decision from both of them when the cylons begin firing on the encampment.