The Secret Lives of Darth Vader

Chapter 2

Family of a Sith

Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith climbed out of his heavily modified TIE fighter, in the ship hanger. He sighed as he glanced proudly over the collection of ships parked in the hanger.

Vader loved ships; he had since he was a small boy. When he was younger he never got the chance to go near them but now he had lots of ships and had combined his love for them with another passion he had developed from earlier on in his life, mechanics. He would spend hours designing, repairing and modifying his collection of crafts. He found the time he spent doing this strangely calming and on more than one occasion it had saved the life of a PA or navy officer. The collection contained many older models which Vader had recovered and restored, several proto-types from ship manufacturers, who Vader became close with and enjoyed testing for in rare moments of his spare time. As well, Vader had a few models of popular, modern crafts which he took delight in changing beyond recognition, much to the envy of the original manufacturers and designers who had produced these ships.

There was only one other thing that made the Dark Lord's heart soar like flying or working on ships did and that was his family. Vader loved his family deeply, an unusual emotion to be felt by a Sith Lord but not unwelcome at all. Vader adored his wife, he had been a Jedi when they got married but even after Vader's ex-master, Obi-Wan Kenobi tried to convince Padme to raise the children away from the Sith, she had insisted on joining her husband and bringing their children up within the Imperial Palace.

Her stubborn attitude was shown in both the twins. Leia was the younger of the two children, she took after her mother in looks but her Father was represented in her active temper and her curiosity for learning. She was a smart girl for her age and was intent on following her Mother's footsteps in the Senate.

Luke was in his appearance and interests his Father's son. Luke loved ships as much as his Father did and the two would spend hours together enjoying themselves as Vader taught Luke facts about his beloved crafts. Luke also followed Vader in a very, very important way. The young boy had his Father's high force sensitivity, which interested both Vader and the Emperor. Sidious was very keen on teaching the Sith's five year old son the ways of the darkside and while Vader agreed, he secretly hoped he would be able to train the child himself. When it came to personality Prince Luke Vader took after his Mother, he was generally quiet, respectful, calm, passionate and eager. He would spend his time with a databook or watching a holo-programme to learn about past events and especially the treachery of the Jedi. He loved the action movies which portrayed the hero Darth Vader, with the help of his Master, the Emperor, who discovered the Jedi's plot to destroy the Republic and how the Sith heroes had rid the galaxy of Jedi filth. Luke idolised his Father, he was always proclaiming how he wanted to grow up to be a tall, imposing, confident Sith Lord just like Vader.

Vader keyed in the password for his private wing. He could hear Leia singing, his daughter's most recent passion, as he entered the hallway. Vader frowned as he walked past his son's room, which was strangely silent. He gently opened the door to find Luke stretched out on his stomach, reading an old, dusty T-16 model ship manual. Vader smiled, looking at Luke's desk which had the T-16 model Vader had brought when Luke was eighteen months old.

Luke looked up from the book, grinning when he saw who was standing inside the doorway. His Father made his way over to the bed and glanced at the attractive body of the T-16 on the manual's cover.

The T-16 was a ship both Father and son admired. It was a fairly primitive craft but if Vader was given one he could turn it into a wonder of a ship without ruining the slender shape of the ship.

"Hello Father," Luke greeted.

"Hello Son," Vader replied, "I'm going to do some work on the Nubian fighter, do you want to join me?"

Luke nodded enthusiastically, Vader felt strangely warm at his son's inherited love for his own passion. The Nubian fighter was a ship he had picked up off planet on a mission and had brought to work on. He had destroyed a whole droid command ship when he was nine in one and was very familiar with the particular model.

Arriving in the hanger, Vader came across his tiny, excited son. "Where did you get that T-16 manual from, Luke?" Vader asked.

"Robert's Dad is selling his T-16 and gave this to me," the five year old answered. Vader smiled; perhaps he could get his hands on this T-16, upgrade it and give it to Luke as a surprise. Luke, of course, wouldn't be able to fly it yet but owning the ship would make his son ecstatic.

Vader continued the work on the Nubian fighter. He was showing Luke how to fix the ship's hyperdrive. It was a simple job for the Dark Lord but Luke delighted in every fact that he was told about the machine. Father and son worked together harmoniously, the hanger bay was silent except for the screwing of bolts and welding of wires. They continued working until the little Prince fell asleep in the ship's comfortable cockpit.